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An Open Call for Submissions | How to Contribute Art and Writing

Women! Our Call for Art, Creative Writing and Poetry
Submissions is Open Annually March thru July!

We'Moon is like a combination literary journal, art magazine, and poetry digest all rolled into one. We would be delighted to consider your creative contributions for upcoming editions of We'Moon. 

The Call for Contributions is downloadable, and contains complete snail mail instructions about how to submit your work for possible publication in the next edition of We'Moon. The Call is also available in Spanish: La Llamada de Contribuciones en Español 


We accept submissions of art and writing via email or snail mail!

The instructions for sending in your creative work via snail mail are slightly different than for submitting through email. Please only send your work through EITHER email OR snail mail. Pick one, not both.

Carrie Martinez Art, Women Circles

Sister Circle © Carrie Martinez 2017

Our submissions process is accessible and always free. 

We do not charge a jury or entry fee. Our objective is to make the process of getting your work into our hands as easy as possible. If you need assistance, call or email. We will be happy to help.


We are open and accepting submission for We'Moon 2024!

Final due date: August 1, 2022
Note: It is too late to submit for 2023


We are always open and accepting submissions for We'Moon:

Any work we receive that is postmarked by August 1st will be considered for our upcoming edition. Late submissions will be held over for consideration for the following year. 


What you will find in this post:


What is We'Moon? 

A poetry and art journal? An inspirational day planner? An ever-renewing collection of creative feminist work that thousands of women look forward to every year!

We'Moon is a lunar calendar, a handbook in natural cycles and most importantly a collaboration of women! Women from around the world send us their art and writing to be considered for publication within the datebook. 

Send us your creative work. We are always excited to receive submissions from women who have not sent their work in to us, before.

 "We’Moon is a unique datebook...It’s also a book of devotions: sacred space where women share written and artistic inspirations from their life-experiences, their love and concern for the world, their delight at saying Goddess! out loud as a name for divine energy."

~from an interview of Bethroot Gwynn, We'Moon Special Editor, titled 
The Magic Behind the Veil of Production!

Francene Hart, Love Thy Neighbor  Mandala Art, love art

We'Moon has proudly published works of art and poetry by:

Autumn Skye, Emily Balivet, Saba Taj, Gaia Orion, Jakki MooreLeah Dorion and Qutress! Writers include, Oak Chezar, Naima Penniman of ClimbingPoeTree, Joanne M. Clarkson, Rose FlintToko-pa Turner and many more!

We'd love to see your work grace the pages of the next edition of We'Moon, too.

Contributions from many women from all walks of life is what makes We'Moon so very special to thousands of women. Visit our resources page for more links and bios of women who have been published in We'Moon in the past! 

How we jury the art and writing that is submitted to We'Moon:

Each piece of art and writing is circulated at Selection Circles where hundreds of women give us their opinions about the submitted works. If you are interested in joining a virtual Selection Circle, sign up for alerts via our newsletter. Our jury process is quite complicated which makes following the submission guidelines important!

By crowdsourcing our jury process, we get to bring the opinions of hundreds (and maybe thousands, now that we will be having online Selection Circles) of other women into the production process. We bring to the foreground the most well-loved work, and those are the pieces we work with, primarily, during the creation of We'Moon in our small group process.

Instructions and Guidelines for Email Submissions:

We accept submissions via email OR snail mail. Click here for snail mail instructions

We do not consider work that does not meet our guidelines, so read through these instructions carefully. 

We do accept submissions that are being reviewed simultaneously by other publishers. Do not send originals, as no submissions will be returned.

Step by step instructions about how to submit your poetry, short creative writing, and art for possible publication in our next edition via email:

  1. Complete a License 

  2. Prepare files of your Art and/or Writing submissions

  3. Send them as attachments to MotherTongue Email

    KT InfiniteArt, Nagakanya Artist at work, Black woman art, afro art, natural hair art,
    Nagakanya: Artist at Work © KT InfiniteArt 2018

    1. Complete a License 

    The Call for Contributions contains the license for all artists and writers to fill out and send in with the submissions. NOTE: Submissions will not be processed without a completed license. 
    If you find this form daunting, you are not alone. Please call or email, and we will happily assist you.

    • Download the License and save the document using this format: YOUR NAME License (example: Frida Kahlo License). 
    • Make sure to fill out the license completely, an incomplete license will result in your submission not being accepted for consideration. 
    • To download the license you can either save it on your computer or use a program like Acrobat or Preview. Alternatively, this document can be printed and filled out by hand. Take a photo of the license with your phone and attach the image into an email, or scan it back onto the computer. Name the file with the correct name, and attach it to the email.
    • You can always send in submissions by mail as well! Click HERE for those instructions. 

    ***Note: If you are unable to sign the license electronically, don't panic!

    We will gladly accept written forms of signatures in the email containing your license. Example: I (your name) give permission to We'Moon to publish my work, this is my electronic signature. 

    2) Prepare your files for email!

    • Each individual submission should be its own file and titled as follows: TITLE-CREDIT-NAME-YEAR.PDF (example: Self Portrait-Frida Kahlo-1940.PDF)
    • Each piece should be in its OWN file with its OWN file name. Note: We will not accept submissions that do not have any file name.
    • Formats we accept are: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DOC, DOCX. We do not accept google drive or dropbox submissions.
    • Each page of art or writing should contain the credit information: Title, copyright symbol, your credit name, and year directly on the page if possible. Example: Self Portrait © Frida Kahlo 1940. (This can be done  using Preview,  though it's also possible in other applications to do this work. You can also hand write this information and then scan your artwork) 
    • For artwork: Please keep your file size down to 1 MB or less. If your work is chosen for publication, we will contact you to request a higher resolution digital file.
    • For Writing: Limit Prose to 350 words maximum. Poetry should not exceed 35 lines (12± words per line). Limit your written word submissions to one side of one page. If you are not able to comfortably format it onto one single page, it is too long to submit. Please edit or excerpt it for our consideration.
    • No need to send a SASE if you are submitting via email. We'll contact you on your email regarding our publication decisions. 

      4. Send it on in! 

      • Attach up to 6 different pieces of writing, or 8 pieces of art into an email to MotherTongue.
      • Don't forget to include your fully completed and signed license!
      • Add "We'Moon Submission" to your subject line.
      • Click send and jump for joy!

      We will contact you in the Spring to let you know whether or not your work has been selected for publication.

        Final due date by: August 1, 2022

        Special instructions for various mediums:

        Penn-King-For My Mother-fortune-teller-art
        For My Mother © Penn King 2018

        Visual Art:

          • Maximum of 8 pieces of art. 
          • If your work is chosen for publication, you will be contacted for a high resolution file.  
          • Please keep your file size down to 1 MB or less.
          • Formats we accept are: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DOC, DOCX.
          • We do not accept google drive or dropbox submissions.


        • 6 pieces of writing maximum.
        • Limit Prose to 350 words maximum.
        • Poetry should not exceed 35 lines (12± words per line).
        • Do not send manuscripts, chapbooks or work in any bound form.
        • Each submission should fit on one side of one page. If it does not, it is likely too long. 


        • If you are submitting photography that contains a recognizable human subject or model, you will need to send in a release form for each individual in the photo.
        • If the subject is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must give signed permission for publication.
        • Download the photographer's release form.
        • Download the subject/model release form.
        • Include these forms with your submission. 


        Fancy-Shawl-Dancer art at-Sac-and-Fox-PowWow-©-Barbara-Landis-2008
        Fancy Shawl Dancer at Sac and Fox PowWow © Barbara Landis 2008

        Who is invited to submit their art or writing to We'Moon?

        We encourage women from all walks of life to take part in helping We’Moon weave a rich and varied tapestry. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to connect with us! We’Moon does not support or condone cultural appropriation. We do not knowingly publish oppressive or appropriative content of any kind. We invite you to share your work with respect for both cultural integrity and creative inspiration.

        We invite all women to share their poetry, art, and creative writing.  

        We seek to make We’Moon a safe and welcoming space for all women, including those from international women's cultures, women of color (WOC) and others marginalized by the mainstream, e.g., lesbian, non-binary, transgender, genderqueer, etc. 

        We'Moon is dedicated to amplifying images and writing from women with diverse perspectives and is committed to minority inclusion.

        We seek to hold welcoming, celebratory space for all women, and are eager to publish more works depicting Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, Latine, and all voices from the margins, created by women who share those lived experiences.


        Compensation Information:

        • Product compensation for each published piece of art or writing is two complimentary We’Moon datebooks.
        • Small honorariums will be given for each published piece. The dollar amount will depend on size and placement.
        • All published contributors will get a 40% discount off the purchase price of additional We’Moon products which include their work, if they wish to purchase additional copies.
        • In addition, the front cover artist will receive $500, the back cover artist $350, plus extras.
        • Work published in the datebook may also be included in We’Moon on the Wall and/or Greeting Cards, with additional terms and compensation.

                Thematic Inspiration

                Every edition of We'Moon is based on a theme. The 2024 datebook theme is: Luminations

                Current We'Moon themes follow the Moon from dark to light and back again. For We'Moon 2024, we invoke the Waxing Half Moon: She dwells in the magical balance of equal Shadow and Light. What can we divine in this mysterious

                D-Woodring Portrait Priestess
                Moonlight ¤ D. Woodring—Portrait Priestess 2019
                Mama Quilla, Mistress of Moon Time,
                how cleverly you set this scene—Half Light, Half Dark.
                Artemis, Warrior MoonStar of the Night Sky,
                We bask in your radiant strength,
                polish our crafty tools, follow your lead
                in this Bright and Shadow tightrope dance.
                Shakti, Mother of All Energy, we master with you
                the steps of magical balance.
                In This Edge Moment: We can take stock.
                Decipher the obstacles. Commit to our passions for
                Invention repair kindness.
                Nike, Holy Mama of Victory, ride with us the rhythm
                of increasing light, the pulse of growth.
                Keep us on our toes, Moon Dancer.
                Glow on! Wax certain!
                We marvel at your tricks,
                the spell-binding costume Changes.
                All Praise to your Divine Play!

                © Bethroot Gwynn 2022

                For We’Moon 2024, we draw inspiration from the Waxing Half Moon

                Deep bows to the unstoppable Moon—we rely on her persistence to inspire our own determination and expanding joy. She encourages decisive choices, lends courage in the face of hurdles, and energizes the dreams and visions we have been nurturing. Come along with her; relish growth, embrace confidence, invite heartful creativity

                This curious edge where Light meets Dark is an exquisite place for evaluating options; for inventing solutions for societal repair and the sorely needed healing
                of our Earth-home.

                We can affirm that challenges often hold unseen possibilities; look for revelations in nearby shadows. Darkness does insist on her space. Let’s conjure spells for clear focus, inspired hope. See, there, the glow of inspiration and hints of wondrous possibilities that are beginning to curve into the light?

                Share what you find there with us!


                Moonlight/Moonshadow © Sophia Rosenberg 2006

                Questions to inspire you as you consider work that you would like to submit:

                How is Waxing Half Moon magic showing up in our world? What are your experiences with half-light revelations? What secrets can be discerned in the Shadows? How do we best use the gifts of innovation— bright imaginings, dark cautions?

                What tricks for balancing do you have to share? What spells are at hand to lift our spirits? To breathe new life into unfinished projects? Who are the young leaders giving you hope for the future? What are you brewing up that will brighten our horizons?

                What learning curves are cresting in your life? What creative manifestations are you concocting? What excess are you clearing away? Are obstacles appearing in your growth journey? How do you bravely face fears, overcome doubt?

                What growing edges of Change offer opportunity in our communities? What wonders will unfold for rescue of Mother Earth and her creatures? For compassion among her peoples? What rabbits do we need to pull out of our hats to ease suffering and address social justice, generational trauma, health crises, climate devastation? How do we deal with conflict?

                In our personal lives? In society? What shall we do about sharp ideological divides? Let’s conjure love, forgiveness, kindness as energies to grow and celebrate. What incantations for joyful cooperation can we imagine? What community magic is growing right in front of us?

                Download the Call for Contributions today,
                and send us your submissions of creative art and writing on the theme of Silver Lining

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