Full and New Moon Rituals

Full and New Moon Rituals

Rituals and Magic for the Full and New Moon Lunar Phases:
For Both the Solitary Witch and Circles of Magical Women! 


Each phase of the Moon describes a different energy or quality, either building or receding. Creating rituals around the energy of the Moon has been an ancient tradition across cultures. The Full and the new Moon offer potent energy to manifest different goals, release inner turmoil, realize dreams and make magic!

“The Moon is an astonishing companion on the human journey. She both lights the way and invites us into the dark. She grows light then dark, changes shape daily—disappears even, and then most certainly returns to round brightness. She models the cycles of birth/life/death/rebirth in which all beings participate.”

 -Bethroot Gwynn © Mother Tongue Ink 2017

The full and new Moon have captivated us for generations, especially as women, our blood is linked with the pull of the Moon.

The Moon itself symbolizes our inner world, what happens in the dark, our unconscious, the hidden and habitual. It represents our emotions and the inner self we keep safely away from the rough edges of the outside world.

Amara Hollow Bones, Moon Art, Women's Moon art, New Moon First Crescent © amara hollow bones 2013

Rituals come in many shapes and sizes. There is no wrong way to harness the energy of the Moon.

A ritual could be as simple as lighting a candle, howling at the open sky, gathering with friends or sitting alone. To turn any action into a ritual, use your intention and let that intention reflect out bright as the stars on a dark new Moon  night.

The potency of your ritual stems from its importance to you!

There are many guidelines and recommendations for rituals but if it doesn’t resonate, try doing something uniquely you and celebrate it.

Rituals can be as simple or complex as you dream them to be. Here are a few short guidelines to follow if you wish to do so! They can be modified for any New or Full Moon ritual.

Ritual Ideas and Recommendations

Gather Supplies:

This can be any item or natural artifact that has meaning to you or your goal. Research herbs that resonate with your cause and integrate them into your ritual.

Colors also hold meaning and a candle in your color brings both light and energy to any ritual, candles have power in and of themselves. Journals are great tools or any crystals or stones that feel good in your palm.

Personal items gather power into your ritual, as does the mere act of researching which supplies to bring to your Moon ritual altar. 

Sophia Rosenberg Cauldren Witch Art, Magic art Cauldron © Sophia Rosenberg 2008

Preparation and Grounding:

It’s important to set the space, both body-mind and physical. Clean your body, whether that be in rose-scented water, or anointing your body in the dirt from your favorite forest hideaway.

Quiet your mind and let your focus shift to your ritual. Don’t let the distractions of mundane life intrude on your task. This time is for you.

Autumn-Skye-Arte-Ephemeral focus woman archer Ask yourself, why you are doing this ritual and what you would like to gain. Get very clear about the intentions you are setting.

What sign is the Moon in? Working with the energies of that sign will strengthen the power of your magic.

Set your intentions!

Once your intentions are clear in your mind, shoot them out into the universe like a bright flaming arrow! Write them down in a journal or say them out loud! Solidify them in your body. Sing song with your intention or create a beat on your thighs with the words reverberating through your body.

Lindy Kehoe Witch Art, Magic art, women's artElven Alchemist & Bast © Lindy Kehoe 2017

The Symbolic Act:

Get creative with the actions of the ritual. This is a where you can also have a lot of fun and freedom. Create a dance, make music, listen to a song, sing loudly, light a fire, sit quietly. There are no limits, here. Cut your hair as a ritual, make a meal. The choice is yours.


 The Hoodwitch offers some great resources for rituals and astrology!

“Here's where you get to be creative. If your intentions are to write a book, or broadcast your ideas out to the world, tie them to a helium balloon and send them off. Write them on a stick and offer it to the fire. To open to love, put lavender and a rose quartz in a small pouch, along with the qualities you're seeking. If you're inspired, add a symbolic act to your intention-setting ritual.”

Here are a few of my own rituals I’ve done in the past if you’re grasping at straws for ideas:

  • Systematically undress yourself for cleansing or release and put on a new “skin” or cloths for a fresh start.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Cook a meal with herbs that resonate with your intention or have healing qualities. Eat at a candlelit table in your favorite costume for confidence or health.
  • Write poetry in the moonlight.
  • New Moon spa night!
  • Circle with friends.
  • Finger paint on the Full Moon to unleash your creative expression.

Emily Kell Art, Witch art, magick art, magic art witchesWe Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For © Emily Kell 2016

 The New Moon: Sun and Moon Conjunct

 “Around the time of the New Moon, check in with your feelings, hunches, and goals. Listen to your nighttime dreams and daydreaming meanderings for clues about this next cycle.

The Sun and Moon are now in the same sign, sending you the same signals and instructions—listen and step forward.

Initiate a new path. Start a project. Reach out.

Traditionally, this is a time to do a simple Moon ritual. Think about what you want to accomplish on a practical, emotional or spiritual level this month.  Write or speak that intention clearly and take action in that direction.”

Adapted from Heather Roan Robbins' book “Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life Using the Moon’s Signs and Cycles”

The New Moon is a time to plant seeds. This is a time of new beginnings—the start of the lunar cycle and a great starting point for intention setting!

 “The New Moon—the fertile dark, from which life springs anew. Unseen seeds swell and crack in the moist soil of darkness, rooting toward deep growth.

At this edge of origins, we celebrate the Dark Goddess archetype, those Goddesses who embody mystery, the volatile underbelly, the power of Shadow. This is a great time to manifest a dream, a longing wish or plant the seeds for a new project. As the Moon grows in light, so will your intentions you set during this time.”

 -Excerpt from the Call for Contributions for We’Moon 2022: The Magical Dark

Cutting your hair or your nails is a great New Moon ritual, if you want to speed up their growth.

The New Moon promotes new growth and gives you a fresh start to the lunar month ahead. Starting a garden during this time helps establish strong roots in your plants and in yourself. Dirt work is always cathartic and grounding during this Moon phase.

New Moon Goddess:

  • Artemis (Greek): The Huntress. She is a protector or animals and of nature. Her followers often worshiped her on the New Moon phase of the lunar cycle.
  • Hecate (Greek): The Dark Goddess. Often associated with the dark Moon phase, she is often depicted as a hag, goddess of the crossroads, rebirth and death. She is often called the Goddess of Witchcraft.

The Full Moon: Sun and Moon Opposition

 “The Full Moon brings a culmination of energy and celebrates a high tide. Emotions are running high and our subconscious can run the show. If we’ve been acknowledging and integrating our feelings all month long, we’ll get a swell of harmonious energy but no big surprises.

Glenda Goodrich horse moon artDark Spirits Roam Free © Glenda Goodrich 2015

If we’ve been suppressing how we feel or not honoring our inner nature, that awareness can rip through us now. With this extra swell of emotional energy, it’s a powerful time to perform or make a presentation that really grabs our hearts…

To take care of ourselves under the Full Moon, we should acknowledge inconvenient feelings or ideas.

What part of us now needs to be expressed? Do we need to dance the night away or sing in the shower? Go for it.”

Adapted from Heather Roan Robbins' book “Moon Wisdom: Transform Your Life Using the Moon’s Signs and Cycles”

The Full Moon embodies self-expression and action! It represents completion, illumination and celebration.  

How much have you grown this past month, honor the small and large victories. What questions arose, or need to be illuminated?

Our emotions and even physical body are heightened during this phase of the Moon. Listen to the needs of your body and mind.

The opposing energy of the Sun (ego, or self) and the Moon (inner-self, subconscious) can cause tension or even explosions of emotions. Because of this tension, this is a great time to express yourself creatively, and your rituals can reflect this.

Dance under the Moon, draw and write poetry, hum a tune.

Meditate under the full Moon to ground yourself, to illuminate burning desires or questions you might have. This is a time when answers and questions flow between inner and outer worlds.

Gratitude is important during this phase. Have gratitude for the culminations of the intentions you may have set during the New Moon, recognize your movement and yourself.

Give thanks for the beauty and light that shines down on us every month.

While the New Moon phase is often solitary and independent, the Full Moon is a great time to gather and be with your community.

Release your energy, the Full Moon marks the end of a cycle, and the Moon begins to grow dark, again.

C Wylie, Art, Crone art, Moon artAlice's Bear Hills II © Carol Wylie 2003

Burning intentions in fire or letting go of emotions that no longer serve you are often seen as Full Moon rituals.

As the light of the Moon grows, we foster the things we hold dear, we tend the fires of our hearth. As the Moon grows dark, we release and let go. Cleanse the space, the mind and the body.

Full Moon Goddess:

  •  Cerridwen (Celtic): Keeper of knowledge and intuition. She represents wisdom and inspiration. Also known as a Goddess of the Underworld.
  • Selene (Greek): Mother Goddess linked to the Full Moon.
  • Yemaya (Yoruba): Mother Goddess of the ocean, water and tides.


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