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In the Spirit of We'Moon Anthology


– Sold Out

In the Spirit of We'Moon: 30 Year Anthology of Art and Writing from Women around the World.

We have sold out of perfect editions of the anthology, we have a small number of slightly damaged copies of the anthology available for 25% off. The interior pages of these editions are unscathed but the covers are slightly bent or scratched. 

More anthologies will be available for full price fall of 2022! 


The anthology includes new insights from founding editor Musawa and other writers who share stories about We’Moon’s colorful 30-year evolution. Hear the spirited voices of women making waves that have changed our world! Open up this book to any page for inspiration in your daily life, and you won’t want to put it down! 

Product Description:

256 full color pages, paperback, 10" x 8", ISBN 978-1-890931-75-9

Click here to learn more about this beautifully entertaining & historical 256 page record of We'Moon over the years.

This book is also available for download through iTunes and Amazon.

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