Rise up and Work your Magic, Witches!

Rise up and Work your Magic, Witches!

We can each do our part to change the world. Everything, from lighting a candle with sacred intention, to getting up in the face of the president holding a sign on national television that says "Black Lives Matter!" Every action counts.

If you cannot be on the frontlines, yourself, do what you can to protect and support those change-makers on the front lines. Use your magic for the good of all, may it harm none.

So Mote It Be. And So It Is.

Basta © Adriana M. Garcia 2011 from We'Moon 2016

Let these inspiring words and images move in you, and give you strength, as you engage in this most important work. Conjure your spells, send protection and empowerment to those who need it the most. 

Harvest As We Go

Patriarchy hobbles on one last standing foot
And we take its shoe,
Its balance lost long ago
One final wind, the beast collapses
This moment matters
The great search is over
We are here
Strong Woman, Powerful Woman
Stand with Me, I Stand with You
Together we find our ground
There is a central fire we gather around
Here in us, an ancestral fire
Quiet ourselves deeply
Enough to listen to our longing
Pay attention to what is emerging
Harvest as we go
¤ Sophia Faria 2019 from We'Moon 2021



Time to Drum

louie laskowski women drumming art

If we're gonna ride

     this surge toward a shimmering new world

     to make life good for all the living

we gotta shake

     out pain, out rage, off mind-shackles

     that keep us scared and alone

we know about

     burning stakes, historic lies, silencing

     we been acting up, speaking out, spittin' mad

we gotta drum now

     all our women ancestors drummed

     when their drums were smashed

     the unstoppable beats played on

we gotta raise them up

     their hands are thumping on hide right now

     cracking and toppling us, tumbling

     and remaking us, driving us to the gates

we gonna ride their spirit-waves

     beyond dead-ends and dread

     to where the universe keeps Her answers

     look in our own hands where they buried the keys

time to drum

     all my many sisters in all our many worlds

     time has come to fullness and spirit pipers

     at the gates of dawn are asking for living coin

we didn't make this mess

     but our ancestors saw it coming

     at the curl of this surge buoying us into tomorrow

     in their drumming live our answers.

¤ Stephanie A. Sellers 2019
art credit: The Women are Drummin' © Louie Laskowski 2019 
both from We'Moon 2021

 Witch art by judy springer from We'Moon 1992
Witch II © Judy Springer 1990 from the We'Moon Anthology and We'Moon 1992

Two pieces by Naima Penniman, of ClimbingPoeTree, because I couldn't choose between them. Such a powerful writer.


art salvaged from the fire at We'Moon Land by Deborah Koff Chapin

Please do not fight my fire

let it burn


the putrid remains

of what is left

of yesterday


your fire hoses

and attack dogs

keep them away

from our bodies

mr. officer


please don’t arrest tomorrow

or the day after


we need them for our planting


in times of war

we save seeds

from the species

extinct from your blow


hide them

under our tongues

deep below the ground


harvest peace long after

the fragrance of her fruit

has been forgotten


and we will feed you

when you come to us

on your knees

weighed down from weaponry

begging forgiveness

and water


we will share our medicine

until you weep

at the resemblance

of our faces


you will remember our names

and your numbers

will crumble to dust



your blood money

will be as worthless

as your guns

excerpt from ClimbingPoeTree, Whit Press (2015).
© Naima Penniman, ClimbingPoeTree.
Used by permission of Whit Press
from We'Moon 2020

art salvaged from the fire at We'Moon Land by Deborah Koff Chapin © 2000 from We'Moon 2002 and in the We'Moon Anthology pg 102.


Autumn Skye Art three women holding hands called The Pact

We are in the wake

of a great shifting



you better free your mind

before they illegalize thought


there’s a war going on

the first casualty was truth

and it’s inside you


the universe is counting on

our belief that faith

is more powerful than fear


and that in

the shifting moment

we’ll all remember

why we're here


in a world

where you’re assassinated

for having a dream

and the rich

spend 9 billion a year

to control our ideas

and visions are televised

so things aren’t what they seem


we gotta believe

in a world where

there's room enough

for everyone

to breathe


we were born right now

for a reason

we can be whatever

we give ourselves

the power to be

and right now we need


day dreamers

     gate keepers

          truth speakers

               light bearers

bridge builders

     web weavers

          food growers

               wound healers

trail blazers

     cage breakers

          life lovers

               peace makers


give what you most deeply

desire to give

every moment

you are choosing to live

or you are waiting


why would a flower

hesitate to open?

now is the only moment


rain drop

let go

become the ocean

excerpt from Climbing PoeTree, Whit Press (2015)
© Naima Penniman, Climbing PoeTree. Used by permission of Whit Press
From We'Moon 2020

art credit: Pact © Autumn Skye ART 2016 from We'Moon 2018 

 This piece by Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, aka The Sky Priestess, with acknowledgment of the many different ways people act (or do not act) to incite justice. Not only is Dr. Bai a fantastic creative writer, she's also a very talented astrologer. She's very active on youtube, and puts out tons of insightful material.

On the Brink

candle lit vigil goddess art by amara bronwyn hollow bones from We'Moon There are many ways to change the world—worlds within, worlds untold—or simply a Blue Planet we have all yet to embrace as Home. Some whisper. Some wait. Some hold the space for change. And some push through . . . We are all in it together, this mad, whirling dance of Chaos, each playing a role dependent on the other.
Here’s to the whisper-ers, who nudge the currents ever so slightly—A little here, a little there. In time it becomes a wave. A ripple, a roar.
Here’s to the wait-ers,who tell us something new will come, just bide the time, watching from afar. In faith they watch a new reality unfold. What will it be—who knows?
Here’s to the space-holders, the vessels, the cosmic containers that focus the Dance, the mad dance of Death and Creation, in body, in breath, in life, in death. Behold the Body Chambers.
And here’s to the push-ers, the fools, the hero(ine)s who walk the path of the burning blade, dancing, dreaming, screaming, heaving on the edge of change—a precarious path one can celebrate, or simply target.
Here’s to us all. Right now. On the brink of change.
© The Sky Priestess 2016
art credit: Hekate's Red Tent © amara hollow bones 2008
both from We'Moon 2018

A New World

Erykah art by Tarra Lu from We'Moon 2018 astrological plannerI want to paint a new world
I want to paint a new world for our daughters
I want to paint round women, thick women
Brown women, black women, red women
Their faces splashed across freeway billboards
Proud women, Happy women,
Unapologetic women
Bare feet women
Tall, short, queer, straight
Round breasts, long breasts, no breasts
Mohawk, afro, braids, ribbons
Bald women, Natural haired women
Women who define their own beauty
And claim their power
Women who think for themselves
Women who take charge,
Who feel the world pulse in their hands
Women who hear their calling
Walk with purpose
And wander confidently too
I want to paint a new world for our daughters


© Manya Orescan 2016
art: Erykah © Tarra Lu 2015
both from We'Moon 2018

 Mandisa Amber art with woman and zebra. © Mandisa Amber 2016 from We'Moon 2018

Exotic Other Out on Bail
with Plans for Raucous Behavior and Justice

Come closer . . . At first glance the colors are alluring, as the bold black and white zebra stripes stir ancient memories of our common Mother, Africa. Exotic Other is an icon for the liberation of people and the earth. She is a mockery of the cultural annihilation and appropriation of black women, who have been consistently labeled as less than human through the lens of settler colonial supremacy. Once you gaze upon Exotic Other you enter an agreement, to disrupt the suppression of ancient traditions where women and girls were revered, and to include diverse voices in your community centers and spiritual circles. Liberation is ours! We can end the push/pull cycle of exotification and appropriation! With honey on her lips, and a sway in her hips, Exotic Other is out on bail, and she leaves the room smelling of cinnamon, broken chains, and habañero.

Art & Writing © Mandisa Amber 2016
From We'Moon 2018

In closing, we'll share two pairings of wonderful feminist art and writing that are in We'Moon 2021: The World, currently at press. 

Moon page art and writing from We'Moon 2021


Art and writing from We'Moon 2021

Learn more about the revolutionary work that these powerful women are doing.

Molly Remer (Rolla, MO) MSW, MDiv., D.Min, writes about theology, nature, practical priestessing, and the Goddess. Molly and her husband, Mark, co-create Story Goddess at brigidsgrove.etsy.com and Molly is the author of Womanrunes, Earthprayer and She Lives Her poems. 

Melissa Harris (West Hurley, NY) Artist, author, and intuitive. Join me at Art & Spirit Retreats in exotic locations. Author of 99 Keys to a Creative Life, Anything is Possible card deck and artist of Goddess on the Go affirmation cards. 

Abril Garcia-Linn (San Antonio, TX) is a writer and artist. She believes everyone has a story to tell and that every story matters. She creates art to connect with people and build community.

Destiney Powell (Murfreesboro, TN) I paint and draw people and stories which inspire me. I blog about my artistic endeavors and how I find my clients, book shows, and paint live!  Go check it out if you have a minute. 

Mandisa Amber, MA, MFA (Richmond, CA) shares healing through her work as an educator, food apartheid activist, and a priestess in the Lucumí tradition. Her bioculturally regenerative work builds brave spaces for lasting social change and the wellbeing of all beings.  

Manya Orescan (Ashland, OR) I am a Mexican-American queer mother, wife, poet, painter, lover of life and shaker of dreams.

Tarra Lu (Charlotte, NC) is a self-taught, Haitian-American artist. Tarra's work explores the female form in the context of vulnerability, emotions, portraits, bold contrasts, Caribbean-inspired color palette, and abstract expressionism. 

The Sky Priestess (Usually on a plane someplace) aka Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD, is a Malaysian-Tamil spiritualist, author, astrologer, poetess, motivational speaker (and a bunch of other things). Her work combines the technical nuances of astrology, the Dark, Formless energy of the Void and the energy of multidimensional awareness and healing. 
The Sky Priestess was also the featured Astrology prediction writer for We'Moon 2018.

amara hollow bones (London, ON) Amara's drawings emerge out of lived experiences in wild places—singing songs of deep reverence, grief, beauty and awe for the earth. They are prayers for the return of magic, the resilience of wildness, for remembering our ancestors and home. 

Naima Penniman (Brooklyn, NY) Co-founder & steward of WILDSEED Community Farm & Healing Village, performance activist through Climbing PoeTree, food-justice educator at Soul Fire Farm, & healing practitioner at Harriet’s Apothecary, Naima cultivates collaborations that elevate the healing of our earth, ourselves, our communities, lineages & descendants. 

Autumn Skye (Powell River, BC) I offer my artwork as a mirror, as an intimate personal reflection and a grand archetypical revelation. Within these visions, may you recognize your own sacred heart, your cosmic divinity, and the innate grace that dwells within.

Deborah Koff-Chapin (Langley, WA) has been developing Touch Drawing since 1974. She is creator of SoulCards 1 & 2 and author of Drawing Out Your Soul and The Touch Drawing Facilitator Workbook. She is adjunct professor at CIIS (CA), and has introduced Touch Drawing internationally. 

Stephanie A. Sellers (Fayetteville, PA) lives on a homestead in the mountains and is inspired by all the wemoon doing their beautiful healing work all over this beautiful world! Thanks to all and glad to be a part of the movement! XOXO 

Judy Springer (Camden East, Ontario) I’m still with my love, Roberta, happily a grandmother twice, sadly gave up 30 years of clay work (asthma), and now, years later, have a new passion: digital art!

Louie Laskowski (Brookston, IN) living in the small town of Brookston, IN, where I work in my art studio, is such a treat to me. I teach art as a spiritual path since it has been true for me. RCGI ordained priestess.

Sophia Faria (Salt Spring Island, BC) is a sex educator, retreat facilitator and writer. Her private practice and home are on Salt Spring Island. She supports individuals and couples in their sexual journeys and co-creates nature, based on retreats for women.

Adriana M. Garcia (San Antonio, TX) Intimacy abounds in lives encountered. I aim to extract the inherent liminality of a moment before action as a way to articulate our stories.


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