Our Women in Prison Program

     Mother Tongue Ink donates hundreds of We'Moon datebooks to women in prison and to social service organizations every year. Your donation will help us offset the cost of shipping these books."I use We’Moon to input all good dates, troubled ones too, and above all else—my release date."  
     Since 1999, we have been offering free datebooks to women in prison and responses like this one are so rewarding: 
     A Letter of Appreciation:
     I was released from prison last year after completing my sentence. For several years you sent me your wonderful datebook free. I cannot tell you how much I used it and appreciated it. I’m a breast cancer survivor and I had to keep track of medical appointments, medicines and communications. You provided me with the tool to do that.
     Prison was a journey I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy but one I wouldn’t trade. It gave me my purpose and passion. I now work for a non-profit that brings life skills programs into the women’s prison here in Arizona to help them prepare for release. Our goal is to take this program nationally, eventually. We keep hope alive behind bars by giving them tools for a new life.
     I just wanted to thank you for all you do for the forgotten population behind prison walls. There is a constant reinforcement behind bars that you are a worthless human being that no one cares about. It means more than you can ever know to receive something like your beautiful book. It also provides hope to many who may be on the verge of losing hope.
—Sue Ellen Allen
     Help bring the joy, inspiration and spirit of We'Moon to our sisters behind bars by making your donation. Thank you!