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2024 Greeting Card 6-Pack: Featuring Women's Art from the We'Moon Datebook


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A Pack of Six Assorted Greeting Cards Featuring Beautiful Art by Women, from We’Moon 2024, with Artists' Statements on the Back

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Perfect for every witch, goddess, sister, mother and friend to share their well-wishes and blessings. Blank inside, they are wonderful for any occasion.

Send a greeting card with visionary goddess art from women around the world for solstice, birthdays and anniversaries!

There is nothing more touching to receive in the mail than a hand-written letter from a beloved. 

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or another auspicious occasion, a card brings extra joy to a celebrated day. The well-chosen card can also accompany tender words to comfort after a loss. Hand-written missives convey the love and connection we have for one another. 

Give a Greeting Card That They Will Cherish

Emails and texts are nice, but imagine your friends' eyes lighting up when they open an envelope from you, with a keepsake piece of art featured on a card containing your handwritten greetings.

Featured Art:

This painting celebrates the moon and all the synchronized calls the moonlight brings. Painted with watercolour and white gouache, this artwork is inspired by the magic of the moon, the enchantment of nature, and the florescence of night song. May Moon Call remind you to rejoice in your own voice and calling.

This piece of art also appears on page 45 of
We’Moon 2024: Luminations

These fine-art greeting cards deserve a spot on the fridge!

They are gorgeous! We painstakingly choose (by consensus, I might add) which pieces of art to feature on each card. Out of the 150+ pieces in the We'Moon Planner, we must decide on only 6! That is not always an easy task. 

Colorful Clothesline art by Nancy Waterson

Grandma’s Poppies © Nancy Watterson 2006

This painting is inspired by my grandmother, and all the mothers and grandmothers who unselfishly nurtured and taught generations of my family. Within the limitations that life gave them, they toiled to create home with their unconditional love. This piece celebrates the beauty of that gift in my life.

This piece of art also appears on page 127 of
We’Moon 2024: Luminations

Helen Seay gorgeous sunset crane art
Last Light© Helen Seay Art 2020

The crisp autumn air settles onto the valley floor, even as the blazing orange alpenglow sets fire to the Teton mountains. 
A lone Sandhill Crane spreads its wings, catching the last light of summer, paying homage to its summer home.
Gazing south, prehistoric wisdom guides the way of the long migratory journey.

This piece of art also appears on page 102 of
We’Moon 2024: Luminations

Solstice art featuring Cailleach Goddess of Winter

Solstice © Eefje Jansen 2020

Solstice is inspired by the Celtic goddess Cailleach—She who brings Winter, ruling from Samhain until Beltane. Cailleach is responsible for the important work of Winter that enables regeneration and re-setting. Solstice helps us to light our inner light when times are harsh, to renew our inner sun and to live as our true selves.

This piece of art also appears on page 172 of
We’Moon 2024: Luminations

Qutress Sending Patience art support for mothers

Sending Patience © Qutress 2020

Sending patience to the mommas. Receive by breathing deep. A deep breath before taking the next step. A deep breath before responding.

This piece of art also appears on page 155 of
We’Moon 2024: Luminations

Loving friendship greeting card art by Grace Steenberg

Sacred Reciprocity © Grace Steenberg 2020

May your life be a celebration of Love
honoring both thorn and bloom

Held in the embrace of the Great Mother
grow in beauty as the Rose

Gracefully offer your gift of Light
to the One Heart of our Universe

Awaken and see
the Sacred Reciprocity in All

This piece of art also appears on page 79 of
We’Moon 2024: Luminations

We still have Greeting Cards from 2020 as Well

Oftentimes, we sell out of the greeting card sets, as many of you know. So, we upped our print run, big time, so we would have more to offer you year after year. Have a look!

Beautiful Art Cards set of six different images

Beautiful Art Cards in a six-pack
Blank inside
Artist's statements on the card backs
6 cards with 6 envelopes in a clear cellophane wrapper
Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink
Full color
5” x 7”