Imbolc Introspection

Imbolc Introspection

Imbolc: Celebration of Returning Light


February 2 Imbolc/Mid-Winter: celebration, prophecy, purification, initiation—Candlemas (Christian), New Year (Tibetan, Chinese, Iroquois), Tu Bi-Shevat (Jewish). Goddess Festivals: Brigit, Brighid, Brigid (Celtic). 

The seasonal cycle of the year is created by Earth’s annual orbit around the sun. Solstices are the extreme points as Earth’s axis tilts toward or away from the sun—when days and nights are longest or shortest.

On equinoxes, days and nights are equal in all parts of the world. Four cross-quarter days roughly mark the midpoints in between solstices and equinoxes.

We commemorate these natural turning points in the Earth’s cycle.

Seasonal celebrations of most cultures cluster around these same natural turning points.


Art by Jenny Hahn, spiritual women's art

Opening © Jenny Hahn 2004


Breathe into emptiness.

Stir in the silence that winter gifted you. Touch new skin, the surprise aliveness, the contours winter revealed. There is an echoing silence that precedes every new thing. 

Imbolc is the insistence of the spring waters, pushing up through cold earth.

It is the restlessness of birdsong, the persistence of the sap. It is the dark that folds around all that is stirring, saying: Pace yourself, love. 

Imbolc calls us to be simple. 

We have nothing but what winter left us. We have nothing but our own stirring heartbeats and desires. Nothing but the fire in our bellies that warmed us through the deepest darks. 

It is time to polish ourselves.

To clear, clean, hone. To stand in the barest simplicity of our aliveness and promise ourselves to service, to spring. 

Make a simple promise.

To our wholeness, to becoming. Find the seed inside you, swollen with its own longing, that insists, with all the force of life, that it will sprout when the time is right. Simple, naked, clean, fiercely alive. 

- Maeanna Welti © Mother Tongue Ink 2020


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