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We'Moon 2020 Beautiful Cover Art Poster


A big glossy 11x17 beautiful art poster featuring...

Lioness © Saba Taj 2014

Lioness is part of a series of portraits of Muslim American women, titled An-Noor, or The Light. These works challenge the dehumanizing, hegemonic representations of Muslim women as oppressed and Other, and in need of liberation. Truly, Muslims are a combination of many parts, ever changing, complicated by diaspora. Lioness references the famous Norman Rockwell painting Rosie the Riveter. The holy book in the subject’s lap is adorned with a pattern inspired by the reproductive system, but the most impactful component of this piece is the subject herself. Her confidence radiates through her posture and her gaze

About the Artist

Saba Taj (Durham, NC) is a Pakistani-American artist based in Durham, North Carolina. Saba can be found on instagram @itssabataj, and on the web at itssabataj.com

 Product Description

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink • Full color • 11x17 • $10.00 US

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