We'Moon Stands in Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Art by Ruth Gourdine Highest Tracts of SOul black lives matter

The summer heat is upon us and our world is aflame.

The systems of oppression and upheavals of change are rumbling below our feet and in the skies above

We are shouting with joy and frozen with terror, all at the same time. Add the backdrop of a pandemic, anti-racism uprising, and embarrassing political posturing, and behold: A true firestorm. There is much work to be done and a long road ahead of us. 

We are fully aware that we live in a racist patriarchal society

Its influences have permeated every aspect of our lives, including the very liberation movements committed to ending oppression. Feminism is no exception—historically and presently dominated by white, mainstream women's priorities and experiences.

Adriana Garcia art Women Will March protest art
Women Will March © Adriana M. Garcia 2015

We seek to counter these influences in our work

We'Moon is created by and for all women, including those from international women's cultures, women of color (WOC), gender-nonconforming women, and others marginalized by the mainstream. We’Moon is a platform designed to magnify women’s visions and voices.

We especially encourage Black, Brown, Latinx, and Indigenous women to submit their creative work to We’Moon

We want to hear and amplify your voices, see your art and make it more visible around the world!

Destiney Powell Colorful Queen empowering black women art
Colorful Queen © Destiney Powell 2017

We all have a part to play in abolishing racism 

Changing the insidious nature of racism will take concerted effort on all our parts, as we work hard to find ways, both small and large, subtle and overt, to bring society truly forward to a better place that is safe and just for all. Let’s provide some inspiration to help feed the hearts and souls of all who are who are creating positive change. Visit our Call for Contributions page to learn how to share your work.

White Women: What else can we do?

We are asked to listen to people of color. Listen to understand, and listen for ways that you can offer support. Educate yourself. There are countless books, blogs and podcasts by Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Brown people. Bookmark the Black Lives Matter website and visit it often.

Here are some resources that we can recommend. They will give good guidance and food for thought, and light a fire under your anti-racist butt! 

Devour and Empower!


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Thank you for signing up to help us choose the art and writing for We’Moon 2022: The Magical Dark!

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