WMLand & WMU

Betty LaDuke Art

Since We’Moon Company (dba Mother Tongue Ink) has branched out from We’Moon Land in Estacada to new home offices in Portland and Southern Oregon, We’Moon Land community is currently reinventing itself. We are open to we’moon of all ages visiting and possibly joining us to help steward this womyn’s land (practicing earth-based spirituality, consensus, natural healing, organic gardening, permaculture, eco-foresty, earth-friendly building . . .)

Email us for inquiries about events and/or call the community (503-630-3628) for events this Summer/Fall.
We’Moon Land is also the home of We’Mooniversity, an “experiential School of Life for womyn and children in community with Mother Earth,” dedicated to bringing the outpouring of wemoon creativity down to earth, where artists, writers, astrologers, healers, priestesses can meet one another, share what we are learning, and gather for spiritual retreats, workshops, ceremonies, and celebrations.

If you are interested in being part of any of these activities, email us, and network with our growing web of friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Musawa Mother Tongue Ink 2009

We'Moon Land