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2017 Year at a Glance for  Sagittarius — Nov. 21 - Dec. 21

Your eyes are forever on the horizon, a place that is visible and always unattainable. Ready to roam, explore and find a new way to express your right to be free, your tribe inspires endless debates about which way is the right way to go. But you haven’t been able to just roam about willy-nilly lately. Since 2015, you’ve been faced with real decisions and the need to choose definite routes to the best of your ability, because Saturn is hanging out in your sign.

It’s been a test of your sturdiness. It’s been a test of your dedication. It’s been a test of your ability to commit to yourself, your dreams and your becoming.

Saturn will be with you until the end of 2017, not to return for another 30 or so years. Pace yourself. Know that what you are building now is meant to last, even if it feels like it deconstructs you. The truth is, all it deconstructs are parts of you that might fall prey to being naive and unsure. By the end of 2017, you’ll know more about yourself, your capacities and direction than ever before.

With your ruling planet Jupiter lighting up your 11th house of good fortune, friends, activism and allies, you’ll receive ample opportunity to show up at all kinds of gatherings, roundtables and rallies, connecting to those you most resonate with. Let folks see all of the hard work you’ve done. Let them see what you are serious about. And let them know that you’re in this to win it with them.

Chani Nicholas © Mother Tongue Ink 2016

Chani NicolasWriting horoscopes and reading astrological charts for folks is always a unique process. It’s also unending and endlessly fascinating. For me, it is equal parts rigorous study and trust of my intuition as I work with this ancient, intelligent, symbolic system. To write, to study and to process the information requires me to spend a lot of time introspectively. Email Chani.
Weekly Starcodes:

Heather Roan RobbinsHeather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.

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Starcodes for the week of December 9, 2017 

It may be the season to be jolly, but there are a lot of zingers flying through the air to test our joy. With the Sun, retrograde Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all now in positive outspoken Sagittarius, impatient curiosity and frank directness can help us keep a twinkle in our eyes, but we may sparkle under duress.

Under this Sagittarian lineup we can feel a compulsion to speak out and share our truth, whether our friend or senator wants to hear it or not. But truth is a complicated thing, and it can be tempting to oversimplify. Mercury retrograde easily clouds our communication (December 2-22) while a conjunction between Saturn and Mercury brings a new seriousness to our words and weight to our decisions, from the national tax package to far subtler personal choices. Because of Mercury’s retrograde cycle, that Mercury-Saturn conjunction becomes exact three times, November 28, December 6, and January 13, and some issue or problem may weigh heavily on our minds throughout this time.

This Mercury-Saturn conjunction can manifest in great concentration or a leap of maturity and responsibility that allows us to make progress on an important topic. Or it can bring a heaviness or depression as we feel the weight of our issue. Or an irritable twitch can make it hard to rest. Our tempers can inflame easily, triggered by mishaps or miscommunications.

On a personal level, let’s be extra careful of one another’s heart for the next few weeks. It can be so easy for even a loving couple or comfortable best buddy to get out of sync or so distracted by work or some burning issue that they get withdrawn or snappish, and the other takes it personally. We can feel miffed and underappreciated oh so easily. But we can get past this if we keep clearing the backlog of our work and clearing the hurt out of the energy fields between us. And find the humor in it all.

On the work and political levels let’s continuously ask tough questions and keep everyone on track and honest throughout the month. We will need to work on important things, even though decisions made now will probably need to be adjusted later. We could feel an urgent itch to get down to something, but may not be sure what. In all fields, strive to give an appropriate response to an irritant, and do not bring out the bazookas unnecessarily.

It will be particularly important to keep our hearts open and our guards ready as Mars, arbiter of our energy and temper, enters Scorpio tonight. This Mars plays hardball, it can bring out a mean streak if we feel poked, one nasty response can escalate to another one. If the people around us become temporarily impossible, it probably won’t help to try and talk it out just then. Instead try a Sagittarian cure and go commune with nature, be generous, or dance with the lights and mistletoe and leave the difficult people alone for the moment.

Now Mercury retrograde is wonderful for going back and picking up loose threads or warming old contacts. So, let’s connect with old friends or family and check in with old clients. Reminisce as we pull out Christmas decorations or winter solstice traditions and let the memories warm our hearts.

Friday, December 8: An exciting Leo Moon forms a grand trine in fire signs with Saturn and Mercury at one corner and Uranus at the other. We may have a lot of work to do, but long for an exciting or spontaneous moment, a laugh, cry, or find ourselves distracted by dramas unfolding on the national stage. Notice evidence that the world is changing, but remember we don’t know which way. Appreciate a wave of competence this afternoon and then noticed the Moon enters Virgo around dinnertime, refining our thoughts and senses, possibly leaving us our mind sharp but our body little tired. Tonight, have great conversations and refill the wells.

Moon trine Uranus 7:12 AM, Moon trine Mercury 10:20 AM, Moon trine Saturn 1:49 AM, Moon sextile Mars 3:40 PM, Moon enters Virgo 4:08 PM.

Saturday, December 9: Afternoon brings a festive note, but this morning our personal work or chore list can feel irritatingly long and we’d rather spend time alone than working through obligations as Mars enters Scorpio and the Moon opposes Venus. Slack off midday or misunderstandings and mistakes can proliferate as the Moon opposes Neptune. We can find our sense of humor more easily by midafternoon as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Create room for debate, for healthy conversation tonight, as Mercury approaches a trine to Uranus but do be kind in the process. It furthers to work consciously with our imagination as Venus squares Neptune tonight; we may not be realistic around relationships, but we can appreciate the twinkle in the holiday lights.

Mars enters Scorpio 1:59 AM, Moon squares Venus 10:36 AM, Moon opposes Neptune 12:28 PM, Moon sextiles Jupiter 2:49 PM.

Sunday, December 10: Keep looking for the truth underneath the story on this complicated day. We have a chance to change a situation where an old scar gets triggered as Mercury squares Chiron and trines Uranus. If a familiar scenario shows up, don’t go looking for fault; try a different approach, almost any different approach, and break old pattern to allow for new growth. Moods can sweeten tonight as the Moon enters Libra.

Moon trine Pluto 12:11 AM, Moon square Sun 12:51 AM, Mercury trine Uranus to 20 8 AM, Venus square Neptune 6:47 AM, Mercury square Chiron 11:32 AM, Moon square Mercury 11:34 AM, Moon square Saturn 8:02 PM, Moon enters Libra 10 PM.

Monday, December 11: Repair relationships and regain equilibrium as the Libra Moon sextiles Venus. Catch up on loose ends and check in with our working team, it will save a lot of time later on to get on the same page today. Do not distract people who are on a mission, as many people are starting to run behind on their schedules.

Moon sextiles Venus 11:41 PM.

Tuesday, December 12: Look for a declaration of intent, a revelation, a new understanding of the past as retrograde Mercury conjuncts the sun. But do not overgeneralize suspicion. Also, many people are processing a lot of emotions as the Libra Moon squares Pluto today, and will appreciate some support. We’re looking for fairness in job, fairness in relationships, and feeling are a little touchy, but we don’t want to have to put our defenses up. If we do, they’ll be intense.

Moon square Pluto 8:09 AM, Moon sextile Sun 1:38 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 2:32 PM, Sun conjunct Mercury 6:48 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 8:49 PM.

Wednesday, December 13: Batten the hatches and get ready for a snarky storm ahead. The Moon enters broody Scorpio and joins Mars today, which can give us unusual focus but leave us irritable if we’re interrupted or thwarted. Trust issues are on high alert. Retribution may look sweet, but will have but will escalate the situation. Be direct, fair, and find something worthy to focus upon.

Moon sextile Saturn 5:26 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 6:58 AM, Moon conjuncts Mars 12:23 PM. Thursday, December 14: Moon trine Neptune 5:38 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:58 AM.

Thursday, December 14: We can find more space in our souls today as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, but still may be feeling surgical and reactive as Mars semi-squares Mercury. It is a good day to for demolition. Just make sure not to demolish someone accidentally or say inflaming things just because it feels good. Work with machinery and sharp items or sharp tongues carefully around dinner time. Take a moment to assess the situation and congratulate each other on work well done tonight.

Moon trine Neptune 5:38 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:58 AM, Moon semi-square Saturn 11:04 AM, Mercury semi-square Mars 6:06 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 6:42 PM.

Starcodes for the week of December 1, 2017

Communication is key this week, don’t take it for granted; cherish every moment of understanding. As Mercury turns retrograde (Dec.2-22) and the Sun squares intuitive but confusing Neptune, we step out of ordinary reality and into mythic time. While this can help us create our holiday magic, we may feel like we’re walking through a foggy hall of mirrors and can’t quite see what’s going on.  At the same time, Mars opposes Uranus which increases our ingenuity, but also our pool of irritability and the likelihood of accidents.

The planets offer us a few saving graces at the moment as they encourage both a deep and abiding curiosity to help us look past any misinformation until we find a deeper truth, and an opportunity to drop below tension and differences, and drop into an intuitive sense of connection underneath as Jupiter trines Neptune.

As Mercury and Venus are both now in frank and curious Sagittarius we want to believe in honesty but it can be really hard to figure out what is real. People believe their stories, but each story has so many facets. Our biases will show, but we can choose to engage our critical thinking capacity and investigate deeper as Mercury conjuncts serious Saturn this week and twice more before mid-January as Mercury goes back and forth in its retrograde cycle. Let’s be careful what we say, as with this aspect our words will have weight. Our decisions have impact. All while our thinking is cloudy and reactive, and the facts hard to see.

Many people are now speaking out who have held secrets close to the heart and felt oppressed by them. We can see it in the news. But we may also hear of a long festering hurt from our spouse or friend. Even casual allegations are changing people’s lives. With this Mercury retrograde digging through the past, it is particularly important to try to nail down some objective facts underneath in a cloud of feeling, and slow down our decision until we get a bigger picture.

Meanwhile, it’s time to kick our Mercury retrograde survival skills into gear. Confirm all reservations, get winter holiday orders in early so to manage delays or return mistakes. Keep the lines of communication open, and if relationships start to feel frayed or confused, let’s assume it’s based on a misunderstanding or the triggering of an old wound. Open the aperture of the heart and listen with the soul. Keep timetables loose, let travel be an adventure, and keep a book nearby for delays. Do not jump to conclusions, but always look for more information and other side of the story.

Prioritize safety as the weekend begins and we cope with that innovative, revolutionary, shocking, temperamental, accident-prone Mars-Uranus opposition. Discontent can help us launch a project spontaneously, but proceed with care and safety goggles. On Sunday a full Moon in verbal Gemini can stir up emotions and jumble information, so let’s not say anything unforgivable. Let any radical emotional decision percolate until the new year before acting upon it.

Early next week a caring if guarded Cancer Moon can slow us down and help us take care of ourselves, or bring out a more self-protective edge, but the week ends on a more upbeat outgoing Leo Moon as a stabilizing Mars sextiles Saturn and helps us do the right thing, call for the right thing to be done, and put passion into our work.

Friday, December 1: The mood is basically good-natured but with a potential impatient and righteous streak early on. Tend to practicalities and stay grounded as things begin to get weird. Watch out for an impatient, righteous, accident-prone vibe this morning; notice any passive-aggressive edges and step away from the irritant. Use the nervous momentum to clear the deck, pay the bills, and keep lines of communication open with beloveds.

Venus enters Sagittarius 1:14 AM, Mars opposes Uranus 2:05 AM, Moon opposes Jupiter 7:07 AM, Moon sextiles Neptune 7:36 AM, Moon trines Pluto 5:53 PM.

Saturday, December 2: Don’t hold one another responsible for delays or mistakes, instead hold hands and deal with them together. Forget efficiency this morning as a series of minor aspects subtly shifts our agenda and slows process. The mood lightens as the Moon enters verbal Gemini, this afternoon, but though an irritable thread remains and the fog thickens. Conversation can spin in circles, Long talks late into the night can be diverting, just don’t expect to come to any conclusions.

Moon enters Gemini 1:20 PM, the Sun semi-squares Mars 3:22 PM, Moon opposes Venus 4:37 PM, Jupiter trine’s Neptune 6:19 PM. Mercury stations to turn retrograde 11:34 PM. 

Sunday, December 3: Our nervous systems spin, our hearts may be affectionate, melancholic, with an impractical desire to push and shift the shape of events while Venus semi-squares Pluto. But like a gyroscope spinning, safety can be found in the balance of the center.

Sun squares Neptune 3:43 AM, Moon squares Neptune 7:30 AM, Moon opposes Sun 7:46 AM, Venus semi-squares Pluto 8:11 AM.

Monday, December 4: Keep it simple; multitasking can leave us feeling spread thin, collision of interests can pull us in many directions this morning while the Moon opposes Saturn and Mercury. This afternoon, we can get touchy if things aren’t going the way we’d hoped. Offer a hug, a sense of humor; remember were all in this together.

Moon sextile Uranus 4:37 AM, Moon trine Mars 7:56 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 9:45 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 11:12 AM, Moon enters Cancer 12:36 PM.

Tuesday, December 5: We have a chance for magic this morning, the magic the healing power of compassion, the sweetness of sympathy, a chance to feel the angels around us as the Moon forms a grand trine with Jupiter and Neptune. Or we could sink further into an illusion we cling to. Our energies may pull in around dinner time; don’t take it personally, do ask what would help feel more supported as the Moon opposes Pluto.

Chiron turns direct 1:46 AM, Moon trine Neptune 6:50 AM, Moon trines Jupiter 7:38 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 5:06 PM.

Wednesday, December 6: Begin a project, just stay flexible and ready to adjust. Make decisions and speed progress as Mercury conjunct Saturn and sextiles busy Mars. Take responsibility and hold people accountable, but don’t waste energy on rancor. Trust that there are good people in the world, look for them and choose to work with them as Mars sextile Saturn. Tonight, as the Moon enters warm-hearted Leo sympathize, laugh together, and offer appreciation, because we all need it.

Mercury conjuncts Saturn 4:05 AM, Moon square Uranus 4:15 AM, Mercury sextile Mars 7:57 AM, Moon square Mars 9:55 AM, Moon enters Leo 12:37 PM, Mars sextiles Saturn 1:20 PM.

Thursday, December 7: A little flattery will encourage people to be more cooperative under this Leo Moon. Completing ongoing projects can feel like herding cats, when we get one going in the right direction, another wanders off. It’s important to follow up and manage loose ends; be entertained, but stay on target as Mercury semi-squares Jupiter and distracts us with a multiplicity of possibilities.

Moon trine Venus 1:01 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:10 AM, Mercury semi-square Jupiter 12:05 PM, Moon trine Sun 3:14 PM.