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We'Moon 2021: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn, our 40th edition, is at the printer, and will be ready for you later this Summer.

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We'Moon is an iconic astrology planner, moon phase calendar, and visionary collection of art and writing submitted by creative women.

We'Moon 2021: The World, celebrating our 40th anniversary in print, honors deep mysteries of the natural world, women's paths toward spiritual transformation, and heartfelt actions for reparative justice!

This edition highlights the diversity of the world’s many peoples, opens us to imaginative community, and praises the Earth in all Her many guises. The World beckons to us with urgency: "Rise Up! Work your elemental magic! Conjure with all your might, a vibrant, life-affirming future!”

You need daily inspiration and beauty in your life, right? And in this busy world, you need find ways to stay organized, too, yeah?

We'Moon brings all of this together in a week-at-a-glance planner. Here's a sneak peek:

Brimming with information and beauty

With over 30 informative articles, brilliant art features and provocative poems and prose, this week-at-a-glance date book will provide an entire year's worth of motivation, inspiration and companionship.

You can read your horoscope for the year, get inspired about celebrating seasonal changes, use it as an impromptu divination tool, and record your appointments.

Daily Astrological Info, Moon Phases and Signs

We've included the astrological information for every day, as well as the moon phases and signs, so you can quickly reference the galactic influences as you go through your days.

Moon Phases Calendars in Monthly and Yearly Formats

We'Moon also contains the 12 months at a glance, complete with moon phases, the planetary and asteroid ephemeris for the year, as well as the current year and future year, each on one page, with new and full moons marked, for planning ahead.

Our Best-Selling Moon Phase and Astrology Calendar just turned 40!

We'Moon has been a beloved part of thousands of women's lives for 40 years. Join the community of We'Moon readers, as we turn the pages together, throughout the year.  

We’Moon planner is now available in Spanish!

Together with a team of translators from Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US, we offer our best selling astrological moon sign calendar fully translated in Spanish! Share We'Moon love with your Spanish speaking friends, practice your Spanish reading skills, and support this growing community of diverse women. Bring more beauty and diversity into your life.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have distributors in Spain, so you may be able to order the date book in Spanish or English and pay less for shipping if you contact Natalia HERE Natalia helps with the Spanish translation, so you would be directly supporting a woman who help create this fabulous book.

We'Moon 2021: The World, honors deep mysteries of the natural world, women's paths toward spiritual transformation, heartfelt actions for reparative justice! This edition highlights the diversity of the world’s many peoples, opens us to imaginative community and praises the Earth in all Her many guises. The World beckons to us with urgency: "Rise Up! Work your elemental magic. Conjure with all your might a vibrant, life-affirming future!

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink • 240 pages in full color • 5 1/4” x 8” Available in a variety of binding choices, as well as in Spanish.

Environmental impact statement for We'Moon

Some We'Moon Reviews:

My favorite date book! I've been getting a We'Moon for 9 years and every year it's more beautifully done. The artwork that is selected to be in the book is gorgeous.

The new We'Moon calendar is here! Each year I look forward to the arrival of We'Moon's calendar for the upcoming year.
This year the Goddess Gaia graces the cover. It has it all. Month to month Moon phases, sabbats, horoscopes, poetry & articles for the Goddess lover. I use it daily. It's my "Church-in-a-purse!"
—Rev. Donna Swindells

Moon Phases. This is so amazing to learn more about astrology & the phases of the moon. I love it. It came in a timely manner & in perfect shape.

I love the We’Moon journals. I have been getting them yearly for a few years now. Great tool if you are a beginner astrologists because it has reference for the symbols and also a great if you are more experienced because it lists the planetary alignments and major events on each day just by symbols.
The poetry and illustrations are fantastic. This years seem to be rather revolutionary and grass root oriented.
I always buy one for me and gift one for a friend. It's an amazing gift for anyone who follows the moon, into astrology, journals, like poetry, etc.
—Jessica C.

Read more We'Moon reviews here.

As some of you may know, Jim Maynard, maker of the beloved Celestial Astrology Calendar, has retired, and did not publish the Pocket Astrologer, Celestial Guide, Astrologer's Date Book, or Celestial Influences for 2020.

If you have found We'Moon by searching for an alternative, welcome! We hope to fulfill your needs for Celestial and Astrological wisdom that Jim provided so well for the last 46 years. Jim, we have enjoyed being in the astrological community with you for so many years. Enjoy your retirement!

New to We'Moon? Here are some highlights about our astrological and moon phase planner / calendar:

  • Astrological data in PST

  • Moon phases depicted for every day

  • Notation of when the moon changes signs

  • Void of Course Moon date, time and aspects

  • Notation of when the Sun changes signs

  • Astrological predictions for every sun sign in the zodiac

  • Holiday / Holy Day writings about each of the wiccan / pagan celebrations days

  • Over 100 images of fabulous feminist art and over 100 righteous writings by amazing poets and storytellers. All of these works are submitted by women from all over the world.

  • The planner is laid out in a week-at-a-glance format

  • Month-at-a-glance moon phase calendar pages in the appendix

  • year-at-a-glance calendars with full and new moons for both the current and following year, so you can schedule your full and new moon circles well in advance.

  • Bylines for the hundreds of contributors whose work is included in the day planner.

  • Information about how you can contribute your creative work for possible publication

  • Intro articles about astrology, Chinese astrology, herbs, the wiccan / pagan holidays, eclipses and mercury retrogrades that are coming up for the year, and more.

  • Appendix articles on how to understand the various influences of the planets and signs, a veritable feast of Astrology 101

  • ...And So much more!

We offer our best selling day-runner style date book in a variety of binding options:

  • Double-O Metal Spiral

This is by far our most popular style. It is sturdy and can hold up under heavy daily use. you can flip the book open on any page, and it lays flat. The metal spiral has plenty of room to hold a pen for handy access.

  • Paperback

The content in the paperback version is exactly the same as the spiral bound. The only difference is that the paperback is bound with a flat, fabric binding. It looks very much like your standard paperback book, so that when you put it on a shelf, the title is visible on the cloth binding.

This style is popular with our long-time We'Moon devotees. We've heard stories from We'Moon fans about how many datebooks they have lined up on the shelves, and about how they first began using We'Moon back in the 80s, when they were the tiny-sized, hand drawn pocket calendars. (You can read about We'Moon's Her-Story in our 30-year anthology: In the Spirit of We'Moon)

The paper-back style is also popular with some students and other folx who carry their day planner in a bag. Word is, the spirals tend to catch on backpacks more easily. The paper-back version solves that annoying problem.

  • Un-Bound

This version sparks the most curiosity. Why would anybody want an unbound, loose leaf book?! Well, let me tell you: 

This version of our best-selling desk calendar is popular with:

  • massage therapists
  • yoga instructors
  • midwives
  • students
  • hair dressers
  • acupuncturists
  • herbalists
  • anybody with a busy schedule

Folks that use the un-bound version punch holes in the pages so they line up with their standard day-runner binder rings. They can then intersperse standard day-at-a-glance planner refill pages in to the pages of We'Moon. You get the best of both worlds! A calendar that keeps you organized and on time, in a book full of colorful, gorgeous art and inspiring writings, astrological and lunar guidance, and a feeling of camaraderie and community with other We'Moon users. 


Esta icónica agenda astrológica es un calendario lunar más vendido y un manual enérgico en ritmos naturales.

¡Una colección visionaria de arte y escritura creativa para mujeres, ahora en nuestro 39º año! We'Moon presenta obras de arte y escritos de mujeres de todo el mundo, con información astrológica diaria y fases lunares, en un formato de un vistazo

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