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Weekly Starcodes—Planetary Aspect Interpretations & Predictions

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice-oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.
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Starcodes for this week!

Bake cookies, adopt a puppy, or find some other way to bring in coziness and nurturance this weekend as the Moon traverses’ homey, cuddly, if self-protective Cancer. If life gets strange, get crafty—make ornaments, bake, wrap a package, or build. Busy hands soothe the nerves and become a stabilizing meditation.

This crafty steadiness can help with some ongoing emotional rollercoasters. Ghosts and old memories from holidays past can stir through the back of our brain throughout the week. We may long for old traditions or feel strangely competitive as creative Venus joins mental Mercury in historically oriented Capricorn. These Capricorn planets can help us stay efficient and get the work done before the holidays kick in but can also bring out a controlling streak. We can grow impatient with people who get in the way of our work or find ourselves arguing over the perfect decorations. We could unproductively want to control what other people are wearing, doing, or how they celebrate their marriage or the winter holidays, especially through this weekend as Mercury semi-squares Saturn. 

If we notice any ongoing irritation, and we may with Mars still retrograde and out of bounds in nervy Gemini, let’s not blame it on other people or our situation. Instead, let’s stop and listen to what we actually need and take responsibility for our joy. Be pleasantly surprised at how willing many people are to adjust to accommodate reasonable requests. 

Look forward to great holiday parties early next week under an extroverted Leo Moon and as the Sun sextiles Saturn. Find that balance between joy and responsibilities midweek. Tie up those loose ends and details as the Moon enters efficient Virgo on Wednesday and Venus semi-squares Saturn, then feel the need to grow for some time out, for some seasonal magic as the Sun squares Neptune. Work on clarity of understanding and balance both demands and a general nervousness through the rest of the week as Mercury quincunx Mars.


Bridge of Change © Visual Lifesavers Art 2015
Bridge of Change © Visual Lifesavers Art 2015

Friday, December 9: Rather than try to control the situation, roll with the waves of mixed emotions and find a steady path in the middle. We can crave coziness under the Cancer Moon, get easily defensive, or feel rather overwhelmed by life and might rather crawl into a cave—but the competence-inducing Mercury and Venus in Capricorn pulls in the other direction and nags us to hurry up and accomplish. All while Venus squares Jupiter and turns up the volume on all emotions. Beauty, hope, or creativity can help us relax and connect tonight as Venus squares Jupiter and then enters Capricorn.

Moon enters Cancer 12:48 AM MDT, Venus squares Jupiter 5:54 AM, Moon opposes Mercury 8:55 AM, Venus enters Capricorn 8:54 PM.

Saturday, December 10: On this potentially difficult day, the lights tangle as we try to hang them—minor difficulties arise and arguments can ensue as each person has different ways of solving the problems while Mercury semi-squares Saturn. Let’s listen to one another and make emotional safety the real objective. Midday the energy wanders, track what needs doing carefully, and watch a tendency to see what could go wrong better than what could go right; be open to magic, it is there. Evening softens as the Moon trines Neptune, encouraging us to tell a story. 

Moon sextile Uranus 8:16 AM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 8:58 AM, Moon trine Neptune 10:18 PM.

Sunday, December 11: Offer comfort if melancholic memories leak in early this morning as the Moon opposes Pluto. If a strange panic arises, about unfinished business or what should we be doing instead, let’s breathe through it and sort our priorities; let the small stuff slide and stick to what is truly important. Seasonal cheer returns midday as the Moon trines Jupiter and enters Leo; engage a sociable and potentially funny afternoon. Two friendly but efficient aspects, the Sun sextile Saturn and the Moon sextile Mars, can open doors and support our efforts once we are in motion. Look for good news and heartwarming stories to refocus the soul later on.

Moon opposes Pluto 7:10 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:49 AM, Moon enters Leo 1:08 PM.

Monday, December 12: Enthusiasm with a lazy streak; once we’re in motion we can stay in motion, but it would be so tempting to have the world come to us. Wonderfully competent subtle aspects—Sun sextile Saturn and Moon sextile Mars, can open doors and support our efforts if we have momentum. Offer simple tangible support, take advantage of opportunities offered. Stay centered tonight through a moment of irritation or discombobulation as the Moon squares Uranus; look for the best possible change. 

Sun sextile Saturn 11:12 AM, Moon sextile Mars 6:04 PM, Moon square Uranus 8:46 PM.

Caudia Pavonis © Zoë Rayne 2018
Caudia Pavonis © Zoë Rayne 2018

Tuesday, December 13:  Be kind through a potentially slow or achy morning as the Moon opposes Saturn and reminds us that we’re responsible and need to be grown-ups. Tend to work early, let the coffee hit before hurrying anyone, then take a deep breath and refocus on connections mid-day as the energy relaxes. Then the extroverted Leo Moon trines the Sun and stirs our sense of adventure and drama.  Find a new playfulness, explore some new idea, place, or approach. Just do not ignore a beloved or downplay their emotions.

Moon opposes Saturn 7:08 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:51 AM.

Wednesday, December 14: Be both realistic and forgiving as the Virgo Moon adds anxious pressures and pushes us to assess, organize, or complain while a dreamy Sun-Neptune square paradoxically tempts us to escape from it all. Daydream and then think of a few positive actions to make it so. Watch for accidents related to an illusion or misunderstanding or a temporary space-out. Go easy on the digestive system and be kind to any ambient anxiety without believing the story. Anxiety can make people pushy as Venus semi-square Saturn. Give great advice, but only when asked.

Moon enters Virgo 1:45 AM, Sun square Neptune 10:10 AM, Venus semi-square Saturn 12:55 PM, Moon trine Venus 1:32 PM, Mercury square Chiron 10:21 PM.

Thursday, December 15: We have places to go, things to do, and will feel better if we stay busy as the Virgo Moon forms a grand trine with Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Stay out of busy people’s way and support each other’s work, whether that work is professional or personal. It’s a good day to push a pawn forward or offer a pragmatic proposal; strategic moves will be made so look for those shifts and watch the headlines. Tonight the mood grows more irritable or klutzy as Mercury quincunx Mars; take a deep breath before speaking or jumping to conclusions. 

Moon square Mercury 2:01 AM, Moon square Mars 4:29 AM, Moon trine Uranus 8:41 AM, Mercury quincunx Mars 8:11 PM, Moon opposes Neptune 10:40 PM.

Starcodes from the previous week.

‘Tis the season. This week planets in enthusiastic fire signs encourage us to fully enter the winter holiday season. Magical-thinking Neptune turns direct after months retrograde and adds an extra twinkle to the holiday lights. This Neptune can also get us into trouble as it adds a touch of magical thinking to our emotional insecurities or assumptions as Neptune squares heart-centered Venus.

We don’t have to get all our decorations up—though it will feel good to create and observe beauty—but we might consider what acts of generosity, creativity and goodwill we’d like to accomplish all this winter. Over the weekend a proactive Aries Moon combines with that desire for a magical twinkle and encourages us to break the routine and create something lovely. It’s good to take our minds to those places of beauty because Neptune can also beckon us off into the past and get us lost in a snowstorm, in our insecurities or some favorite illusion.

While this Neptune potentially adds the sparkle it can also make it challenging to read the weather or other people’s motives, whether they are lost in their own fairytale or disaster movie. Both Mercury and Mars are out of bounds, or out of the Sun’s yearly path, and while this can bring lovely spontaneous moments, it can also stimulate some truly strange moments. While most conversations will be lovely and versatile, when people spout off, what they say can be outrageous. A few of us will be recovering from scuffles, incidents or sore points which flared last week as Venus opposed Mars, and need some extra gentleness. 

Early next week our desire for seasonal magic can clash with practical necessities as the Moon enters grounded Taurus Sunday night and mental Mercury enters result-oriented Capricorn on Tuesday, but these earthy planets can help us accomplish our work goals before the holidays begin. If another person gets controlling and starts trying to organize our lives, just know that’s their anxiety; we don’t have to cooperate, but we also don’t have to confront them. Distract them like you would a toddler.

Shadow Work © Emily Kell 2018
Shadow Work © Emily Kell 2018

Friday, December 2:  Direct enthusiasm wisely, people could drive carelessly or spout off quickly today while the Aries Moon trines the Sun in Sagittarius. High spirits can make us joyful when expressed but produce impulsive frustration if we feel blocked. Maybe it’s time to build a snowperson or go sledding. If the effect of last week’s arguments or snafus linger, don’t hold onto tension; look for common goals instead. 

Moon trine Sun 5:09 PM MDT, Moon conjunct Chiron 7:35 PM.

Saturday, December 3: Wonderfully sociable aspects encourage us to dive into seasonal events, but some more haunting existential questions can cloud the waters underneath as the Sun semi-squares Pluto. Be gentle with questions of self-worth. Tonight, magic beckons as Venus squares Neptune; don’t jump to conclusions about other people’s feelings but do find that magic in twinkling lights and compassionate acts. 

Moon sextile Mars 6:11 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:05 AM, Moon trine Venus 1:56 PM, Neptune station direct 5:15 PM, Sun semi-square Pluto 6:23 PM, Moon trine Mercury 8:56 PM, Moon square Pluto 10:46 PM.

Sunday, December 4: Cook a nice breakfast and get comfortable as the Taurus Moon works its embodied wonders. Don’t hurry—watch holiday movies, practice arts and crafts, or tell each other stories. Just acknowledge the stories are actual fiction rather than a comfortable emotional or political invention which can steer us off-course. Let calmness heal as the Sun trines Chiron.

Venus square Neptune 12:12 AM, Sun trine Chiron 12:12 AM, Moon enters Taurus 4:37 AM.

Monday, December 5: Refocus on work, respond productively to deadlines and make things happen. The earthy Taurus Moon encourages us to get practical and do feasibility studies on the weekend’s great ideas. Pitch an idea, proposal or resume and manifest over the next few days as Mercury square Neptune opens up possibilities and encourages our dreams—we just have to add the practicality.

Moon conjunct Uranus 10:37 AM, Moon square Saturn 6:53 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:36 PM.

Spirit+Matter 3Spirit+Matter 3 © Linda James 2013

Tuesday, December 6: Watch a tendency to say too much; talk it out but back up what is said with facts and action as mental Mercury squares generous Jupiter under a verbal Gemini Moon. Work with a fresh sense of organization and competence as Mercury enters Capricorn. Don’t give into discouragement, tackle one goal at a time instead. Consider looking for a new team or new plans and use a concrete approach to a great idea.

Mercury square Jupiter 12:05 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:51 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 12:02 AM, Moon enters Gemini 1:48 PM, Mercury enters Capricorn 3:08 PM.

Wednesday, December 7: Stay grounded on this potentially wild day. Expect unexpected comments and actions midmorning as the full Gemini Moon conjunct Mars while the sun quincunx Uranus; speak up but speak thoughtfully. If our nerves wind up we can consider all kinds of crazy possibilities, so enjoy the show but don’t follow those crazy thoughts down the rabbit hole nor get caught up in other people’s whirlwinds. Find safe ways to channel sudden flashes of anger or impulse. This is a good day to release what needs to be released. Step back from difficult situations and take a break, rather than throw them all out the window. Later in the day if our nerves feel expended or fried, it will help to refill the wells and find humor where we can.

Sun quincunx Uranus 3:34 PM, Moon opposes sun 9:08 PM, Moon conjunct Mars 9:18 PM, Sun opposes Mars 10:41 PM.

Thursday, December 8: Settle down and settle in, see what needs to be repaired, reorganized or followed through upon from yesterday’s wildcards as the Moon trines Saturn and squares Uranus. Take that discussion a little farther, but don’t try to hold people longer than their attention span can hold. Reach out and make fresh contacts for work, write what needs to be written. Later on, any practical and sequential activity can help stabilize emotions. Tonight, as the Moon opposes Venus and squares Jupiter, watch for impolitic or undiplomatic comments which are more a sign of emotional awkwardness than lack of caring.

Moon trine Saturn 5:41 AM, Moon square Uranus 10:12 AM, Moon opposes Venus 10:28 PM, Moon square Jupiter 11:13 PM.

Astrological Aspects and their meaning: 

  • Conjunction: Planets are 0-5 degrees apart. Linked together, energy is mutually enhancing
  • Opposition Planes are 180 degrees apart. Polarizing or complementing, energies are diametrically opposite. 
  • Trine: Planets are 120 degrees apart. Harmonizing, energies of this aspect are in the same element. 
  • Square: Planets are 90 degrees apart. The challenging, energies of this aspect are different from each other. 
  • Sextile: Planets are 60 degrees apart. Cooperative, energies of this aspect blend well.

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