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Kimberly Webber Art, Animal Love, Girl and Giraffe Art, Wildlife art
Beltane Rituals and Traditions

In simpler times, communities gathered to jump over fires in the fields and participate in the great round of fertility. Listen to the voices of the universe saying YES—the sun shines, the birds sing, the flowers bloom. The purpose of the universe is to celebrate the delight of its existence. May that inspiration hot-wire us into the living voltage of the Mother. Renew your life with others. 

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Robin Urton Artm Women in Overalls blowing bubbles in the park
Year at a Glance for Taurus

Taurus Horoscopes for Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign. What does 2021 hold for you, Taurus? With Uranus making its seven-year journey through your sign, Taurus, you may be buzzing with energy and ideas. If you're born under a Taurus Sun, you remind us that the Earth is sacred. Moon in Taurus slows us down, roots grow deep in this stubborn, creative, sensual time. 

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We'Moon 2020 Astrological Calendar
We'Moon 2022: The Magical Dark is Here!

Finally the time is here! We'Moon 2022: The Magical Dark is ready and available for purchase. She has been brewing, waiting for the perfect moment to greet you!  This iconic astrological datebook is a best selling moon calendar, earth-spirited handbook in natural rhythms, and visionary collection of women’s creative work, now in its 41st year of publication! 

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