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The We'Moon Tarot Card Deck: Featuring art by women from around the world


Introducing the We’Moon Tarot!

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This is a deck of 78 tarot cards with an engaging, full-color 130-page guidebook, all packed into its own hard-shell box. The We'Moon Tarot Card Deck is made up of cards featuring art published in the We’Moon datebook over the course of 40 years. This multicultural/multigenerational spread provides a spectacular view of this extraordinary period in our lives, from the unique feminist perspective of We’Moon creative culture and earth-based women’s spirituality.

3½" x 5" deck of 78 cards, 130 pages 3½" x 5" booklet, 2-piece 3½" x 5" x 1½" hard shell box, all printed in the US in full color.

We'Moon new tarot cards for women!

This Tarot Deck Contains:

  • All 22 Major Arcana Cards from 0: The Fool to XXII: The World
  • Four sets of Minor Arcana Suits organized and color-coded by Element:
    • Earth (brown)
    • Air (yellow)
    • Fire (red)
    • Water (blue) 
  • The Element Suits contain the traditionally numbered cards from 1 thru 10, plus 4 Phase Cards representing four phases of the life cycle
    • Amazon/Daughter
    • Mother/Priestess
    • Matriarch/Clan Mother
    • Crone/Sage
  • The Deck also includes one BLANK card that can be customized with a unique card of your own making, use it blank, in the deck as a mystery card, or you can use it to replace a lost card.
  • One informational card describes other We'Moon offerings that you may be interested in.
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About our Unique Deck of Tarot Cards

The We'Moon Tarot was a long time in the making, with Musawa, We'Moon founder and Tarot Deck creator, planning the makeup of this unique set of cards years in advance. The art was chosen from the treasure trove of work that has been published in We'Moon in the past. In all, the work of 68 different artists is represented in this artful tarot deck!

We are delighted to share this offering with you, and hope that you enjoy exploring all that this deck has to offer.

What makes these cards so different? 

  • The unique perspective of traditional tarot from women's perspective
  • Astrological information pertaining to each individual card
  • Elemental inspiration, based on Earth's natural rhythms
  • A collection of art submitted by women from around the world! 

New we'moon women's tarot card art

A Study in Feminist Tarot 

Over the years, the theme for the We'Moon day planner, our flagship offering for over 40 years, now, has been built using our feminist interpretation of a different major arcana card each year as our touchstone. Beginning in 1990, through the 2022 edition, one can use these datebooks as a deep study into the various Major Arcana archetypes, as seen through the eyes of the feminist artists and writers whose work is represented there. 

We'Moon Tarot The Moon cover art by Cathy McClelland

We'Moon Tarot Cards Guide Book

The 130-page booklet that accompanies this set of 78 cards, the Tarot guidebook, contains an overview of tarot from the perspective of the author, We'Moon founder, Musawa, with some technical summaries and historical data. This little book is packed with information and insight. There are interpretations for each of the 78 cards followed by a listing of each of the artists whose work is represented, in the appendix.

Including within the databook are valuable and in-depth articles such as: 

  • Details and descriptions of each card
  • Examples of Tarot spreads and daily practices
  • Brief History of We'Moon inspiration for the deck
  • Astrological information as it pertains to each card 
  • And More! 

Take a spin through a sampling of the pages of the We'Moon Tarot Guide Booklet:

Getting to Know a New Tarot Card Deck

When you first open a new tarot card deck, take a look through the cards and see what images you are drawn to, and what your first impressions are. Notice how you approach the cards. What kind of relationship do you wish to have with your tarot cards? Treat them accordingly. You may want to wrap the deck in a special cloth, put it on your altar, create sacred space for laying the cards out—or just take time to get to know the cards and see how you are moved to work with them, as time goes on. If you want the cards to help you get to know yourself better, as guides on your path in life, it helps to be open to getting to know them, too . . .

—excerpt from the We'Moon Tarot guidebook

"May this unique tarot deck serve you well as a divinatory tool, and as a companion to accompany you on this Fool’s sacred journey. Blessed Be! "

Musawa, We'Moon founder and creator of The We'Moon Tarot Deck

New tarot card spread

Want to Learn a New Tarot Card Spread?

There are as many ways of laying out the cards for an in-depth tarot reading, as there are ways of interpreting the cards that turn up. In the We'Moon Tarot guidebook, Musawa shares her favorite tarot card lay-out, what she calls a Mandala Spreada circular variation on the Celtic Cross. It's a spread of 11 or more cards laid out in a circular pattern, intended to guide you on a path of understanding a particular situation or circumstance that you bring to the divination table for insight.

—adapted from the We'Moon Tarot guidebook

Reversed Tarot Card Conundrum

To read a card as reversed, or to read every card as upright . . . that is the question. Some readers interpret the meaning of a reversed tarot card as the opposite of the "normal" meaning, others have a more nuanced interpretation. For some, a card turned up in reverse means nothing, and they simply turn the image upright and move along. Your choice may depend on the particular situation you are seeking insight into, the specific spread or card draw that you're doing, or simply your mood at the time. One thing is certain with the We'Moon Tarot Deck: we have ensured that you won't know if a card has been drawn right side up or upside down until you make the flip! We have printed half of the card backs upside down, so when you are shuffling the deck, and laying out your cards, the outcome remains a mystery until you turn the card over. What you do with the results is up to you. 

pamela coleman smith tarot card spread

The We’Moon Tarot is dedicated to Pamela Coleman Smith

Pamela Coleman Smith was the unacknowledged woman artist who created the images for the renowned “Rider-Waite” Tarot deck back in 1909, yet it was never published under her name, and she did not receive the credit due to her, for the fine tarot art she created. We pay homage to her by dedicating the We'Moon Tarot to her and her legacy. 


More Feminist Tarot Decks by We’Moon Contributors:

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Learn more about the meanings of the We'Moon Tarot symbols, elements, numbers, phases, cycles, modes and corresponding astrological signs, planets, and aspects referenced on the cards.