Sun Cycling Through the Houses

Sun Cycling Through the Houses

The Astrological Sun is a primary symbol for the awareness of our unique human Self, and the creative expressions and passionate outpourings that we gift to the world. As Earth beings we circle around the Sun, year after year. 

We may follow the transiting Sun's passage through the "Houses" (the twelve pie shaped sections) of our personal birth chart to attend to all areas of our life. Each house represents a basic facet of human experience from birth to death. The Sun spends about a month highlighting the affairs of each house, completing a full cycle in one year. Use the guide below to cultivate and enrich your Solar aspirations. 

The First House represents our will to Be, and the experience of becoming an individual Self.

From the moment of our first breath, we strengthen in chi, and gradually keep discovering, expressing and becoming more conscious of our greater Selves. (Fire) 

In the Second House we delight in secure grounding with the Earth.

We sustain our bodies through the use and appreciation of food, shelter, and material goods for living and thriving. (Earth) 

The Third House highlights practical thought and our capacity to explore, learn and share communications.

We are curious to understand and delight in the associations we make. Strengthen connections with peers, and team up. (Air) 

The Fourth House concerns developing centered rootedness.

We create home as a personal base of operation, as well as the psycho-spiritual home we carry within. Nurture deeper emotional expression with attention to family and origin. (Water)

In the Fifth House we let the adventures of life carry our aspirations and creative expression into fresh areas, and delight in embellishing our individuality.

With heartfelt generosity we entertain children of our body and mind, including our inner child. (Fire)

Our Sixth House offers up self-improvement through practical work, service to others and disciplined training.

Attend to the health and maintenance of your self and your community. Learn skillful techniques to sort the wheat of life from the chaff. (Earth)

The Seventh House is opposite from the First, and balancing relationships with others is highlighted.

We have honed our best selves through the first six houses. Now we are ready to join in partnership, and polish the art of collaboration. (Air)

The Eighth House is concerned with joint resources, including our financial affairs and meeting needs for intimate connection and sexuality.

As we merge deeply with others we may care passionately, hold tightly, then allow for dissolution to take place. (Water)

Ninth House priorities align our values, beliefs and our philosophy of life.

As we further our education, we can tap into higher levels of inspiration, unfold in wisdom and develop our social conscience. (Fire)

The Tenth House summons us to the peak of our intentions and our chosen life work.

Our task here is to take responsibility for building our reputation, and sharing our gifts with meaningful livelihood. (Earth)

In the Eleventh House territory we fine tune our intellect with social skills.

Interrelationships with groups and friendships open up the big picture. Choose seed visions for the next Sun cycle and set intentions with imagination and higher purpose. (Air) 

In the Twelfth House lies our subconscious, where our dreams and affairs of the past reside and release.

Alone, yet intuitively merged with collective identity, we reap our rewards, chase our shadows and accompany our muse. (Water)

Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2018 

Featured Image: The Golden Ratio © Lisa de St. Croix 2017 

To learn the dates that the Sun enters each of your Houses, refer to your Birth Chart for the Sign and degree on each house cusp, and then use an Ephemeris to find the corresponding date that the Sun enters each of the Houses. You may calculate your chart using: or contact Sandra for assistance. 


Sandra Pastoriu aka Laughing Giraffe (Ashland, OR) has been a practicing Astrologer since 1979, and writing for We'Moon since 1990. Look for her collected We'Moon essays under "Galactic Musings" at As a Gemini she delights in blending the playful and the profound. Email her about Birth chart readings and local Astrology Study Groups: sandra pastorius at gmail dot com. 

Lisa de St. Croix (Santa Fe, NM) is a metaphysical artist, creator of Tarot De St. Croix and De St. Croix Lenormand. Lisa teaches art and tarot workshops in her studio, globally and as workshops. Decks and info at

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