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Every week, we post the Starcodes by our regular We'Moon contributing astrologer, Heather Roan Robbins. If you'd like to get these insightful updates delivered to your inbox every Saturday, sign up for our newsletter and never miss a post! 

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Weekly Starcodes—Planetary Aspect Interpretations & Predictions

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice-oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.

Starcodes for this week

Sunlight peaks these next two weeks as the earth hits its maximum tilt, summer is almost upon us in the northern hemisphere. Right now, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Jupiter are buzzy, exploratory, scattered, and occasionally anxious Gemini, but a change is coming

---enjoy that Gemini buzz this weekend; go meet new people and talk things out with old friends under this Gemini lineup while the Moon is in friendly, socially responsible Libra. Explore the neighborhood and local events. Tend to relationships and work things out while people are in a relatively open mood.

Because the energy begins to shift on Monday, we turn inwards and grow more introspective and self-protective as both Mercury and Venus enter Cancer under a moody Scorpio Moon. We could see storms in the news or the heart. The Sun follows into Cancer on the summer solstice on Thursday. Think of Cancer’s symbol of the crab, a versatile survivor that lives both in the water and on land, can dive deep and crawl up on the rocks, even though it’s sweet and squishy on the inside, it’s well defended with a hard shell and claws on the outside. 

Emotionally complex & comfort-loving Cancer

This line-up in Cancer brings an emotionally complex, comfort-loving, roots-centered if occasionally nationalistic vibe. We may want to improve our home and homeland and appreciate the angst about our family. Our hearts can hurt for those that are unhoused or feel unsafe, or growl at those that armor up and snap at us. It’s a good time to ponder what helps us feel safe and secure enough to feel deeply. It is also a time to cook good food, Cancer rules our stomachs and makes food a love language. Make grandma’s potato salad, share, and offer a bit of that comfort.


weaving the tapestry of future predictions

Weaver © Colleen Clifford 2022

 Magical Summer Solstice Season

After some tough or intriguing adjustments early in the week, the Moon enters Sagittarius on Wednesday and brings back our resilience and the desire to explore the world around us. People will seem more flexible and curious.

The summer solstice can be magical this Thursday, the longest day, as the Sun squares Neptune and then enters Cancer

It can be a challenging day to deal with practicalities or make long-term plans for our relationships, but it can be a beautiful day for ceremony and to honor the cycles of the season. Just let everyone find their way to acknowledge the moment and watch out for any judgment around the right or wrong way, as that will only bring out our inner crab.


 Day By Day: 



Starcodes are in Mountain time.
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Friday, June 14: After a fuzzyheaded or confusing morning, engage a busy, buzzy, connected day as Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Gemini. Look for strokes of genius and important long-term announcements as the Libra moon, Jupiter in Gemini, and Pluto in Aquarius all form a grand trine, though we might need to let the dust settle before deciding what’s practical. Midday it can be hard to stay on track and we might have to wrestle with some mechanical irritations or pragmatic limitations as Mars semi-squares Saturn. Evening returns us to a more expansive mindset.

Moon trine Uranus 1:50 AM, Moon square Venus 5:13 AM, the sun conjunct Mercury 10:32 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 11:53 AM, Moon enters Libra 12:12 PM, Moon trine Pluto 3:39 PM, Mars semi-squares Saturn 4:10 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:43 PM.

Saturday, June 15: A day to drift, putter, visit the farmers market. We can feel open and sociable, but maybe not organized, our attention can scatter. Engage lots of different conversations, enjoy the connection but don’t expect the conversations to get anywhere. Let this be a day to catch up with ourselves. The present moment can be beautiful, but the future is foggy, make sure the situation is clear before making plans.

No major aspects today.

Sunday, June 16: Engage creative ideas and dive into the art supplies as Venus squares Neptune. Dream and imagine, step into spirit, but let’s be humble about practical matters. It can be easy to trip or spill, but hard to see what’s going on in the heart realm and this can complicate relationships; make no assumptions, stay in the present, and just shine from the heart.

Moon trine Sun 5:14 PM, Venus square Neptune 9:46 PM.

Beautiful Moonbow art

Moonbow © Pearl Coburn 2019 

Monday, June 17: The winds change, and our perspective shifts in the world’s woes can weigh heavily on us, be patient and take new bearings for this next season. The Welsh word Hiraeth speaks of an existential longing for a home we’ve never known, a bittersweet sadness over lost culture or dream for the future, and nostalgia for something safe and wonderful that existed only in our imagination. But this longing can help us work towards a safer, more comfortable future for all as Venus and Mercury enter Cancer under a moody Scorpio Moon and as Mercury squares Neptune and quincunx Pluto. Take care of one another.

Moon trine Mercury 12:05 AM, Venus enters Cancer 12:20 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 12:37 AM, Moon trines Venus 12:39 AM, Mercury square Neptune 1:40 AM, Mercury enters Cancer 3:06 AM, Moon squares Pluto 3:54 AM, Mercury conjunct Venus 6:42 AM, Moon opposes Mars 1:10 PM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 9:13 PM.

Tuesday, June 18:  Our hearts can ache with a certain existential discontent as Venus quincunx Pluto, but it helps to have a proactive rather than passive response. Our mood swings may be because we compare our existence to an ideal, our home to what we’d like, and our relationship to something imaginarily perfect. We use that as an excuse to not do the work needed to step in the right direction. What we pay attention to grows, shall it be our discontent or our vision? Practicalities, even a simple neighborhood walk, can help us get more grounded later as the Moon trines Saturn.

Venus quincunx Pluto 8:12 AM, Moon trine Saturn 2:18 PM.

Wednesday, June 19: The morning could bring crabbiness and competence, good for quietly completing projects. Let people have their coffee and watch them come around by midday as the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius. Our concentration can go out the window. The afternoon is a good time to travel, be outside, talk to strangers, garden, or play with the dogs in the evening light. Tonight, we may be tempted to overdo or overspeak as the Moon opposes Jupiter but can hit just the right note to take a minute to think of the consequences.

Moon opposed Uranus 1:22 AM, Moon trine Neptune 10:19 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 10:31 AM, Moon sextiles Pluto 1:32 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 9:21 PM.

Thursday, June 20: Magic abounds today, practicality does not. This longest day can be magical as the Sun squares Neptune and then enters Cancer. Imagination and cavorting about in the sunshine, divination, and celebration, it’s a wonderful day. The moment is beautiful, but we can’t see far ahead, Hazy uncertainty as the sun squares Neptune, and watch out for the big people who have too many beers at the cell at the picnic and try to drive home.

Sun square Neptune 12:12 PM, Sun enters Cancer 2:50 PM, Moon trine Saturn 10:07 PM.

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 Starcodes from the previous week

 This week’s astrological weather is exciting and great for exploring new terrain

---but with potentially scattered focus and the occasional anxious brainstorm. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter all in nervy Mercury-ruled Gemini this week, our minds over-think and our words and nerves can run away with us. Thoughts act like scuttling clouds on a windy day- busy, but not going anywhere in particular- we look at them and wonder whether they herald the storm or just a moment’s shade. 

While this lineup will bring some interesting interviews, too much can be said, we might not filter our comments productively. Gemini energy thinks broadly, and actively, but not always deeply.  

Underneath these summery Gemini breezes and behind some lovely social Geminian picnics over the weekend, we may need to honor some empowering turning point, like a graduation, or the need to assess our plans for relevance as Mercury squares Saturn. Then get hints of potentially more urgent or nefarious times as motivating Mars leaves its volatile sign of Aries and enters stubborn Taurus to form a challenging square with intense Pluto. This square creates a determined engine that could solve problems or create conflicts, depending on how we direct it. But we must make sure we’re not worrying about something for which we have no evidence. Let’s watch what we say and do and direct that nervous energy towards wonderful possibilities.


Pink Starfish art to guide your astrological journey

Pink Starfish & Her Bubble © Shelley Irish 2013


Early next week those tense aspects can give us the energy to drive a plan forward or push for decisions ahead of their time. That Mars-Pluto engine gives us a sense that we must do something, anything, to exert our will on the world. It could also leave us painfully aware of those who are exerting their will in the world around us. Like any combustion engine, it could take us places or it could explode. We can feel pushed to make a decision ahead of its time, or just feel difficult. If we feel uncomfortable and difficult or feel a bad mood twitching around the edges, let’s own it and not take it out on the people around us. We need to direct our drive well and work towards the benefit of all sentient beings.

 Tuesday through Thursday, Venus and the Sun form a friendly sextile to the healing asteroid Chiron, and help us remember we’ve got this. We have experience from our past that can help us forward, or we know people who do and would be willing to share. Take any opportunity to share expertise, to be there for one another. Tap into the beauty and wildness of early summer and let nature be the healer.

Day By Day:

Starcodes are in Mountain Time.
Click here to calculate for your time zone.


Friday, June 7: A potentially restless night and strange dreams this morning as the Gemini Moon sextile Mars. Our intuition is strong today, but it can be laced with anxieties and need sorting; notice where the mind rolls as Mercury squares Neptune and the Moon enters Cancer. The stars stir up both a busy mind and our sensitive heart. We could be excited by or worried about an upcoming turning point and have trouble seeing around the corner. Tonight, the energy is sweet and heartfelt, even though we armor up quickly if it doesn’t feel safe to be sensitive.

Moon sextile Mars 4:21 AM, Moon square Neptune 6:15 AM, Moon enters Cancer 6:40 AM.

Saturday, June 8: We value coziness and safety this morning, but if we feel a wave of crabbiness, let’s take responsibility for our mood rather than blame others. Saturn speaks to us and asks us to assess what to take seriously. What is foundational, is to notice who has been there for us and who has not, what experiences are important versus those which might be delightful but only as a passing butterfly. In the news notice questions of home, homelessness, or concerns about interrupted family life as Venus and the Sun square structural Saturn. We might have a project or argument to complete as Mars leaves Aries and enters determined Taurus tonight; have patience and let it ripen naturally. 

Venus squares Saturn 2:25 AM, Moon trine Saturn 5:07 PM, Mars enters Taurus 10:34 PM.

Sunday, June 9: We need to catch up with ourselves, rest, and refill our wells. Energy and stubbornness return when the Moon enters Leo this afternoon. Although we might’ve recently hit a turning point and now look to the future instead of the past, we could experience some turbulence in the adjustments as the Moon squares Mars and opposes Pluto. Hold steady. If there are difficult realities to cope with or opinionated egos to wrangle, step away from any stubborn clash that holds no answers and try again as the mood softens tonight as the Moon sextiles Jupiter.

Moon sextile Uranus 3:26 AM, Sun square Saturn 4:35 AM, Moon trine Neptune 1:05 PM, Moon enters Leo 1:28 PM, Moon square Mars 2:24 PM, Moon opposes Pluto 4:50 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 8:08 PM.

Monday, June 10: Enjoy a generally sociable day under a friendly Gemini Sun and Leo Moon- but notice undercurrents of intense activity with the potential for conflict if things trip up as Mercury forms an irritating semi-square with Mars and Mars squares Pluto overnight. Melodramatic feelings help us see some real truths underneath but need to be taken with a grain of salt. Question any compulsion to worry, argue, or dig in heels. See if that intensity and willpower can be directed towards wonderfully mutually empowering goals instead.

Moon sextile Mercury 8:34 PM, Mercury semi-square Mars 11:32 PM.




Beautiful cosmic art for your astrology trip

Purple Sunrise ¤ Koco Collab 2020  



Tuesday, June 11: What do we want to launch today? The engine created as Mars squares Pluto under an expressive Leo Moon cranks up and needs to be poured into a healthy drive. Like any combustion engine without a place to go or things to push, particularly if feeling unappreciated, this aspect gets explosive, so let’s give it a worthy challenge. We may need to express ourselves, just do so with humbleness rather than act like a know-it-all. We may only know our own experience, but that is valuable and worth sharing. 

Venus sextile Chiron 1:12 AM, Moon sextile Sun 5:57 AM, Mars square Pluto 7:21 AM, Moon sextile Venus 10:02 AM, Moon square Uranus 1:16 PM, Moon enters Virgo 11:38 PM.

Wednesday, June 12:  Don’t look around for a source to blame for the day’s edginess.  With five planets in Mercury-ruled signs, we can be brilliant, but our nerves can wind up and see all the possible problems. Active minds can juggle many details and map out a good plan- if we focus -as mental Mercury squares serious Saturn under a caring, persnickety Virgo Moon. Stay solution focused. In relationships-watch a tendency to focus on things we don’t like about our beloved, and instead catch them doing something right. Share praise; what we appreciate grows.

Moon trine Mars 4:26 AM, Mercury square Saturn 4:47 AM, Moon square Jupiter 7:49 AM.

Thursday, June 13: We know what to do here, we can remember what is needed, helpful, and what grows possibilities, but we must search within our memories. The Sun and Mercury sextile Chiron and ask us to dive into our experience for what’s needed to improve the situation. Once we have that information, follow through and apply it this afternoon as the Moon opposes Saturn, even if it feels like work. We also need to remember and use what we know about self-care and follow the advice we would give others to thrive.

Sun sextile Chiron 12:24 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 2:18 PM, Mercury sextile Chiron 8:01 PM, Moon square Mercury 9:51 PM, Moon square Sun 11:18 PM.



Astrology signs and symbols

Astrological Aspects and their meaning: 

  • Conjunction: Planets are 0-5 degrees apart. Linked together, energy is mutually enhancing
  • Opposition: Planets are 180 degrees apart. Polarizing or complementing, energies are diametrically opposite
  • Trine: Planets are 120 degrees apart. Harmonizing, energies of this aspect are in the same element
  • Square: Planets are 90 degrees apart. The challenging, energies of this aspect are different from each other
  • Sextile: Planets are 60 degrees apart. Cooperative, energies of this aspect blend well

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