How to Work with the Qualities of Your Sun Sign to Navigate Stress: A Complete Guide for All 12 Astrological Signs

How to Work with the Qualities of Your Sun Sign to Navigate Stress: A Complete Guide for All 12 Astrological Signs

These are stressful times.

That may be the understatement of the year! We have been weathering stresses, light and extreme, since the beginning of human consciousness. One thing is certain: one size does not fit all, when it comes to coping. 

We don't all deal with difficult times in the same way.

Some of us may want to run away from dissonant feelings of discomfort, while others may react by diving into the troubled waters, wearing our tool belts, to try to resolve the issues. 

What if we could reduce our and our beloveds stress levels faster and more efficiently?

You can. In this article, Mary Cole of 7Tarot, outlines how we can use the strengths and characteristics of our sun signs to reduce stress. Without further adieu, Mary Cole on:

Finding new, constructive ways to navigate stress based on your astrological sun sign.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with stress—you certainly know the habits that come out when it’s running high!

Rather than defaulting to your usual patterns, you can find new, constructive ways to navigate stress based on your astrological sun sign. Read on to learn how to work with the strengths of your sign can relieve stress and get back to a state of flow next time you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Aries: Get physical, take action, and move.

Doing something active gets your entire body engaged, releasing the stress churning within you. The worst thing you can do is sit still and let the energy build up—this will only lead to a blow out down the line. Go for a run, put on your favorite music and dance, or hit a class at the gym. Cleaning up the house is another way to distract your mind, while engaging your body. Don’t feel obligated to invite others to tag alone. Some solo time and independence will help you to recharge. Blow off that steam!

Marissa -Arterbury -After-sunrise -beautiful- nature-woman-art
After Sunrise © Marissa Arterberry 2018

Taurus: Spend time in nature.

Engaging your senses brings you back to the present moment. By submerging yourself in the beauty of the outdoors, you will feel revived by the fresh air, sunlight, and organic tranquility of the plants and animals around you. Treat yourself to a massage, a comforting meal, or a small home decor purchase. By refreshing your environment, you are replenishing your well-being and releasing stress. Sticking to your routine also helps you to avoid stress, as the consistency in your daily life brings you stability.


Gemini: Do some research.

Letting your mind be idle will only enhance your stress. You will best alleviate tension by exploring how others have handled a similar situation. Look up tips and tricks for dealing with what you’re experiencing, gather resources that make you more informed about your current situation, and explore what others have to say. By stimulating your mind, you move proactively toward a solution. Having options about how to proceed brings the bit of fresh air you need to clear your head.

 Flame- Bilyue-Fire -Circle-2009 -beautiful-ritual-circle-art
Women's Fire Circle © Flame Bilyue' 2009 

Cancer: Ask for support from your soul tribe and family.

You are an integral part of many people’s lives, always offering support and reassurance, but often you forget they too want to nourish you. By being vulnerable and sharing your stresses, you create space to be nurtured. You can also tend to yourself emotionally by cooking your favorite meal, taking a bath, and journaling your feelings. The comfort of your home is your sweet spot for rest and relaxation.


Leo: Channel your stress into creative pursuits.

When stress flares, it can be hard for you to avoid getting dragged along on a rollercoaster of emotions. Pour this excess energy into your favorite hobbies and projects. The simple act of creating, will make you feel more in control of how things are manifesting right now. Feel the empowerment when you do what you love most. Your talents will bring you joy that naturally uplifts you out of stress mode. You will also benefit from laughter; putting on your favorite comedy reminds you it’s not that bad.

Lorrieart-Chichory -Dog-cute -dog-and-herb- and witchy artart
Chicory Dog © LorrieArt 2019

Virgo: Perform an act of service for someone.

Under stress, you often become a bit obsessive-compulsive, trying to keep everything in line, orderly, clean, and up to high standards. The quickest way to get your mind out of overdrive is to offer to lend a hand or do a favor for someone. Being helpful shifts your focus outward to others and distracts you from the anxiety you are feeling, clearing your head. You enjoy feeling productive and this act will make you feel more calm and settled as you put your energy towards something practical that makes a positive difference in the world.


Libra: Talk it through and get feedback.

Vocalizing and sharing your stressors with another helps you to get a better handle on what’s going on. You’re a very communicative person and having someone to bounce ideas back and forth with gives you affirmation and reassurance. You appreciate hearing perspectives about what you’re going through and in return offer heartfelt advice that motivates and soothes your conversation partner—benefiting both of you! Sharing your thoughts with someone whose opinion you value diffuses the situation and brings levity back into your life.

Amy-Alley-art-She Walks-beautiful -image - of-tree-and-woman-in-solitude
She Walks © Amy L. Alley 2010


Scorpio: Embrace solitude.

Being in a crowd will only make you feel you need to mask all the turmoil you’re experiencing, which can lead to self-destructive behaviors as you try to conceal what’s going on beneath the surface. Go within yourself and examine the root of the stress in your life. You, unlike most signs, are not scared to face your fears and acknowledge the tension causing you stress. Take the space you need to do this deep dig and make the internal changes that will facilitate your personal transformation.


Sagittarius: Explore someplace new.

Fresh scenery and the adventure of going someplace you haven’t gone before helps to calm and quiet your mind. You may want to take a drive to a nearby town, check out a new restaurant, or find a different hiking trail. Stimulating your need for variety is key. Your mood will change as soon as you’re on the road towards your next journey, and it improves the further you travel from your comfort zone. Looking up travel destinations or reading about another culture are a good way to armchair travel too, to broaden your horizons and release stress.

Melonie -Steffes -If -The- Shoe -Fits-mermaid-art-on-a-pile-of-shoes

Capricorn: Make a plan.

When you feel out of control, your stress becomes more overwhelming. By focusing on the long-term goal, you are better able to navigate immediate stressors. Keeping your eye on the prize helps you to remain cool, calm, and collected in the present moment. Make sure you avoid overworking and take time for yourself, otherwise you will burn out. Lessen the load you’re carrying by delegating some responsibilities to others and try to scale down on your commitments to make space for resting. Always remember: slow and steady wins the race.

Art Credit: If the Shoe Fits © Melonie Steffes 2018


Aquarius: Spend time with friends.

When under pressure, you tend to dwell in your own thoughts and isolate from others. By reaching out to your community, you shake off the stress ruminating within you. Hearing what’s going on with others is enough to stimulate your mind and broaden your perspective again so that you’re not hyper-focused on what’s bothering you. Fresh ideas and communication liberate you by providing some detachment from tensions. Text, call, or Skype your buds: keep them in the loop about what’s going on with you and listen to how they’ve been. Before you know it, you’ll be laughing and at ease.

Pisces: Take a healthy escape to diminish your stress.

Exploring unknown, imaginary realms is part of your journey in life. Choose to immerse yourself in the relaxing aesthetic of a museum, the fantasy setting of your favorite movie, or spiritual dimension of meditation. Sink into a deep relaxation and just let your mind wander. Allowing tensions and worries to dissolve in the background for a bit helps you to rejuvenate and find your equilibrium. As an intuitive, sensitive soul you will be replenished by a mellow atmosphere.

Learn more about Mary Cole at her site, 7Tarot, where she dives deep into the Tarot. You can even get free readings! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tarot.

Featured Art: Atmosphere © Ruby Singer 2019
Ruby Singer (East Montpelier, VT) is a junior in high school in Vermont. She plans to study graphic design after she graduates.

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