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New Tarot Deck by We'Moon packed with unique art by women
The New We'Moon Tarot Deck is on the way!

We've been working hard to create one of the most unique and diverse tarot decks you will find

It has long been a dream of ours to publish a tarot deck that showcases art that has been published in the pages of We'Moon over the last four decades.

Keep an eye out for our boxed tarot card set to be available this coming Fall!

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Year at a Glance for Libra
Year at a Glance for Libra

What Does 2020 Hold in store for you, Dear Libra? 

Libra (Air): Beauty, equality, egalitarianism, cooperation. We grow more friendly, relationship oriented, and incensed by injustice. We're called to to empower our beloveds and work towards social justice, beauty and dynamic peace. 

There is a deep, visceral work for you to do here, work that will support you in creating truly nourishing homes and familial environments.

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Art by Winter Ross
Fall Equinox

Perfect balance returns, light and dark in harmony again for the final harvest. As we wheel in the last-lit days of seasonal symmetry, face the coming darkness together with gratitude for what we've learned about light. Autumn's grain is spring's seed; paradox surrounds us with ripening wisdom. If we lose hope, remember that Hope has two daughters to support our balancing acts: Anger and Courage.

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