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2022 Greeting Card 6-Pack: Featuring Women's Art from the We'Moon Datebook


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A Pack of Six Assorted Greeting Cards Featuring Gorgeous Art by Women, from We’Moon 2022, with Artists' Statements on the Back

Perfect for every witch, goddess, sister, mother and friend to share their well-wishes and blessings. Blank inside, they are wonderful for any occasion.

Send a greeting card with visionary goddess art from women around the world for solstice, birthdays, anniversaries!

There is nothing more touching to receive in the mail than a hand-written letter from a beloved. 

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or another auspicious occasion, a card brings extra joy to a celebrated day. The well-chosen card can also accompany tender words to comfort after a loss. Hand-written missives convey the love and connection we have for one another. 

Give a Greeting Card That They Will Cherish

Emails and texts are nice, but imagine your friends' eyes lighting up when they open an envelope from you, with a keepsake piece of art featured on a card containing your handwritten greetings.

Featured Art:

That moment of blindness,
Just before
We turn into radiance.
It is the point of transition;
From fear into hope,
And Despair into faith.
And when helplessness evolves into courage,
Inaction into resolve...
We heal from old wounds,
And become whole again...
We light the candles on the Tree of Life
As we turn from the darkest night;
To help illuminate the world
This art also appears on page 153 of


These fine-art greeting cards deserve a spot on the fridge!

They are gorgeous! We painstakingly choose (by consensus, I might add) which pieces of art to feature on each card. Out of the 150+ pieces in the We'Moon Planner, we must decide on only 6! That is not always an easy task. 

Fros and Frappes is an artful celebration of friendship, showcasing best friends, enjoying conversation and coffee within bold and colorful prints, proudly wearing their natural curls and head wraps to fit their individual styles and choices of expression. This piece was created to spark memories of good times with good people in the spirit of being present and enjoying the bond of sisterhood. 
This art also appears on page 73 of 
Las Tres Princesas de la Noche, The Three Princesses of the Night, are members of the deadly nightshade family of plants native to the Andes in South America. They are used for spiritual initiation, divination and black magic. They are fragrant at night, and attract pollinating moths. 
Three pink princesses of the night dancing in the breeze . . . 
Brugmansia suaveolens 
This art also appears on page 62 of
In the colors of midnight with a subtle lunar glow, clusters of organic shapes blossom and bloom while a tree-like form with leaf-sized windows invites glimpses into new aspects of being. Mystery abounds in this journey of dreams by artist Jenny Hahn
This art also appears on page 172 of 
This is a time for fierce love, resilient love, a love that can move the mountains of outdated convention and weather the storm of turbulent change. A love that is unyielding in the face of fear and unconditional in the face of pain. A love that is relentlessly compassionate to ourselves and others as we navigate this monumental growth. Burn steady dear heart, burn bright and shine light into all the dark corners so that we can heal and rise strong together. 

This piece of art also appears on page 79 of
The arrival of Sandhill Cranes reminds us that Spring is here, with their prehistoric, echoing song along rivers and fields. As Aspen leaves yellow and quake in the Autumn winds, the migratory stewards of the sky gather in droves to announce the arrival of winter. Departing as a circling vortex among the clouds, throwing shadows on the valley floor. 
This art also appears on page 61 of

We still have Greeting Cards from 2020 as Well

Oftentimes, we sell out of the greeting card sets, as many of you know. So, we upped our print run, big time, so we would have more to offer you year after year. Have a look!


Blank inside. Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink • Full color • 5” x 7”