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Our Women in Prison Program

Feminist Art

     Mother Tongue Ink donates hundreds of We'Moon date books to women in prison and to social service organizations every year.

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"I use We’Moon to input all good dates, troubled ones too, and above all else—my release date."  

 Since 1999, we have been offering free datebooks to women in prison and responses like this one are so rewarding: 

A Letter of Appreciation:
     I was released from prison last year after completing my sentence. For several years you sent me your wonderful datebook free. I cannot tell you how much I used it and appreciated it. I’m a breast cancer survivor and I had to keep track of medical appointments, medicines and communications. You provided me with the tool to do that.
     Prison was a journey I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy but one I wouldn’t trade. It gave me my purpose and passion. I now work for a non-profit that brings life skills programs into the women’s prison here in Arizona to help them prepare for release. Our goal is to take this program nationally, eventually. We keep hope alive behind bars by giving them tools for a new life.
     I just wanted to thank you for all you do for the forgotten population behind prison walls. There is a constant reinforcement behind bars that you are a worthless human being that no one cares about. It means more than you can ever know to receive something like your beautiful book. It also provides hope to many who may be on the verge of losing hope.
—Sue Ellen Allen

Help bring the joy, inspiration and spirit of We'Moon to our sisters behind bars by making your donation. Thank you!

We’Moon in Prisons

We’Moon has long had a freebies program for channeling surplus We’Moons into the hands of women who might not otherwise see it, primarily through friendly social service organizations. Some time in the 1990s, We’Moon began sending datebooks to  imprisoned women—women’s spirituality groups who made requests for donations, as well as to women we knew who were either behind bars or working with incarcerated women. Over time the word spread to institutions throughout the country; we now send hundreds of datebooks each year in response to requests from women in prison.

We wanted to include their voices in the Anthology, so we asked some of the women who participate in this program a few questions.  Here are excerpts from responses and from letters we have received over the years:                                       —Lou Chain, coordinator of the We’Moon prisoner program

More notes from women who have received We'Moon while in prison:

I am a 3rd Degree High Priestess working towards my ordainment…I am a solitary practitioner at this time so We’Moon has been useful in my daily meditations and served as a source of my intentions for Pagan Holidays.                    —Nancy Pliefke


When I read material that promotes women’s spirituality I am inspired and hopeful to find the journey that the creator has in store for me.              —Marisella Zamora


“Aditi, Goddess of the Luminous Void” by Beth Beurkens (We’Moon 09: At the Crossroads, pg. 156) has become something I read every day.  Aditi has become my Goddess.  When I read about her and how all your trouble can dissolve into an emptiness that is beyond your wildest imagination if you just let go, I cried until my shoulders shook.         

—Linda Donahou


I absolutely love We’Moon stories, poetry and artwork. I read it and dwell on it, discovering an inner peace.             —Karleigh Delayna Arundel


When I look at the art and read the writings, it gives me a chance to dream.  It opens my mind…it’s the only thing I will be taking when I leave here.

                                          —Deborah Senkir


I use We’Moon to help others when they are down.  I choose which writing I feel will help them come to peace inside.       —Andrea Marie Crum


I use We’Moon to track the moon.  I have noticed that full moons in prison are exceptionally wild and crazy.                                               —Caren Hill


In We’Moon 09: At the Crossroads, pg. 40, there is the most moving poem called “I Cry Too.” When I read it I felt my soul opening up to a new understanding.                 —Roshanda S. Melton


We’Moon has helped me keep up with the moon phases and keeps me tuned in to my body, spirit and soul to enhance my rituals.    —Patti Perkins


I know it is time for women to rise and show our strength and beauty in a positive light.

                                           —Kristal Vibbard


Because I am a strong, opinionated, outgoing woman, I have been labeled by society (men) as a dominating, outspoken feminist.  That’s great. I love my title.                     


I am a long time feminist…now with my experience of being incarcerated, I can more clearly see the consequences of our patriarchal society on both men and women.                          —Anonymous


I have been a feminist all my life dating back to W Magazine, Gloria Steinem and bra burning.  I work as a Dominatrix and believe that women should take their place in society as Goddesses and dominants.                            —Sinthya Whitney


I use We’Moon to input all good dates, troubled ones too, and above all else—my release date.     

—Jennifer Coker


I do believe as a woman I am strong, independent, and can achieve my dreams on my own.

                          —Karleigh Delayna Arundel

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