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Errors & Omissions

Here, at We'Moon, we always strive for perfection. Alas, we are only human and the goddess keeps us true.

Any edits or changes made will be found here! If you ever find anything amiss, please contact us and let us know, we appreciate your feedback. Blessings on behalf of the We'Moon Creatrix Team

We'Moon 2024:

We made notation of Lunar Beltane twice in the wall calendar—once on the correct date of April 23rd, and again, incorrectly, on June 21st. Apologies for any confusion that this may have caused.

Oopsidaisies! On page 66, the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is incorrectly listed at 12:14 PM PDT, it should be correctly listed at 12:14 AM PDT. Thank you and good catch!

We'Moon 2023:

Whoops! For the Partial Lunar Eclipse on October 28, 2023 as noted on pg 149, we mislabeled the time as 1:14 am PDT. It actually occured at 1:14 PM PDT. Thank you for the heads up!

In the Bylines on pg 194, we were alerted by a We'Moon Devotee that Stephanie A. Sellers' website is actually sednasdaughters.org. Thank you! 

In the introductory section of the We'Moon datebook, we have an evergreen article called The Wheel of the Year: Holy Days in which we note multiple celebrations through many cultures that cluster around the 8 seasonal turning points on the wheel of the year. In We'Moon 2023, it is on page 21. 

For May 1, Mid-Spring, among our notations is "Root Festival," a celebration honored by the Yakama Tribe. A helpful reader and member of the Yakama Nation brought to our attention that we had been spelling the name "Yakima," which is that name of the town in Washington state that is named after the Yakama Tribe. Thank you, Crystal, for shedding light on this for us!

Tessa Mythos art The rites of Passage beautiful goddess Isis
The Rites of Passage © Tessa Mythos 2016

Although not a "mistake," it was brought to our attention that the gorgeous piece of art above, very closely resembles this iconic image of Yankton Dakota author, editor, translator, musician, educator, political activist, and revered tribal ancestor, Zitkala-Sa (1876–1938).

Yankton Dakota author, editor, translator, musician, educator, and political activist, Zitkala-Sa
Zitkála-Šá, by Gertrude Käsebier, 1898


Thank you, Stephanie SellersNative American Studies educator specializing in Native literature, for bringing this to our attention. This is an excellent opportunity for us to shine a light on Zitkala-Sa's extraordinary life and works. "She wrote several works chronicling her struggles with cultural identity, and the pull between the majority culture in which she was educated, and the Dakota culture into which she was born and raised." Learn more about Zitkala-Sa on her Wikipedia page. And here is an excellent video about her on youtube.


We'Moon 2022: The Magical Dark 

Flora ikiGaia's website in our Contributor Bylines and Index on page 11 is missing an 'a'. It should say:

Flora ikiGaia (Leeuwarden, Holland) gets inspired by the spirited natural world, permaculture and the magic of plants, fungi and mystical beings. Her wild wish is to inspire people to reconnect with nature and themselves. Visit ikigaia.art, IG: @ikigaiaart or fb.com/ikiGaiaArt              p. 157

We'Moon 2021: The World

Helena Arturaleza's byline in the english edition was translated into Spanish. Her byline reads: 

"My Heart goes wherever art flows", She likes to express love, joy and harmony through various forms of expression: art, poetry, music and dance. Her paintings are like mirrors, reflecting vision and spiritual awakening. Life, color, nature and people inspire Helena's work. The visions are a reminder of how beautiful life really is. arturaleza.art 

We'Moon 2020: Wake Up Call

The astrological data for 2020 is missing all "void of course" data for the Moon. Please refer to the void of course blog for a complete listing of all dates and times of when the Moon goes v/c. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope this chart helps you navigate through your year. 

P. 88 of the date book

Thursday May 8th should be marked as Lunar Beltane. For reference Lunar Beltane falls on the Scorpio Full Moon nearest Beltane. This date changes every year. For more information about celebrating Beltane click HERE

2020 Spanish Edition:

To our dismay, we found an error in our Spanish edition. Xelena González's on p. 99 titled "Living Waters" was not translated into Spanish. The text should be translated as follows: 

cuerpo de agua

Hermana, qué tan profundo 
es el mar adentro
creciendo en este segundo
mezclando corrientes
elaborando sueños
que aún no puedes imaginar

Naimonu James's Year at a Glance for Aries, Gemini, and Taurus. 

We mistakenly wrote that Jupiter and Pluto conjoined each other on January 12th, this is incorrect—Saturn and Pluto actually join together during this day. Apologies for the confusion. 

P. 206 references p. 229 for symbols or glyphs—The correct page this is referring to is p.11


We'Moon 2019: Fanning the Flame

Corrected credit for Shoshanah Dubiner. p.153
Down to the Sea © Shoshanah Dubiner 2008

We'Moon 2018: La Luna

Website Address for The Sky Priestess:
We'Moon 2018 La Luna featured astrologer 


Full Bio for Bríd Wyldearth:
excerpt © 2010 p. 48 in We'Moon 2018 La Luna

Bríd Wyldearth lives in West Wales where she can see the Milky Way clearly and dance with the phosphorescent tail left by the moon as she sets into the Irish Sea. She paints rainbow labyrinth prayer spells in her wild garden where she sings with red kites, magpies, a buzzard, two cats and a dog.  visit her blog

Full Bio for Catherine McGagh:
Internal Moon © 2010 p. 51 in We'Moon 2018 La Luna

Donegal-born Catherine Mc Gagh has been living in Drogheda, the town which is the gateway to the Boyne Valley,for the last 15 years. She has been painting for over a decade mainly using oils on canvas and is inspired by the ancient sites and landscapes of the Boyne Valley, by her personal journey and by the presence of family and friends.Visit her website.

Corrections to p. 233 Conventional Holidays 2018

St. Patrick's Day: March 17th