2020 Astrological Year at a Glance

2020 Astrological Year at a Glance

What is happening with the astrology for 2020

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

The personal is political. In 2020 the stars ask us to pay attention to our spiritual life and relationships, but always remember they are embedded in the body politic, and the body politic needs our help. Our spirituality must feed into community and community organizing to help us build a healthier world. Jupiter and Saturn both conjunct Pluto in structural Capricorn, one after the other, and then finish up the year conjunct with one another in collaborative Aquarius on the Winter Solstice. We have a chance to turn things around, but we need to stay awake, aware and involved.

Pluto in Capricorn

As Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto run together, they bring an opportunity for death and rebirth of power systems and political structures throughout the world; but it may get messy before it gets better. Pluto brings revolution to the nature of the sign it occupies by exposing its shadow side; 2008–2024 Pluto in Capricorn asks us to look at the abuse and use of political power, nuclear and fossil fuel power, gender-based authority, tradition, honor and responsibility. Pluto now approaches its first return to its position during the American Revolution, perfecting in 2022.

Spirit Wings © Elspeth McLean 2011

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius

Jupiter—connected to liberal politics—is expansive and speaks of generosity, abundance and codependence. Saturn—connected to conservative politics—contracts and speaks of structure, tradition, discipline, restriction, control. A balanced tension between the two influences holds us upright. Every 20 years we have a great conjunction between these two; since the American Revolution, every great conjunction brought to the USA a presidential term where the presidency underwent attack or stress—often precipitated a healthy bipartisan response. This year, in Aquarius, that conjunction calls for a philosophical rebirth.

 Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury usually retrogrades for three weeks, three times a year; this year's dates are  2/16–3/9, 6/17–7/12, and 10/13–11/3. On voting day in the USA, it appears stationary direct, which can precipitate problematic confusion, close votes and recounts. During this year, in which we need to overhaul systems that serve the community, let’s advocate for transparent, efficient voting systems around the globe, and vote early in the USA.

Uranus turns direct under a full moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer

On January 10, Uranus turns direct under a full moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer, which can pivot change both at home and in work. Saturn conjuncts Pluto on 1/12, and begins a breakdown of old structures. It also asks us to investigate what makes us secure, the health of our bones and teeth, the foundations of our house and our work. Watch out for power trips on every level.

New Moon in Venus art by Pamela Read
New Moon — Venus © Pamela Read 2010

Jupiter sextiles Neptune

Jupiter sextiles Neptune repeatedly this year—2/20, 7/27 and 10/12—renewing our sense of hope, helping us imagine a better future. This soft, intuitive, potentially escapist aspect can make us lazy or can make is visionary; it’s up to us to use it well. Seek visions.

Saturn moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius, then retrogrades

Saturn encourages us to step into a more collaborative, less authoritarian approach, as it steps out of Capricorn and into Aquarius 3/21, retrogrades back into Capricorn 7/1, and reenters Aquarius 12/16. We need to keep our philosophies alive and compassionate, not just impose a new system that still doesn’t listen to the people.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Jupiter calls for introspection on the political left as well as the right, as it conjuncts Pluto at 24° Capricorn 4/4, 6/29 and 11/12. Jupiter maximizes whatever it touches; and here it increases the Hecate-Kali work of revolution, transformation, death and rebirth. We can use this to create a liberating time, or experience control issues. Some incident could call us to face our fears of mortality and move past them into a bigger acceptance.

Eclipse art by Tamara Phillips from We'Moon 2022
Eclipse © Tamara Phillips 2017

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Moon Squares Mars in Pisces. Total Solar Eclipse with Sun and Moon in Sagittarius. Mercury in Sagittarius.

Truth will out; the search for honesty becomes a spiritual practice. We may be surprised and transformed by a new perspective which precipitates change, triggered by a full Sagittarius lunar eclipse. The moon squares Mars in Pisces on 6/5. All of this is echoed and magnified by a total solar eclipse 12/14, with Sun and Moon at 23° Sagittarius, and Mercury 20° Sagittarius. These eclipses ask us to examine our personal illusions, check our truths, and speak them aloud; we can demand truth, but can’t rush to a new conclusion or simplify reality. World events or personal issues call us to move out of victimhood and into a deeper understanding, deeper compassion, and compassionate action.

Saturn enters Aquarius. Jupiter enters  Aquarius. Saturn and Jupiter conjunct.

Yemaye Yemaya Ocean Goddess art by Cinders GottAs the year closes, the stars bring it home to us that our personal lives are intricately woven into our community, our community into our country, our country into the global present. As we face the realities of environmental troubles and seek collaboration to solve them, as we face health and economic issues which stem from our interwoven connection around the globe, we become acutely aware of this interconnected global community and our place in it. Saturn enters collective, cooperative Aquarius 12/16; Jupiter enters Aquarius 12/19; and at winter solstice on December 21, they join for the great conjunction for the first time since 2000. Aquarius turns our vision outwards and asks us to hold hands, to look at how we structure our families, circles, teams, society and global community. We are encouraged to form and expand spiritual and political circles, and find collaborative answers in cohousing and community investment.
(Art at left: Yemaye © Cinders Gott 2010)

This Capricorn/Aquarius nexus works in systems. Like the roots of trees within a forest, our psyches and our daily living conditions touch one another throughout the globe. We become deeply aware of our human role in the ecosystem, and can begin a great effort to transform that role. This conjunction encourages us to work together to investigate, address and heal systemic racism and gender assumption, systemic inequality, systematic abuse of our mother Earth.

As our eyes turn outward, we may neglect our more intimate relationships unless we remember to truly hold hands and feel one another’s hearts. As the stars call us outwards, it’s up to us to choose and treasure interpersonal sensitivity and emotional connection.

Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2019

Heather Roan Robbins is a writer, ceremonialist and astrologer committed to bringing high-quality intuitive arts to the public in an accessible and useful format.

This post's feature image is "Sister Circle / Goddess Magic Energy" © Carrie Martinez 2017

Carrie Martinez (Gainesville, FL) Artist, muralist, and tarot deck illustrator whose work embodies nature, mysticism, dreamscapes, and Goddess.

Cinders Gott, M.F.A., is an expressionist visual/performance artist, melding ecofeminism with mysticism, a priestess of Arachne Circles, a wild woods witch, and love-shamaness in training. Cinders taught interdisciplinary arts in 50+ schools/colleges, Her Venus art is currently touring the world.

Tamara Phillips (Vancouver, BC) is inspired by the raw beauty of the natural world. Her watercolour paintings are woven together in earth tones, and she explores the connection between myth, dream, intuition and reality.  

Pamela Read (Solon, IA) I live on a beautiful lake with my husband and cat, where I paint, pray, play, and plant whenever I can!

Elspeth McLean (Gooseberry Hill, Australia) creates her vivid and vibrant paintings completely out of dots. Each dot is like a star in the universe. Elspeth hopes her art connects people with their inner child and can bring some joy into their lives. 


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