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Selection Circles: Help Jury the Poetry, Prose & Art for We'Moon!

We Need Your Help Choosing Which Pieces to Include!

Every year We'Moon receives thousands of submissions of art and writing for the datebook from women all over the world.

Melissa Harris Art

It would be a momentous challenge for us, as a very small group, to choose our very favorites from so many options—we need your help to choose which pieces to include in We'Moon! We also strongly believe that bringing in the opinions from the larger community is part of what makes We’Moon a beloved publication among such a broad spectrum of people.

If you haven’t already, sign up on our Selection Circles list to receive up to the minute info and schedule updates.  

Calling all Opinionated Women!

We welcome all of you who know and love We’Moon to participate in the Selection Circles. Help us make We’Moon even better, by sharing with us your opinions about the art and writing we received as submissions.

We tried it in 2020
Because of the pandemic
And it was a raving SUCCESS!

We couldn’t gather in person, like we used to, so we stretched our grassroots, old-fashioned boundaries and took the circles online. The turnout was spectacular!  Women from all over the world tuned in, and participation increased five-fold! We were able to garner the opinions from a wider diversity of women's cultures and experiences than ever before!

What to Expect: How to Help Make We'Moon

A large part of the magic of We’Moon is the ceremonial way that we all create her, together. It’s the same on Zoom. We begin every circle with song and altar setting, adding a new element to the altar at each of the 23 or so circles. We then have an introduction with instructions, a Q&A opportunity and short exploration of the theme for the edition we're jurying for. Then we dive into the work. We’ll show the art and writing on screen and will read the writings out loud to you. You will have a few short moments to score the piece through a provided multiple choice polling option, and then we’ll move on to the next piece.

Some of the circles will be for both art and writing, some will be for poetry and prose only. We will host circles at various times on various days of the week, hoping to land on some timeframes that work for you. Most of the circles will be scheduled for an hour and a half to two hours.

There will be many opportunities to participate,
and you can attend as many as you like.

We will be circling for the entire month of August. Join us for as many sessions that fit into your schedule.

Diane Lee Moomey art of galactic woman juggling planets

Mark Your Moon Calendar:

Dates and times to be announced around the middle of July. . . .
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This is a recurring webinar, so the same link will be used for every session. 

SIGN UP FOR UPDATES and last minute changes. We will send out an email to Selection Circle Subscribers when the schedule updates and the Zoom link is available. 

What to Expect: The Details

  • The Selection Circles will be in Zoom Webinar format. That means that, as a participant

– Your video will not be displayed. Only the hosts will have video and audio capabilities.

– You will be able to type questions into the Q&A window, but your microphone will be disabled.

  • We will be screen sharing art and writing submissions, so you need to be able to have visual capability to participate.
  • We’ll begin each session by creating a sacred container in which to do this work. We’ll start with a song and altar setting, then read the invocation for the theme for We’Moon 2026: Full Circle
  • How to share your opinion:

– We’ll show you a piece of art or writing (the writings will be read aloud, as well. If you prefer to not hear the reader, you can turn the volume down on your device.)

– Then, we will activate a simple multiple-choice poll, with 5 options: On a scale of one to five, how much do you like this piece? Five hearts is the highest rating. The poll is only available through the app, please download the Zoom app to give us your opinions. It won’t appear if you are viewing through your browser.

– We’ll give you a moment or two to make your choice.

– Then we will present the next piece.

  • Each session will be about an hour and a half to two hours long.
Altar for We'Moon selection circles

Preparation for the Circles:

Our circles are designed to be a low key affair—relaxed and informal—and hopefully entertaining and enjoyable. Before the circle, gather up everything you might need:

  • Reading Glasses
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Set an altar or light a candle if you feel moved to. Prepare to enter a sacred circle. 

Receiving your Feedback

We will have a brief Q&A opportunity at the beginning of each circle, and if you have questions during the circle, you can type them in there. After the circle we will keep the webinar open for a few minutes so you can share feedback, suggestions, and kudos with us.

Thank you for your interest in helping create the next We'Moon. We’ll see you in the web-o-sphere!

Please stay safe, and healthy, and connected to your communities.

For further info: 1.877.693.6666 or email Barb