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We'Moon 2021 Beautiful Cover Art Poster


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A Big Glossy  Art Poster Featuring the Cover Art from We'Moon 2021

Fatima © Shauna Crandall 2019

Symbolically giving birth to the planet, Fatima is robed in textiles representing various cultures as a nod to the women of these regions for the hope and wisdom brought to humanity. A planetary upheaval of long held paradigms that don’t promote peace is shifting with a stronger yin energy. Fatima cradles the earth with the intention to raise its vibrations to the endless energy of love.

About the Artist

Shauna Crandall (Victor, ID) Creative; music, visual arts, written word. Seeker and artistic interpreter of the mystical, and the ordinary female experience. 

This Poster is Perfect for Displaying in:

  • The classroom, and your children's bedrooms, to affirm positive images of women
  • Your home, to enjoy the beauty of "Fatima" and to declare your love for the Earth
  • Your workplace, to remind yourself and your coworkers about the bigger picture you are working toward

The Specs:

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink • Full color • 11x17 • $10.00 US

Another Piece of Shauna Crandall's Art Appeared in the 2020 Datebooks on Page 137:

Painting from We'Moon 2020 page 137-Visions © Shauna Crandall 20016-Woman looking through butterfly glasses.