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2017 Year at a Glance for Taurus — April 19 - May 20

Sturdy. Simple. Pleasure. Peace. The bull that builds is a happy one indeed, but there are astrological moments that ask us to consider what might be best to bring into form. 

The beginning of 2017 sets you up for a review. Your ruling planet, Venus, will be retrograde 4/4–5/15, and will ask you to look deeper into the nature of what goes on behind the scenes. Your deeper motives, subconscious fears and flaws, and all the projects that are incubating demand your attention. These are important pieces to get straight as there is, simultaneously, a major boom wanting to take place in your work life . . . Your empire awaits you.

This phase is less about fame and fortune and more about focusing on the work at hand that will lead to such success. With Jupiter moving through your 6th house of employment, it’s definitely time to expand the less glorious side of your business—notably the hard work part. Pay attention to relationships that will help your career the most. Notice those bearing helpful hints about how to grow what you’ve got, and relationships that help you evolve, explore and trust your intuitive wisdom—develop your own ways of doing business. To recreate a world filled with peace, love and justice, we must radicalize the outdated institutions in our lives. For you, this means doing the day-to-day differently or in greater harmony with your own nature. 

Also, pay attention to the delicate balance of your physical needs. Notice what parts of your daily life make you feel better and which might knock you out of alignment.

Chani Nicholas © Mother Tongue Ink 2016

Chani NicolasWriting horoscopes and reading astrological charts for folks is always a unique process. It’s also unending and endlessly fascinating. For me, it is equal parts rigorous study and trust of my intuition as I work with this ancient, intelligent, symbolic system. To write, to study and to process the information requires me to spend a lot of time introspectively. Email Chani.
Weekly Starcodes:

Heather Roan RobbinsHeather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.

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Starcodes for the week of April 21, 2017

We move into planting season with the Sun now in earthy, fecund Taurus. We can plant seeds, projects, world-shattering problems or great love; anything we plant had a great chance to grow, though maybe not quite like we intended, so let’s be careful what we plant.

Our words can be seeds. They have extra weight right now so we need to practice mindfulness with what we do and say. Mercury retrograde is already complicating our thought process, transportation, and communications from April 9 to May 3, and now retrograde back into feisty, inspired, low-impulse control Aries and conjuncts both electrifying Uranus and the dwarf-planet Eris (larger than Pluto, though much farther out), aptly named after the Greek goddess of discord. Mercury stations nestled between these two on May 3, and marches back over electrifying, change-inducing Uranus for a third time as it returns forward. Which can feel a bit like being run over and over by an electrical truck.

To emphasis the need to be careful with our words, Mars has just entered verbal Gemini. Here it can help us negotiate if we’re motivated to talk it out. But if we’re not attentive, our irritability can come out through our words, and they become our sword. And that, currently, can be dangerous. The very air can become the battle ground of words, winds, and bombs. Storm patterns and inflammatory pollen-filed spring winds stir the air. Our thinking can be volatile, our words can inflame or inspire throughout the next two weeks, our nervous system can rev, anxiety creep in unless we put this extra neurological voltage to good use.

Now every aspect has a positive expression; we cannot choose the transits, but we can always choose how we respond, and the cure for the pain of a tough aspect is found in its positive reframe. We can use our words to express our feelings, listen and come to new understandings, become inspired or find a way to inspire others through our stirring commentary. We can make the most of spontaneous moments of joy. We can throw a burst of energy into productivity and blast through a pile of work. So, let’s multi-task (a Mars in Gemini specialty), garden, and have long and meaningful talks, but think carefully before speaking, texting, signing, emailing, or exchanging fire.

The weekend begins under a sensitive Pisces Moon as Mars enters Gemini and affectionate Venus squares hardworking Saturn. It will feel good to spend time with old friends or review familiar subjects. We need to talk, and talk about our feelings, but may have some trust issues or feel our style cramped by our worries and responsibilities. We could waste the Pisces-Moon subtlety in worry and anxiety for the future as Mercury semi-squares Neptune, our imagination can run away in unproductive trails unless we give it good paths to follows. It pays to find safe ways to be sensitive.

The mood can become more inspired or volatile early next week under a fiery Aries moon. Old angers return for the next round. We have the energy to accomplish what we need to do, but maybe not the wisdom to know what that is. Follow through on pre-made plans, but be very wary of sudden volatility. And pray the worlds governments simmer down. 

Wednesday brings a fertile new Moon in Taurus and time to start seedlings, seed our friendships with loving words, and take steps towards a healthy world. Because what we plant now, will grow roots.

Friday, April 21: Invest sweat equity; let’s work our network and handle logistics this morning as Venus squares Saturn, we can love our work but love may be work. Relationships could feel tested by life’s practicalities and practical glitches get in the way of creative flow, but heart and art will benefit in the long run from the investment of energy. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces midday and squares Mars in Gemini; we grow more aware, but mostly aware of our own feelings. It will be considered a real gift to listen to another’s process. Tonight, we need a good long talk and can prioritize comfort and connection, just be respectful of one another’s nerve endings.

Moon sex tiles Uranus 4:16 AM, Mars enters Gemini 4:31 AM, Venus squares Saturn 5:08 AM, Moon sextiles Saturn 9:18 AM, Moon’s sex tiles Mercury 12:22 PM, Moon enters Pisces 1:42 PM, Moon squares Mars 2:13 PM, Moon sextiles Sun 5:45 PM.

Saturday, April 22: Wander. Do it consciously and with intent, because that is just what our souls need to do as the Moon conjuncts foggy Neptune in dreamy Piscean while Mercury semi-squares them both. We probably couldn’t be efficient if we tried, so let’s relax and own the mood. But keep a healthy intent to the wandering as our imagination can meander into our fears, concerns, or hopeless fantasies otherwise. Misunderstandings thicken if we jump to conclusions, so put the fog lights on.

Moon conjunct Neptune 1:57 PM, Mercury semi-squares Neptune 3:37 PM.

Sunday, April 23: We have some serious thinking to do this morning, a chance to correct misperceptions and complete an emotional process as the Moon squares Saturn then conjuncts Venus. Thank old friends, balance karma, prepare the garden. Then switch headings towards the future as the Moon enters Aries around dinner time, and world grows more passionate and volatile.

Moon sextiles Pluto 12:19 AM, Moon square Saturn 2:21 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 3:34 PM, Moon enters Aries 6:32 PM, Moon sextiles Mars 9:43 PM.

Monday, April 24: Now, how do we do this. Today is all about local logistics; how to manifest short-term plans and solve recent problems as thoughtful Mercury trines strategic Saturn. Make it so. Work on ideas, but leave long term-plans for a few more weeks before launching. Stay patient even if tempers spark. Gather evidence and ask good questions. Logic furthers.

Mercury trine Saturn 2:15 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 9:23 PM.

Tuesday April 25: Tough new or moods this morning send an irrational pulse to our nerve endings as the Moon squares Pluto then conjuncts Uranus and Mercury. Be wary of reactive impulses, avoid the twitter-feed and instead find impulsive ways to create, exercise, or share affection. Evening levels off as the Moon enters earthy Taurus, though our appetite deepens. Prepare to plant intentions tomorrow.

Moon square Pluto 2:46 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:03 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 2:29 PM, Moon trine Uranus 3:52 PM, Moon enters Taurus 7:56 PM.

Wednesday, April 26: The New Moon in Taurus marks this as one the most fertile days of the year. Start seedlings now! Send love to dear ones. Make a promise to oneself. Although Merc is still retrograde and it is good to leave paperwork and long term decisions until later, we can seed our intentions towards anything we want to grow. Watch the news and see what seeds of the future are planted today.

Moon conjunct Sun 6:16 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 5:38 PM.

Thursday, April 27: Expect the unexpected. The world slows down but our minds speed up as Mercury backs into a conjunction with Uranus. It is way too easy to take a concrete step towards a regrettable snap decision, or become preoccupied and therefore accident-prone unless we make life a dance of attention and presence. Sudden good changes are also likely, keep eyes open for a crack in a wall, an opening, a ray of sunshine. Practice mindfulness. It will be good to get physically tired because sleep may play hide-and-seek after the Moon enters Gemini tonight.

Moon trine Pluto 2:49 AM, Moon sextile Venus 7:18 PM, Moon enters Gemini 7:38 PM.

Starcodes for the week of April 14, 2017

We enter the heart of spring renewal as Easter and Passover begin the week and the earthy Taurus Sun ends it. It’s a week of wildcards, unusual events provide us with opportunities to pay off some debts and heal old difficulties, to return to familiar traditions, people, and emotional scenarios, and reconnect with the best. But if we get stuck in old patterns, we renew them for another cycle. It’s up to us to evolve, renew, and handle familiar difficulties with a fresh perspective.

Those difficulties arise as our impulse control is down and our judgment spotty as the weekend begins. Mercury and Venus, two planets that symbolize how we interact with one another, are both retrograde and working peculiarly. Life is fine on an ordinary day, albeit with a few minor delays and klutziness, but once problems arise they can escalate quickly. The depths of our psyche are being stirred and people will tend to react with extra charge (missiles, guns, angry words) and not think through consequences.

So let’s be part of the de-escalation team. Once a problem begins to wobble, once misunderstandings pile up or coffee cups begin to fall, it helps to just hold still a moment. Take a break and find center, then approach the problem with more space and time to listen to one another. Be willing to try and truly understand, rather than just make a point. Take a deep breath and check motives; are we doing this to avoid a more complex problem that needs to be looked at, or are we doing this because it needs to be done. Keep the compassionate heart and sense of humor engaged.

Just about every summer has a time when many planets retrograde. Retrogrades are no excuse to blame for the world’s woes or to get out of ordinary civility with one another. Retrogrades are only a planet appearing to back up against the sky because of the difference between their orbit and ours. That doesn’t mean we should stop living. We still need to travel, love, sign documents, and talk with another. We just need to do so with extra attention and introspection, read the fine print and think through the consequences of our actions. The retrogrades send us back to work on the past to heal, learn, repair, repay, and reflect.

Venus is presently in a sign that she likes, in sensitive Pisces, and turns direct on Saturday after an introspective and emotional time (since March 5). Possibly either our creative process our emotional patterns were not able to push forward, but needed to tend to unfinished business with people, events, and work from the past. We may still need to be in touch with old friends and look at old patterns to see if we can do better this time, but fresh input is coming soon.

Mercury retrogrades April 9-May 3, and asks us to work around technical glitches, odd timing, delays in transportation or communication, all of which can be worked around with attention, patience, and an occasional do-over. But once a problem begins to wobble, once misunderstandings pile up or coffee cups begin to fall, it helps to just hold still a moment. Take a break and find center. Then approach the problem with more space and time to listen to one another. Be willing to try and truly understand, rather than just make a point. Keep the compassionate heart engaged.

This weekend Venus turns direct and sextiles Mars under a more cheerful and exploratory Sagittarius Moon. We may feel a little volatile because we’re extra emotional, but there’s also extra room for love., which will help those families gathering for holidays. Work turns more serious on Monday, so take advantage of a flash of competence, but watch out for strange ego and power trips in the process, and curb a desire to control others. It furthers to hold strong, but not engage directly in that fight.

The Sun enters Taurus on Wednesday and conjuncts Mercury, Pluto turns retrograde on Thursday and sends us back for a few months to reconsider how we use personal, political, and electrical power, just as Mercury backs into Aries.

Friday, April 14: Stay flexible and be ready to adjust last-minute plans as recent wildcards can throw us off center. Exercise compassion in small ways and large as Venus stations. Art projects, like dying Easter eggs, can soothe the soul but may not turn out like we intended. Tonight, spirits can lift around dinner time, but evening brings questions about the next step.

Moon enters Sagittarius 4:26 AM, Moon semi-square Jupiter 9:15 AM, Moon semi-square Pluto 1:17 PM.

Saturday, April 15: Early morning misunderstandings can snaggle us. We can spin in circles today, hopefully can laugh with each, but if we push or try to rush, slapstick will ensue, and old feelings spill out. We can manage. Let’s warm our hearts by reconnecting with traditions and people that brought us joy before as Venus turns direct. This day works best when we take spontaneous opportunities, let go of our agenda and engage creative process together.

Venus turns direct 4:17 AM, Moon squares Neptune 7:14 PM, Moon squares Jupiter 3:15 PM.

Sunday, April 16: Take advantage of beautiful opportunities to shift perspective this morning as the Moon trines Uranus and the sun. Break routine with a moment of spirit. Midday social awkwardness can complicate, unless we keep our priorities clear and laugh with one another as friendly Venus sextiles Mars. The mood grows serious and potentially controlling later as the Moon conjunct serious Saturn and enters competent Capricorn. We may need to just nail down the details, or finish last minute taxes, but also may need to let go of our imagined goal and co-create instead. Honor each other’s differences.

Moon trine Uranus 6:08 AM, Moon trine Sun 10:45 AM, Moon square Venus 10:53 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 12:26 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:04 PM, Venus sextile s Mars 7:26 PM, Moon trine Mercury  9:54 PM

Monday, April 17: This is an ambitious, determined, day. Before building momentum, make sure everybody is on the same track. A flurry of, competence can support us can help us get things going, but be careful because people can be unusually belligerent if someone gets in their way. Tonight, our minds move into reaction and need to totally space out or can make mistakes as the Sun semi-squares Neptune.

Sun trine Saturn 6:43 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 7:54 PM, Sun semi-square Neptune 10:58 PM.

Tuesday, April 18: Our feelings run deep this morning as the Moon conjuncts Pluto, our hearts may feel heavy. Notice a potential opportunity to move forward where we have already sketched out the path, but be wary of snap decisions. Hold boundaries clearly, just watch for a temptation to get aggressive instead of to stand firm. Edginess around dinner time can soften late tonight as the Moon first squares anxious Uranus and then sextiles friendly Venus.

Moon semi-square Jupiter 3:02 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:57 AM, Moon square Uranus 6:53 PM, Moon sextile Venus 11:21 PM

Wednesday, April 19: Keep a steady pace, attitude soft but alert, and coordinate with others while the mood softens. Early morning action as the Moon trines Mars slows into a steady, if somewhat awkward, rhythm midday. Dance with one another; the mood can be generally amiable with a tendency to bump into sharp corners and one another as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius, the Sun enters earthy Taurus, and they square off.

Moon semi-square Neptune 1:41 AM, Moon trine Mars to 19 a.m., Moon square Sun 3:56 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 4:51 AM, Moon squares Mercury 6:31 AM, Sun enters Taurus 3:26 PM, Sun conjunct Mercury 11:53 PM.

Thursday, April 20: On this potentially difficult day we can wrangle about how power is utilized. Some deep hidden issue comes to the surface, plots ripen, and we can feel a strong urge to tell someone off as Pluto retrogrades and thoughtful Mercury backs into feisty Aries. Afternoon brings more potential for diplomacy as the Moon trines Jupiter; set a generous example and reap rewards.

Moon semi-square Venus 4:48 AM, Moon semi-square Saturn 5:15 AM, Pluto stations retrograde 6:48 AM, Mercury retrogrades into Aries 11:37 AM, Moon trine’s Jupiter 12:50 AM.