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Wisdom in a Teacup by Gretchen Lawlor
Wisdom in a Teacup by Gretchen Lawlor

Sharing tea with a friend, gazing at the leaves remaining in the bottom of an ordinary china teacup may seem humdrum, but the cup itself can become a numinous space, a threshold through which you see—what? Images, symbols, stories, inspirations, solutions. Kitchen shamanic journeying.
In my family, whenever there was a crisis, someone would “go put the kettle on” for a comforting cup of tea all around; reading the leaves would follow to sort things out. You might think of it as a way of opening the psychic channels through the calming, contemplative ritual of having tea together. Now, here's how to go about it. Start with a well-made cup of tea...

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Mindful Moon Watching
Mindful Moon Watching

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La Luna is our constant companion. Over eons sentient life has adapted to her rhythmic waxing and waning cycle of reflected Sunlight. She is a magnet for our attention...
When the Moon returns each month to the same Sun/Moon angle or phase as at our birth, our receptivity is enhanced, and we may celebrate our native orientation as a Lunation Birthday...

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PreacherWoman For the Goddess review from Rose Flint!
PreacherWoman For the Goddess review from Rose Flint!

Announcing a New We’Moon Release:
PreacherWoman For the Goddess:
Poems, Invocations, Plays and Other Holy Writ
by Bethroot Gwynn
Reviewed by Rose Flint:

Bethroot Gwynn’s collection of poems PreacherWoman for the Goddess is a new delight for goddess-loving women everywhere.

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