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Resolution Guidelines

Guidelines, Suggestions, Instructions & FAQs for High Resolution Artwork

Please carefully read the guidelines below to ensure you have done all you can to meet placement eligibility!

We recommend you have your work professionally photographed or scanned if possible! Many truly great, beautiful pieces of art sent to us have been poorly lit (glare on the canvas), the image narrower at the top than the bottom, or not well focused. A poor replication of your work has significant effect on whether your work is chosen.

We want to showcase your talent as beautifully as possible

We highly recommend that if you are a great artist, but not a photographer, or do not have the equipment to scan your piece, you go to the extra expense of having your work professionally photographed or scanned. The cost will pay for itself time and time again, as you are able to reuse the image file to promote your work!


  • One Image per piece of paper
  • Please submit your image at 300 ppi, the standard resolution used in book printing. 
  • CMYK, JPEG or Tiff fileshare acceptable.
  • RGB or CMYK color.
  • Professional quality slides can be sent by mail — please note, materials cannot be returned.

Please send your materials to:

  • We'Moon
  • P.O. Box 187, Wolf Creek, OR 97497

In order to facilitate the smoothest process of decision making and placement, please observe the following notes:

Being contacted for HiRes artwork does not necessarily mean that your work will be published. In many cases it will be, but not in all cases.
Some factors that may affect the final art choices are: file quality, quality of photography of work or relationship of piece to content.
IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT AND SENT IN THE APPROPRIATE LICENSING FORMS, YOUR WORK CANNOT BE PUBLISHED! Please send us your forms ASAP if you have not already done so! For your convenience, you can download the Call for Contributions here in ENGLISH or en ESPAÑOL.