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Every week, we post the Starcodes by our regular We'Moon contributing astrologer, Heather Roan Robbins. If you'd like to get these insightful updates delivered to your inbox every Saturday, sign up for our newsletter and never miss a post! 


photo of Heather Roan Robbins Popular Astrologer

Weekly Starcodes—Planetary Aspect Interpretations & Predictions

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice-oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.

Starcodes for this week

Two Dynamic Astrological Stories

We have two astrological stories running this week, one a deep rumble, the other light and summery. On that bass note, we’ll want to know who’s in control, what they’re doing, and how much control we have in our own life as we approach a full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday, and the Sun approaches an opposition to Pluto on Monday.  This is true in family dynamics or national politics. 

It’s clear how these patterns are unfolding in our political arena, how about in our own lives? Where do we need to feel more empowered, more in control of our lives, and less tossed about on the waves of outrageous fortune?

We’ll see an installment in a story that questions our priorities in the face of extremes, a story that started at the end of June when Mercury opposed Pluto – about the time of the presidential election- intensified last week as Venus opposed Pluto-as an ear was tipped by a bullet- and completes this year’s chapter as the Sun enters Leo and opposes Pluto on Monday. These Pluto oppositions to the personal planets occur once a year, this year as they occur so close together, we get a real Plutonian narrative, a story of power plays in politics, and a farewell to often beloved public figures. 

Last week’s Uranus-Mars-fixed star Algol conjunction is still lingering in its effect. Algol is mythologically connected with losing one’s head or the beheading of a leader whether metaphorically or quite physically. It occurred in an earth sign, a pattern that can also be synchronistic with plate tectonic shifts, earthquakes, and experiences in our life that can feel like minor earthquakes as our world shifts. With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in Leo forward, the story can play against whether that feels like special effects for a strange movie. 

weaving the tapestry of future predictionsWeaver © Colleen Clifford 2022

Find Joy & Live Life to the Fullest

With all the heaviness in politics and climate, we need to tap into the week’s second agenda, finding a moment of joy. We still need to eke out our summer’s renewal. It’s essential, not frivolous, for us to rest, heal, and rejuvenate, to take a moment off and absorb beauty during Leo season. Build resilience, nurture creativity, savor ripening fruit, and strengthen community.

That waxing Capricorn Moon infuses competence, competition, determination, and willfulness into the milieu this weekend. As Mars leaves Taurus and enters Gemini, on Saturday it can soften our communal stubbornness but add spice to conversation and debates. 

The Full Moon early Sunday morning asks us to look at our work-life balance and assess what makes us feel safe and cozy at home versus what powers our concrete life goals. We could feel strangely competitive or controlling patterns in our ordinarily comfortable social relationships and see some spectacular competence where real emergencies call for. But this Full Moon also asks us to look at the ruthlessness of people attempting to achieve their goals no matter who they step on.

The Moon shifts to Aquarius Sunday through Tuesday morning and brings a more collaborative air. Pay attention to the larger community, and what people need and want out there in the world. Some information may shock us or help us change our minds as Mercury squares Uranus, nudging us to find a new vision and take fresh action as the Sun trines Neptune and Mars trines Pluto.

We enter high summer as the Sun enters Leo on Monday. Our job now is to shine in the best ways possible while keeping an eye on political grandstanding and honoring each other’s hearts without indulging in melodrama. The river of life calls us.

A sensitive Pisces Moon from Tuesday through early on Thursday brings us back to our hearts. Mercury enters the sign of Virgo on Thursday; the Moon enters active Aries and together they hint at the next chapter of our work.


 Day By Day:  

Starcodes are in Mountain time.
Click here to calculate for your time zone.


Friday, July 19: Watch for two dueling energies, the waxing Capricorn Moon can bring a generalized discontent and wants to accomplish, complete, or manipulate others into doing it for us. Note a strong political torc. The rest of the planets may want us to just take the day off and relax, particularly near the water, as Mars sextiles Neptune. Take an opportunity to let go of anger or ongoing arguments and heal a connection.

Moon square Neptune 1:58 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 2:13 AM.

Saturday, July 20: Projects call, and so do mountain passes, our garden, and other personal goals in the wilder world that the Capricorn Moon has plans for us. Tonight’s full Moon asks us to look at any tension between prioritizing our and personal comfort opposite long-term ambitions, work that defines our lifetime. We need both, a balance. Mars enters Gemini and helps us let go of recent anger but can heat up ongoing debates. Watch the rhetoric. Tonight has a wild edge as the Moon trines Uranus, we won’t want to miss the action. 

Mars sextiles Neptune 9:17 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:15 AM, Mars enters Gemini 2:43 PM, Moon trine Uranus 11:52 PM.

Sunday, July 21: Notice carefully what agreements you enter into for the next few days, neither back off nor overcommit as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Aquarius. Balance personal needs and those of the group, and be fair to both. The afternoon brings some fascinating aspects, tune into the positive threads. Venus sextiles Jupiter and can open the heart, and stir the creative process, so go meet new people at the arts festival. We could change our minds or deal with shocking information just before dinner as Mercury squares Uranus. Drive and speak thoughtfully. The evening offers a new vision or great narrative as the Sun trines Neptune and Mars trines Pluto.

Moon opposes Sun 4:17 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 5:26 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 5:42 AM, Moon trine Mars 6:28 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:14 AM., Venus sextile Jupiter 2:43 PM, Mercury square Uranus 4:20 PM, Sun trine Neptune 9:25 PM, Mars trine Pluto 9:47 PM.

Monday, July 22: We enter high summer as the Sun enters Leo. The day could bring another event or installment of the ongoing story that started at the end of June when Mercury opposed, enters Leo, and opposed Pluto, and continued last weekend when Venus opposed Pluto. This completes a chapter or reveals the pattern as the Sun opposes Pluto. Depression swirls in with the joy of life. We don’t need to make it any worse than it already is, but we do need to see the patterns. Let’s not let people jerk our chains nor manipulate others, but instead live life to the fullest.

Sun enters Leo 1:44 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 2:44 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 3:38 AM, Sun opposed Pluto 11:37 PM.


Beautiful Moonbow art

Moonbow © Pearl Coburn 2019 

Tuesday, July 23: Morning could feel discombobulated as we adjust to recent changes. Let this dust settle before making decisions. Catch up on emotional processing or just spend the day being tender with one another as the Moon enters Pisces. We can prickle easily in uncomfortable situations or feel our emotions jerked by offhand comments as the Moon squares Mars. Life feels safer when we care without trying to fix one another.

Moon square Uranus 1:46 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 3:58 AM, Moon enters Pisces 7:22 AM, Moon square Mars 10:35 AM.

Wednesday, July 24: Although it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, go gently and savor summer under this sensitive Pisces Moon. Mercury in Leo encourages good storytelling. Think back on the best moments rather than make the melodrama worse. Remember the taste of peach ice cream. Mid-afternoon, tend to practicalities and follow-up on contracts or callbacks as the Moon squares Saturn, then put feet in water and rest.

Moon square Jupiter 4:46 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 2:31 PM. 

Thursday, July 25: The moon enters active, rebellious Aries and we get busy. Keep an eye on the headlines, though it may be hard to figure out what’s going on or who’s telling us the truth as Mercury quincunx Neptune. Expect a wild note in the weather. Later, listen for early hints of future work as Mercury enters Virgo. Some anxiety about the future can make it hard to stay present, chew on that future but stay in the present moment where change can happen.

Moon sextile Uranus 3:19 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 8:31 AM, Moon enters Aries 8:52 AM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 9:59 AM, Moon trine Pluto 10:13 AM, Moon trine Sun 2:28 PM, Moon sextile Mars 2:35 PM, Mercury enters Virgo 4:41 PM, Sun sextile Mars 8:32 PM.


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 Starcodes from the previous week



Heart Worthy Investments

What is worth loving, worth investing our hearts and resources in the face of loss or the potential for loss? That is this week’s first question asked by Venus opposed retrograde Pluto. What radical changes are we willing to make, both in our habits and our world? In response to this understanding is this week’s second question as activating Mars conjuncts ingenious, revolutionary Uranus in pragmatic Taurus on Monday.

We’ve been on a journey for the last few weeks to check our priorities get real, unearth secrets, and deal with deeper issues. Pluto opposed thoughtful Mercury a week ago and started this investigation right after the first presidential debate. Pluto now opposes Venus in Leo and brings the question to our hearts. Pluto doesn’t want us to just give up but wants us to parse where to cut losses and where to double down and invest in a person, place, or project. Assess the results worth it in the face of life, death, magnificence, and loss. However, we’ve been experiencing this story, it probably won’t be complete until after next week when the Sun enters Leo and opposes Pluto. 

Once those planets get past their opposition to Pluto, that Leo energy can bring life to our summer. Along with ongoing political angst and near-operatic disasters, we can see a resurgence of that Leonine panache which helps us make the most of each moment. Whether we’re dangling our feet in a river, meeting friends for wine and sunset, or wandering an art fair.  Let’s take in the summer joy while we can so we can refill our wells for the work ahead.


Pink Starfish art to guide your astrological journey

Pink Starfish & Her Bubble © Shelley Irish 2013

Honor What's Underneath

Relationships may also need extra attention, appreciation, and a moment’s joy. It’s an important time to observe power dynamics because they can get wonky this week.  Work together towards a goal rather than think imposing our will and winning a struggle with a beloved will bring happiness. Notice old habits of manipulation, undermining, and emotional extortion in both love and politics. Honor the real feelings underneath, but don’t buy into that bad behavior.  Particularly Sunday through Tuesday as the Moon enters emotionally intense Scorpio.

On Monday, muscular Mars conjuncts Uranus and amps up our willpower. It can also add heroism to our efforts to help fuel our wars, add intransigence to our arguments, or cause accidents when we hurry. Let’s give this momentum a good place to go. Take on a worthy challenge. 

The week ends on a more mobile, upbeat Sagittarius Moon which encourages us to get out and connect to our ecosystem.



Day By Day:

Starcodes are in Mountain Time.
Click here to calculate for your time zone.


Friday, July 12: We can see things in extremes as Venus in Leo opposes Pluto, so let’s be careful what decisions we make. We could be painfully aware of a recent loss or see our situation as more dire than it is. It can be easier to feel melodramatic than to notice the deeper levels of concern or longing in our hearts. Fair, equitable, and compassionate action eases our hearts under this kind Libra Moon. If we’re hurting, let’s help one another. Share real affection and grow the love. Evening lightens as the Moon trines Jupiter.

Venus opposes Pluto 8:11 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:58 PM.

Saturday, July 13: Be gentle and help make this a lovely, energized day with good priorities. Work gently around touchy sensitivities, we can find our allergies kick up or feel easily slighted and therefore irritable. Instead of feeling insulted, make it a teaching minute. Most people want to be helpful even if they’re distracted. Look past small awkwardness and enjoy moments of beauty and shared common goals.

Moon sextile Mercury 6:18 AM, Moon square Sun 4:48 PM.

Sunday, July 14: We can get moody or need a quiet moment to concentrate as the Moon enters Scorpio. Explore the senses and notice what the body needs to feel more comfortable or delightful in this world. Deepen spiritual practice and make chores or focused work a contemplative practice. Anything else can make us seriously irritated as that Scorpio Moon squares Pluto and Venus. Do not play with jealousy, own your suspicions, and deal with them directly, without melodrama. If we feel snarkiness coming on, it furthers to get out of ourselves and find someone whose woes we genuinely care about, and help.

Moon enters Scorpio 8:52 AM, Moon squares Pluto 11:01 AM, Moon squares Venus 4:54 PM.

Monday, July 15: Some serious decisions need to be made to prune or cut back to create room for healthy new growth. Most people will be fine and focus on their work.  Momentum builds where we have a clear goal, but this same momentum can instigate accidents, arguments, or mechanical confusion unless we stay present while Mercury quincunx Saturn and Mars conjunct Uranus. Details can require patience just when we want to run ahead, but those details could be essential. It furthers to use our muscles and get tired in the pursuit of something important. 

Mercury quincunx Saturn 2:56 AM, Sun squares Chiron 5:43 AM, Mars conjunct Uranus 8:04 AM, Moon trine Saturn 10:44 PM.



Beautiful cosmic art for your astrology trip

Purple Sunrise ¤ Koco Collab 2020   


Tuesday, July 16: Let the coffee sink in, then get important interpersonal calls made early on. Midday gives people room to be obstreperous or provocative. Some just want to stir the pot as the Scorpio Moon opposes Mars and Uranus but we don’t have to take the bait. We’ll have a more honest, humorous, and potentially hopeful response tonight when the Moon trines Neptune and then enters Sagittarius. 

Moon square Mercury 12:59 AM, Moon trine Sun 9:04 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 12:30 PM, Moon opposed Mars 2:04 PM, Moon trine Neptune 7:10 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 7:24 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:19 PM.

Wednesday, July 17: Get moving, dancing, traveling, and sharing as the Sagittarius Moon trines warmhearted Venus in the morning and opposes expansive Jupiter midday. Notice a lightness or sense of possibility and change in the air. We can see the work, but the path can seem more open. It may be easier to talk to strangers than to our beloveds if we need more room and less personal baggage right now.

Moon trine Venus 9:07 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 5:20 PM.

Thursday, July 18: Keep up the good changes as the Sun sextiles Uranus and semi-squares Jupiter. Engage healing prayers, gentle truth, and good works. Our hard-earned wisdom can be helpful to others if we share it rather than preach it as Mercury trines Chiron. Some people find hope so scary they use cynicism to stamp on other people’s new shoots, but cynicism is no more realistic than a bouquet of possibilities.

Moon square Saturn 6:49 AM, son sextile Uranus 8 AM, Moon trine Mercury 2:23 PM, Mercury trine Chiron 5:56 PM, Sun semi-square Jupiter 9:54 PM.



Astrology signs and symbols

Astrological Aspects and their meaning: 

  • Conjunction: Planets are 0-5 degrees apart. Linked together, energy is mutually enhancing
  • Opposition: Planets are 180 degrees apart. Polarizing or complementing, energies are diametrically opposite
  • Trine: Planets are 120 degrees apart. Harmonizing, energies of this aspect are in the same element
  • Square: Planets are 90 degrees apart. The challenging, energies of this aspect are different from each other
  • Sextile: Planets are 60 degrees apart. Cooperative, energies of this aspect blend well

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