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2018 Year at a Glance for libra Libra — Sept. 22-Oct. 23, 2018 

For most of 2018, Librans are called to hold space and seek balance within themselves as they participate in external partnerships and collaborations. If there’s a mantra for you, Libra, it´s Keep Your Inner Zen. Use your powers of detachment to look at things from a bird´s eye perspective through the tumultuous changes 2018 brings.

Aug.–Dec. sees Venus (+ Retrograde), Mercury, the Sun, Pallas Athena and Ceres transiting Libra. Look to your relationships, collaborations, contractual obligations, legal matters and parent-child dynamics in this period. Becoming a bridge for collaboration among others does not mean you have to forego your fundamental right to be You.

Take time to study the balance of power in whatever you’re drawn to at this time before committing to long-term decisions and intimate/ business partnerships. Uranus crossing the 29° Aries point in May & November, and back again, in March ’19 before settling into Taurus brings sudden changes in partnerships and collaborations, potentially those that involve sexual, financial or other forms of deep commitment. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn pressure you to make long-term commitments in domestic, familial and/or real estate matters. Choose wisely.

Remember: Keep Your Inner Zen this Nov– Jan ’19 as powerful currents in Capricorn, Aries and Cancer transform the Cardinal signs, and with them, key questions of self-identity, family dynamics and career. This will be especially pronounced during October´s New Moon—Neptune and Pluto will feature heavily so look to spiritual, shamanic and similar approaches. Librans born between 15–23 October will be most directly influenced.

Look to March’s Full (Blue) Moon to see prior decisions surrounding relationships culminate. Set seeds for more balanced, fulfilling and nurturing connections during October´s New Moon. Neptune and Pluto play significant roles here, so look to metaphysical, ancestral and shamanic sources to provide deeper perspective.

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In my own practice, which you can explore on my website. I use nearly 150 astrological bodies in drawing up charts. The information https://bairaveebalasubramaniam.compresented here has been highly condensed.
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Weekly Starcodes:

Heather Roan RobbinsHeather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.

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Starcodes for the week of September 21, 2018

We are at a yearly pivot point, the moment between summer and fall, when light and dark, the atmospheric yin and yang, balance.  Today Mercury enters Libra, the sign symbolized by the balancing scales. Tomorrow the Sun enters Libra and marks the fall equinox. We can use this balanced energy to bring our own into equilibrium.

Dysfunction, whether in a life or in our political system, mirrors ecological dysfunction; wherever more resources are taken out than restored through the natural flow, the system will fall apart. A sustainable ecology and economy balances output with inflow. We live a sustainable life when we’re renewed by enough joy and satisfaction to refill our wells so we can keep on giving. Of course, we can pull out all the stops in an emergency, but that’s not a way to live. A relationship where we feel mutually supported, decisions are made fairly, and each brings food to the table has the sturdiness to hold through many tests, whether we’re talking a marriage or community. This is the song of Libra, no justice, no peace; know Justice, know peace.

So, this week the stars asked us to assess our life, notice places of imbalance and address them. Look at our and work- life food-exercise balances, at issues of political and economic equity. Look at our relationships and assess whether we are giving and receiving equally, whether we’re fed as much as we’re demanded upon. We may not be able to fix imbalances overnight, but this can give us an important trajectory.

This Friday isn’t particularly contemplative, we have a lot of work to do and deadlines call to us with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in outgoing, political Aquarius. But on Saturday the energy softens and becomes more personal and vulnerable as Moon enters subtler, heart- centered Pisces and the Sun enters Libra at 7:54 PM. Let’s pace ourselves this weekend; we can feel easily overwhelmed as our hearts soften but our minds grapple with tough subjects as Mercury squares durable Saturn.

On Monday the Moon waxes full in feisty, reactionary Aries, and the Sun and Moon square Saturn; we may have some tough decisions to make or need to discipline ourselves to do something that is not comfortable, feel we need to prove our independence, or may just want to walk on the wild side.  The week ends on a more sensual, stubborn, Taurus moon, but still calls us to courageously rebalance as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Mars.

Chiron, an asteroid known for its connection with our healing process, retrogrades back into Pisces this week. Chiron was in Pisces from March 2010 until last April when it entered Aries. It returns to Aries next February where it will be for the next eight years.  Chiron speaks of that wound from which we are healing, the place where we learn intensely because we have to get creative to heal. In Pisces for the last eight years Chiron looked at our vulnerability, the nature of victimhood, of becoming sensitive and aware, of oil and water and things that flow. When Chiron heads back into Aries for the next eight years, we will have to work on healing toxic machismo in all genders and restoring some sense of the hero within. But right now, Chiron is reminding us that how we respond to the dispossessed, to the wounded, to the flooded, to the refugee, is how our tenderness and vulnerability will be treated. And we never know when our life’s plot will twist and we will be in need of succor from others. We need to make it safe to be sensitive.

Friday, September 21: Watch the self-critique, list what’s been done right lately. Tend to the completion of a block of work. Edit judiciously, analyze with kindness. Politics and world events impinge on us, not necessarily because they’ve gotten worse, but because our awareness magnifies. Mercury enters Libra late tonight, and we may need to talk to people with whom we agree. Romantic or poetic words can produce a positive effect.

Moon square Jupiter 11:13 AM, Mercury enters Libra 9:39 PM, Mercury opposes Chiron 11:54 PM.

Saturday, September 22: Feel an emotional high tide as the waxing Moon enters sensitive Pisces; it may just be time to catch up with our own emotions, drift in our dreams. Keep expectations low and know that people sense of timing could be off, because we are running on an interior clock rather than exterior. We need extra gentleness with words as we’ll feel unusually sensitive to abrasiveness, ugliness, or injustice and will unfold around beauty and artistry. Mark the fall equinox at 7:54 PM

Moon enters Pisces 6:26 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:56 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:56 AM, Sun enters Libra 7:54 PM, Moon trine Venus 10:21 PM, Sun opposed Chiron 11 PM.

Sunday, September 23: Our minds may have unusual tenacity for better or worse as Mercury squares Saturn and trines Mars. We can obsess on a problem or concern, unless we carefully put this the mental muscles to work on a different problem. Like a toddler, we can’t just take the toy away from our mind, we have to give it something else to focus upon. Choose where to exercise the mental muscles carefully, if we free our mind, the heart and moods will follow.

Mercury squares Saturn 10:45 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 11:25 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:24 PM, Mercury trine Mars 7:29 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:25 PM.

Monday, September 24: One side of us may want to tell the world off and do what we feel called to do, darn the consequences, while the other side wants to make everybody happy. But they can work together with some creativity on our part.  Let the Libran tact and diplomacy work for the Aries Moon motivation and occasional sense of outrage, rather than let these two sides fight within. Listen carefully as people speak, they may be being tactful or tactless, but in there is a core of truth. The former Moon tonight at 8:52 p.m. is howl-worthy.

Moon enters Aries 5:03 PM, Moon conjunct Chiron 5:08 PM, Moon opposes the Sun 8:52 PM, Moon squares Saturn 10:27 PM.

Tuesday, September 25:  If we can get all the horses heading in the same direction, we have incredible resources today. If not, we can feel really tired. Our feelings and thoughts can be at odds, we need to mediate between them in a way that actually nourishes us. Look for harmony of desire, find a way that find the intersecting set between the needs within and the needs without as the Moon and Mercury oppose and the Sun square Saturn. Take responsibilities seriously, be the grown up.

Moon sextiles Mars 12:22 AM, Moon opposes Mercury 4:11 AM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 7:19 AM, Sun square Saturn 5:50 PM, Chiron enters Pisces 6:11 PM.

Wednesday, September 26: Find missing things or information. Take one more step towards balance. A post full-moon (square Pluto) hangover can leave us twitchy and point out what’s still out of whack and needs attention. Take discouragement, exhaustion, or frustration as an existential condition; don’t read it into life’s story; these moods may make a valid point, and we need to tend to the healing they demand, but there’s so much more going on. This evening we may feel better after a great conversation.

Moon square Pluto 4:28 AM.

Thursday, September 27: We can leave some of the existential questions of the week behind and get back to concrete chores. An earthy Taurus Moon asked us to get back to business and make tangible changes; change the oil in our car, exercise, eat well, by judiciously, renovate, and reorganize as the Moon conjuncts Uranus and trines Saturn. Because the Sun also trines energizing Mars today, we’ll have steady energy to draw from once we get going, and will be much more comfortable tackling our problems than just staring at them. Look for good decisions around dinner time, but potentially out of sync evening as the Moon opposes Venus.

Moon enters Taurus 1:15 AM, Moon conjuncts Uranus for 10 AM, Moon trine Saturn 6:34 AM, Moon square Mars 9:50 AM, Sun trine Mars 5:34 PM, Moon opposed Venus 7:01 PM.

Starcodes for the week of September 14, 2018

Friday starts off as a solo journey. Deep old feelings, primal emotions stir as the weekend begins, whether in response to real and dire events or just the echoes of a memory stirred by Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon, all in Scorpio. Feelings we may not be proud of or rather we didn’t have and be tempted to stuff them back down again, but it will be healthier if we can find a good way to unpack and release them instead.

By Friday evening the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius and the rhythm of the weekend picks up. We have the capacity get busy on the surface but our thoughts will still run deep as Mercury trines chthonic Pluto and sextiles liberating Jupiter. We could either experience, or our inner explorations could dig up the memory of, an important turning point or conundrum and want to process at that deep level. It’s healing to go down and bring the gold and jewels up from the depths of our psyche.

After an internally active weekend, the planets push us to get earthy and practical early next week as the Moon enters industrious Capricorn Saturn and trines Uranus. Just watch a tendency to get controlling under stress, as it will not be productive. It’s a good time to do anything we can to bring in our crops and plant new ones, so let’s reap the harvest and put ideas into motion. Look for structures and details to mobilize to support the work.

On Tuesday our tempers could spike as active Mars squares change-inducing Uranus, an aspect that energizes us but also sharpens tongues and add an explosive quality. Gremlins twitch around our mechanical equipment. It may be time to end a dysfunctional process, stop where we’ve had enough, and step in another direction.

All sorts of relationships need tender care this week, because they can spark in the best or worst ways. Our feelings may be honestly mixed so we send out thoroughly confusing signals as the emotional planets Venus and Mars form a T-square with unsettling Uranus. We may want to create changes in our relationships, but can hate it when the other person does too. Let’s start off with small specific changes first, and be careful that our reactive defenses don’t undermine the very security we’re trying to protect.

Venus in Scorpio encourages us to either spend time alone or in intense interaction whereas Mars in Aquarius encourages us to be friendly and in the middle of community. Venus and Mars in fixed signs want stability, but that challenging relationship to Uranus wants to shake things up and can screw up security just for the sake of it. Take healthy risks instead.

After Wednesday information flows and our minds speed up as the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Virgo. We can use our brilliant brains to justify what we’re feeling unless value objectivity and are honest about our emotional filters.

Friday, September 14: Hurricane conditions may stir on the coast and in the heart. We can have intense emotional reactions to events around us. We may need to dive into our inner maelstrom and do some work, find our inner motivation and come to love our own company, but let’s not believe the stories our inner monsters are telling us. Because of this potential inner turbulence, give riled-up people space; don’t corner them or they can get mean. It can be restful to focus on something objective and systematic and so put this focus to good use. The Sun breaks through the clouds around dinner time as the Moon enter Sagittarius; spontaneous honesty can clear the air.

Moon sextile Sun 2:53 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 6:44 PM, Moon sextile Mars 8:23 PM.

Saturday, September 15: Make it real or forget about it; Mercury trines Pluto and reminds us of the power of the word. Be tempted to wax poetical because ordinary words might not express the heart’s content. This aspect can also bring out our suspicions or it take us to good depths, it can bring us focus or obsession. Some reminder of mortality can bring out or morbid streak or help us be grateful for every breath.  Don’t try to reason with someone who is obsessing, just smile and give them room. Let’s choose carefully where put our attention and find laughter with the tears, the sunshine even in dark corners:

Mercury trine Pluto 8:53 PM, Moon square Neptune 11:12 PM.

Sunday, September 16: We get a chance to liberate some stuck feeling or situation as Mercury sextiles expansive Jupiter. Some heavy weight can shift, a conversation can heal, so can a chance to tell our stories. Timing meanders during the afternoon, have patience. Emotional exhaustion may require fallow time tonight.

Mercury sextile Jupiter 5:50 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 8:03 AM, Moon square Mercury 8:47 AM, Moon square Sun 5:14 PM.

Monday, September 17: Work it as the Moon enters Capricorn, conjuncts industrious Saturn and trines change-inducing Uranus. Our sense of humor may hide while we discuss and act on recent decisions. Show up, work towards goals. See-through responsibilities, people will resent those who drop the ball. Tend relationships with love, don’t go stomping off just to show them. Share appreciation tonight as the Moon sextiles Venus.

Moon enters Capricorn 5:07 AM, Moon trine Uranus 8:56 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 10:24 AM, Moon sextile Venus 4:02 PM.

Tuesday, September 18: Tension releases, whether it just fades away or explodes will be up to us. Stay conscious of underground motivations. If really frustrated, go throw rocks at a wall, but not living beings, as Mars squares Uranus. Temper flashes in the news, but we don’t have to be the source. Moods improve this evening as the Moon sextiles Jupiter, now we may have funny stories to tell, and get clearer picture of the next step.

Mars square Uranus 5:02 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:02 PM, Sun sextile Saturn 9:25 PM.

Wednesday, September 19: Take advantage of open doors this morning as the Moon trines Sun and Mercury. Clear up leftover turbulence. Respond to conflicts, write a senator. Work during the day, then take a break, be decisive around dinner time.  Gather and have great conversations, reminisce, just rein in in opinionated streak with beloveds.

Moon trine Mercury 8:19 AM, Moon trine Sun 11:09 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 5:51 PM, Moon square Uranus 9:35 PM, Moon conjunct’s Mars 10:22 PM.

Thursday, September 20: Aesthetics matter. While it’s a good time to experiment with design, consider waiting on artistic decisions that are hard to reverse, like drastic haircuts or house color. Our minds can speed up, but also wind up into anxiety unless we stay grounded as Mercury conjunct the Sun.

Moon square Venus 7:45 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 7:51 PM.