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We offer day by day reports on most all inner or personal planet aspects, along with major astrological movements, transits and ingresses. 

Every month, we post the yearly horoscope for the Sun Sign that we are currently in.

These are the Year at a Glance writings that are published in the We'Moon astrological planner, and they cover January through December for each sign, so don't wait until your birthday month to read your prediction. Find them in the We'Moon Planner or visit our blog, Signs of the Zodiac for more information! 

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Astrology 101 Intro for weekly forecasts: 

Aspects are listed in fine print under the Moon sign each day within the pages of the We'Moon datebook and bulleted by day in within the Starcodes. They show the angle of relationship between different planets as they move. Daily aspects provide something like an astrological weather forecast, indicating which energies are working together easily and which combinations are more challenging. 

Transits are the motion of the planets and the moon as they move among the zodiacal constellations and in relationship to one another. 

Ingresses in astrology are when the Sun, Moon and planets move into new signs. 

Astrological Aspects and their meaning: 

  • Conjunction: Planets are 0-5 degrees apart. Linked together, energy is mutually enhancing
  • Opposition Planes are 180 degrees apart. Polarizing or complementing, energies are diametrically opposite. 
  • Trine: Planets are 120 degrees apart. Harmonizing, energies of this aspect are in the same element. 
  • Square: Planets are 90 degrees apart. Challenging, energies of this aspect are different from each other. 
  • Sextile: Planets are 60 degrees apart. Cooperative, energies of this aspect blend well. 

Year at a Glance for Sun in Cancer

zodiac symbol for Cancer

May 20 - June 21, 2022 

2 woen head laned together in warm embrace-Spiritually Connected © Patricia Wyatt 1998

It’s a good thing you are curious about everything. This year much will happen for you in the dark and behind the scenes, and your curiosity will serve you well. Apply it to going deep instead of broad, into the richness of the dark. Your body is the road to connection with spirit, and all the ways that you can usually think your way quickly through things will not have nearly as much weight as usual. Notice how your body connects, the wild other realms it leads into. The cost of ignoring it will be higher than usual this year, and not one you want to pay. You need to find a way to both stretch beyond your usual world and to hold a space that is deeply, privately embodied. This year will push your capacity for real depth, wrapping up a long cycle of intimacy work that will get you familiar with wounding, emotional honesty, and being with what scares us about love. Spiritual practices and embodiment work can help you harmonize the energies you’re working with. Make room to be with what doesn’t come through easily via language, but that speaks clearly through the senses. Notice what even your flexible mind might not readily recognize as innovations in how you can live, connect and heal. The end of the year will bring some extra urgency and pressure to the themes of the year, but take time—rushing will come with consequences. Reach into what resources you deeply, and be willing to learn about many ways and rates of change.

Maeanna Welti © Mother Tongue Ink 2021
Art from We'Moon 2022 page 87: Spiritually Connecteed © Patricia Wyatt 1998

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photo of Heather Roan Robbins Popular Astrologer

Weekly Starcodes—Planetary Aspect Interpretations & Predictions

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.
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Starcodes for the week of May 13, 2022

How do you feel about Friday the 13th- do you hate it or love it--are you Friggatriskaidekaphobic or  Friggatriskaidekaphelic? This could be a week of mishaps beyond Friday the 13th so pay extra attention and stay aware. Our reaction time can be hair-trigger with Jupiter and Venus in impulsive Aries, but our coordination and our information could be way off as Mercury retrogrades in Gemini and leaves us easily distracted. Though if we drop into our heart we can produce miracles of creative compassion.

Full Moon over the ocean
The Ocean Brings Me Peace © Beth Lenco 2018
We are in the midst of three weeks of this Mercury cycle so it’s time to engage all Mercury-retrograde skills to survive and thrive. Check for misunderstandings whenever tempers rise. Confirm all reservations, and call to make sure the vet is open before traipsing over. Track car keys and important messages carefully and make use of delays constructively. Stay situationally aware whenever doing anything risky, like walking down a gravel road or carrying a cup of coffee. Use these next few weeks to catch up on old projects and reconnect with old friends and business contacts.

Luckily this Friday starts under a friendly Libra Moon stabilized by a trine to competent Saturn, an aspect which loans us sanity and helps us handle the smaller snafus. Over the weekend a broody, moody and focused Scorpio Moon builds up to a visible full moon- lunar eclipse-square Saturn- late on Sunday night through early Monday morning. Eclipses can shake things up, break down old patterns that are ready to release- whether we know it or not, as well as expose some new truths and new potential for growth. But sometimes it is not comfortable.

Like a sudden shedding and release of energy the eclipse can unblock suddenly or surprisingly and require us to release a person, place, or thing. Deal with emergencies at hand, but don’t overshoot the mark.  Don’t let go unnecessarily to something worth holding. Do use this eclipse to consciously release an old habit and begin a new pattern.

Those with planets close to 25° of a fixed sign, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius may feel this eclipse most directly, the rest of us can feel it more existentially or in our environment. If we have nothing to shed, nothing may happen.

The Moon enters mobile, positive Sagittarius on Monday and helps us to reassess our situation. Things will move quickly. Activating Mars conjuncts mythic Neptune midweek and encourages us to let go of an ambition or anger that no longer serves us and dream a new direction. Though some people may use it to argue about their spirituality or get stuck in their particular delusion. This conjunction can leave any of us confused or overwhelmed if we push, so let’s take this next path one step at a time.

Since that Mars-Neptune conjunction can be confusing or obfuscate what’s going to happen next, let’s stay in the present and do the best we can. We could liberate ourselves from a story or situation where we feel victimized or misunderstood (negative Neptune) and dream of a better future. And then, when Mercury turns direct, get started on those steps forward.
Friday, May 13: Pay attention and make this a lucky Friday. Expect a few close calls but use a generalized goodwill to make progress. This morning some old worries or concerns get triggered and can feel like a flashback to a problem we’d already gone over, a reminder of a tender time, but we can use what we learned last time to make it through this one. Energy can lag over dinner, so keep the evening low-key, reconnect and share stories from the long week before. We can get moody later on, so sleep or deal with the real concerns as the Moon squares Pluto just after midnight.
Moon opposed Chiron 2:21 AM, Moon trine Saturn 7:53 PM.

Saturday, May 14: The waxing Scorpio Moon stirs blustering emotional winds, our moods could be dark, but this Moon can help us deal with tough nagging for our attention. If we have a project to complete, research to engage or a mystery to solve this Moon supports us. Watch for territorial behavior or possessive behavior, disengage rather than confront. Find something productive to obsess upon. It can be a beautiful to be silent together, each person engaged in their own project.
Moon square Pluto 2:07 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 4:33 AM.

Sunday, May 15: Look for an opportunity to heal some personal doubts or hurt feelings this morning as Venus conjunct Chiron. Tonight’s full Moon eclipse at 10:13 PM MDT precipitates endings and beginnings. Notice where the ground is being cleared to plant something new. Clear the decks, but don’t throw anything away unnecessarily; play these scenarios for the long haul. If there is a major shift that needs to be made, let the eclipse clear the way.
Moon opposed Uranus 6:04 AM, Venus conjunct Chiron 6:12 AM, Sun square Saturn 2:48 PM, Sun sextile Neptune 1:14 PM, Moon trine Mars 7:01 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 9:38 PM, Moon trine Neptune 9:39 PM, Moon opposed Sun- lunar eclipse 10:13 PM.

Monday, May 16: Assess the world with fresh eyes as circumstances may have shifted overnight. Check-in with the team, deal with emergencies, and then look for something potentially hopeful as the Moon enters Sagittarius and trines Jupiter. Slow down if midday brings a minor disorientation as the Moon opposes Mercury-it will be faster in the long run. Reconnect through movement, laughter, a change of scenery or the natural world later on.
Moon sextiles Pluto 3:28 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 5:50 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 7:33 AM, Moon opposed Mercury, 11:18 AM.

Tuesday, May 17: We can put our foot in the mouth so easily today as Mercury semi-squares Venus under the Sagittarius Moon. So much going on behind the scenes that our distraction can make us tactless.  Put a five second lead on comments as they may be true or funny and still not translate well. Forgive other people’s klutziness. The dreamworld activates tonight as Mars conjunct Neptune, listen to the stories in the sleep
Moon trine Venus 9:30 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 8:30 PM, Moon square Mars 9:51 PM, Moon squared Neptune 9:58 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:59 PM.

bird pokes its head out of the ground under a VERY large amanita mushroom on green grass
Wednesday, May 18: Slow down and make sure to be on the right track before barreling ahead as Mars conjuncts confusing Neptune this morning while the Moon enters ambitious Capricorn and wants us to gear up into action. Anger can spike over misunderstandings or our illusions, delusions, or religious thinking. Instead, let this aspect dissolve old anger or outdated goals and vision new direction.
Mars conjunct Neptune 12:32 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 6:01 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:20 AM.

Thursday, May 19: In the midst of three weeks of Mercury retrograde, today could offer an opportunity to communicate clearly and build with confidence. We may be on the other side of a blockade or able to reassess priorities as the Sun trines Pluto and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. As Mars pulls past Neptune our dreams stay activated but some cloud of confusion clears, while we need to wait till next month for long-term plans, we can now see a next step forward.
Sun trine Pluto 6:11 AM, Moon trine Uranus 7:16 AM, Moon square Venus 2:01 PM, Mercury sextile Jupiter 7:32 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 10:40 PM. 

Starcodes for the week of May 6, 2022 

We may be at a familiar place on the spiral as Mercury stations to turn retrograde, but we’re not going back. Note the differences this time around and build momentum towards the future, whether this is a personal issue or about women’s rights. Stories of the past could trigger old personal or cultural traumas that still need work, Mars in Pisces can leave us feeling overwhelmed, but Venus and Jupiter in Aries remind us that we are truly fierce and ready to move forward.

Singing Down the Moon © Toni Truesdale 2010

Moods can fluctuate confusingly like spring weather this week because the planets give us so many different signals; in a challenging moment that tension can scatter us in five directions, in a good moment they can balance each other out and leave us standing in the center. So let’s break down the influences and how to work with them.

The Sun in earthy Taurus encourages us to plant and sow, root and grow, though the rest of the planets have other work in mind. When the existential whirlwinds pick up we can tune into that Taurus earthiness and work or wander in the garden. This Waxing Moon is wonderful time to plant seeds- particularly vegetables on Friday under the Cancer Moon and next Tuesday through Friday for herbs and flowers under the waxing Virgo and Libra Moons. Our minds and politics may get confused this week, but our hands will know what to do.

Mercury retrogrades on Tuesday in its own nervy and verbal sign of Gemini. A Gemini Mercury normally speeds up our conversation and helps us multi-task but this stationary Mercury can leave us spinning our wheels or spacing out. It will be easy to drop ball, to march boldly into to the kitchen and forget why we’re there, send an email to the wrong person, or misconstrue some important piece of information, so let’s stay alert and follow through with care.

Expansive Jupiter joins Venus in feisty, fierce Aries on Tuesday and amps up the power of feminine divine. Expect intense flashes of temper around what we love, hate, and care about. This Venus can help us respond to the emergencies of wildfires with grace and efficiency and to attacks on women’s rights with power but can also have us react to a minor problem as if it’s a conflagration unless we modulate. Mars now in Pisces can leave us easily hurt or overwhelmed unless we handle one problem at a time at a time. Yet with all these planets together we can create brave radical acts of compassion.

Jupiter stays in Aries until it retrogrades back into Pisces in October. Jupiter in Aries screams for liberation and fans the fires of many different kinds. Jupiter in Aries calls for liberating action but doesn’t bring agreement on what that means. Think on this-what truly brings freedom.

woman sleeping while cows jump through her dreams

Revenge of the Cows © Jakki Moore 2018

Friday could waft with some bittersweet emotions, our search for safety can push against our desire to connect compassionately under a busy Cancer Moon. Over the weekend a Leo Moon encourages are extraversion and action orientation. But to really refill our wells we need to hear what we need an honor that, rather than just giving in to other people’s expectations. Which can run straight into Mother’s Day issues. Mothers, mother figures, and mother issues may feel the need for attention and appreciation under this Leo Moon, but they may not need a lot of time; we can balance offerings and still take time for personal renewal.

Communication slows down early next week as Mercury retrogrades in Gemini, it will help to keep talking but we’ll need to track our thoughts, memos and to-do lists carefully. Gossip and shallow thinking can proliferate misunderstanding, so we’ll need to confirm everything heard for the next few weeks, particularly when it’s in line with our own opinions and therefore a place where we’re less likely to ask the tough questions. Let’s keep our critical thinking intact and follow through.

Friday, May 6: A kindly Mercury-Venus sextile encourages compassionate neighborly actions under duress. We may need this kindness as the introverted Cancer Moon opposes Pluto tonight and brings our attention to our vulnerabilities or make us painfully aware of the dangers of the world. We may just need some shell time alone or with our most familiars, or to find some other way to feel safe. Keep expectations low and share comfort.

Mercury sextile Venus 12 AM, Moon sextile Sun 1:03 AM, Moon trine Mars 1:34 AM, Moon trine Neptune 7:12 PM.

Saturday, May 7: It’s a good day to get out, about, and tend to personal needs as the sun sextiles active Mars and the Moon enters Leo. Whatever feels unheard will clamor for attention, whether that’s an ache in our body, an issue in our relationship, or a problem in our culture or ecosystem. That’s when the drama starts. If we listen carefully and respond appropriately, the drama dies down and good things can happen. In the long run, it will be much easier to listen. Share potential enthusiasm tonight as the Moon trine Venus, we need something to look forward to.

Moon opposed Pluto 2:58 AM, Sun sextile Mars 3:47 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:25 AM, Moon enters Leo 5:49 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 2:58 PM, Moon trine Venus 6:01 PM.

Sunday, May 8: Find a balance between personal needs and family obligations. Reminisce over the best moments of the past rather than try to create new understanding in the present as Mercury slows down to retrograde. Our true gift can be our attention under this Leo Moon. Be ready for a spontaneous shift in plans midday as the Moon squares Uranus, take turns rather than squabble tonight as the Moon squares the Sun.

Moon square Uranus 11:41 AM, Moon square Sun 6:21 PM.

Monday, May 9: It’s easy to feel old and creaky until we get going this morning, but we can turn that stiffness into organizational ability as the Leo Moon opposes Saturn. Cranky people who think they’re in charge may want details to feel more in control. Although our brains may be slowing down as Mercury stations, we can use a productive burst late in the afternoon to batten down the hatches and sketch out plans as the Moon enters efficient Virgo. People may be edgy tonight, let them be cranky for a few minutes; don’t laugh at them but do look for the humor within the situation.

Moon opposed Saturn 6:38 AM, Moon enters Virgo 4:53 PM.

crescent moon with a moon moth

Awakening ¤ Coleen McIntyre 2009

Tuesday, May 10: Take a break or practice patience as Mercury retrogrades this morning at 5:47 AM MDT. we may want to push forward and do everything right, but that will be tricky as mistakes or minor accident might pile up under a self-improving Virgo Moon and as Venus semi-squares Saturn. Slow down and appreciate the moment, and then move forward with care. Jupiter enters Aries tonight and we want to rebel against old problems that have returned. Take the time to do it right.

Moon square Mercury 2:09 AM, Mercury turns retrograde 5:47 AM, Jupiter enters Aries 5:21 PM, Moon trine Uranus 9:27 PM, Venus semi-square Saturn 10:32 PM.

Wednesday, May 11: Uncertainty about the future or magical thinking can make it hard to see the road ahead. Expect layers of both confusion and direction as the Virgo Moon forms a grand earth trine with Pluto and the Sun- bisected by an opposition between the Moon and Neptune. Clarify the goals and action follows naturally. Jupiter semi-square Uranus and encourages needed change but can leave us feeling unsettled.

Moon opposed Mars 6:17 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:01 AM, Jupiter semi-square Uranus 2:54 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 3:16 PM, Moon trine Pluto 9:59 PM.

Thursday, May 12: Questions of romance and the need for social justice are brought up as a cooperative and friendly Libra Moon opposes Venus in Aries. We could feel fierce but still want to solve the problem without an argument so will need to find creative ways to make a point. Don’t get caught by stories from the past, deal with them but do so in a healing way.

Moon enters Libra 12:34 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 1:01 AM, Moon trine Mars 8:54 AM, Moon opposed Venus 9:49 PM.

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