#4 We'Moon 2016: Quantum Leap

#4 We'Moon 2016: Quantum Leap

During this lunar month, we will be exploring different interpretations of the Tower card (XVI in the Tarot Major Arcana) which is the basis for We'Moon 2016's theme. Quantum Leap gives a positive spin to how we might respond to the systemic break-downs in, around and among us: energizing the ‘growth opportunity’ we could be catapulted into when things fall apart. . .especially in this Leap Year when women take the lead!

This is the first of periodic posts throughout this Moon month (Jan. 9-Feb. 8, 2016) in a continuing conversation about what the Tower card means in our times—and which interpretation/piece of We'Moon Art best represents it...in our preliminary online selection process for choosing that card in the WeMoon Tarot Deck—now in the process of creation. Click the We'Moon Tarot link on the Sidebar of the the We'Moon website page to view the latest postings of the We’Moon Tarot Forum and join in on the continuing dialogue!

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XVII The Tower from the Tarot de St. Croix 
© Lisa de St. Croix 2013

Introduction to the Theme:
Quantum Leap Year 

Be Ready. We’Moon 2016 and her attending Goddesses take us by the scruff and walk us along the precipitous edge where disaster impends and hope defies evidence. There is no way around it: we encounter The Tower, Card XVI, as the next thematic icon in sequence for We’Moon’s journey through the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

Collapse is the story; structural disintegration is upon us. Very well then: We will go deep into cataclysm, where we find Kali, Eris, Innana, Durga, Pele. Deep into the mysteries of creation/destruction where matter and energy morph, wave becomes particle becomes wave, and nothing is constant but Change. We offer “Quantum Leap Year” as our theme for 2016, hitching a ride on the currents of transformation, daring toward the new Possible, even as known reality shivers and shakes around us...

excerpt Bethroot Gwynn © Mother Tongue Ink 2015

Kali: The Awakener from the Daughters of the Moon Tarot
Ffiona Morgan, D.O.M. © 1991

O Goddess, What IS Happening?
What shall we do as you slash and burn, Kali-Who-Destroys!
Old structures break open, meltdown inside out
from the stubborn weight of rigid power
Implosion/Explosion. Rubble-rousing-tumult. Truth Quake.
While the Storm Goddesses—Oya, Lilith, Isis—
roar mighty clouds, stir rising seas,
and their brilliant sisters—
Goddesses of Lightning—dance sudden and bright.
Welcome Tian Mu and Mekla, Fulgora and Astrape
Hurling Absolute Change—Illumination!!
Eye of the Storm. Quiet.
Chicken Little and the one hundred monkeys gather in,
expectant, eager to act.
We are in your hands, Kali-Who-Creates
Mother of each nanosecond, when particles glide into wave
and we blink into surprise orbits of energy.
Let there be New. Let us be New.
Let there be Trust in the Never Before.
Let there be Peace in the Always.
© Bethroot Gwynn 2014

 #4-2 We'Moon Tarot Forum continued . . .
         WM 2016 Moon II — Sun in Capricorn, full moon in Leo
         Tarot XVI: The Tower Card

Mu Musings on Change!
from Collapse to Quantum Leap

In our collective reaching for a positive response to the Tower card (XVI) for this Leap Year (2016), we came up with “Quantum Leap Year” as our vision of the most creative response we could energize. Particles and waves are the smallest known elements in the make up of matter, none of which are considered constants any more. On the quantum level, in their interwoven dance of creation, change happens virtually with a shimmer! Trying out all possible alternatives simultaneously, a qualitative shift occurs when enough energy accumulates to make a “quantum leap” to a new more viable state of balance. If the tiniest of elements can do it, we can too!

A tower in collapse is a potent symbol of power and powerlessness. Children know this; they delight in building blocks into towers and knocking them down, again and again. Grown men do, too, as the ruins of history show in the rise and fall of civilizations. In the phallic projections of patriarchy—when power is used to dominate rather than to join forces in mutually empowering ways—the inevitable downfall and loss of control fuels fear of vulnerability, and the vicious cycle of violence and oppression so widespread today.

What is the Quantum Leap we are being catapulted into—out of the flames of our self-destructing world order? In a Leap Year, it is the women who take the lead. Journey with us, as the year unfolds; the Phoenix on the front cover invites us to follow her and fly free!

© Musawa 2015

Kali, The Awakener
— The Tower —

Kali: The Awakener from the
Daughters of the Moon Tarot — Ffiona Morgan, D.O.M. © 1991

This is the Goddess as black Kali of India, Hindu Goddess of death, the Awakener and Destroyer. She is a fierce warrior who represents the righteous anger of Womyn awakening to destroy all oppression, or our unconscious forces destroying all illusions with the lightning of sudden understanding. The heavier the structure of falsehood or misguidedness, the more violently her intense awakening comes. This is not always painful: it can be a joyous revelation. The imprisonment that Kali's ;lightning frees us from can take many forms, in external circumstances or internalized attitudes. Kali is often seen with sword, representing the cutting edge of truth (see Blades arcana).

This card is revolution and cataclysmic change, personal or political. When such changes are resisted, they tend to appear explosively, but when warnings are observed and acted upon, the change can be most beneficial. This card is also concerned with the privilege of expressing anger. As we free ourselves, the act of expressing our true women's anger is an important one. We have a right to be angry about the unjust ways we are treated. Nevertheless, untempered rage can go too far and only destroy. Kali, The Awakener indicates only the necessary destruction for creation of good. The Goddess has always been shown in this aspect as a force that furthers life.. She is the mother who says "no" to her child for the sake of safety or growth, or our own self-nurturing moth within who sometimes manifests in shocking circumstances to shake us out of our negative patterns. If you get this card, do not let it frighten you, but be glad that you are given the opportunity to analyze your situation before it has gone further, Reversed meanings indicate that Kali's changes are being resisted, and therefore they could appear explosively. Beware of this situation at all costs.

XV the Devil card  in the Motherpeace Tarot
by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble

The Goddess is called to be with her people. She is sitting on a tower that she knows will soon crumble. She has no time to consider the danger or consequences because she is struck by lightning.

Already the world has changed. They are in the middle of solar eclipse. The people wait below. As the lightning strikes, she has a vision. She tells the people how to get to their new home.

UPRIGHT The Tower shatters the old foundations and can feel like the rug is pulled out from under her feet . . .

 . . . she is like a cat, she can land feet first and unhurt, although her landing will be harder and less graceful. Nevertheless, this is a dramatic change in the core of her psyche. The change may be external and striking like lightning. She is shocked by how different she feels and there is no going back. Sometimes the Tower is strong and sudden upwelling of life force, chi or kundalini energy in a sexual or creative way.

LEFT The Tower comes into the changes slowly or with hesitation.
RIGHT The Tower is hit hard by sudden change or fate.
REVERSED Change is slow or not disruptive. She may be unaware of what is happening and it can be a relief to have changes come more gradually.

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