#5 We'Moon 2016: Moon III — Surrender

#5 We'Moon 2016: Moon III — Surrender

#5 We'Moon 2016: Moon III
Surrender — February 8 - March 8
XVI Destruction ~ Kali
Dark Goddess Tarot © Ellen Lorenzi-Prince 2013

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Hindu Goddess of the End of Time
All the world changes.
Kali is the Hindu destroyer of worlds and the goddess of cemeteries. She is Black Mother Time. Her skin is the blue or black of the endless eternal void. Her necklace of heads stands for the severance of the ego and of ignorance. Her skirt of dismembered limbs represents humanity’s impotence in the face of her awesome reality. Her hair is wild, untamed, billowing from her like a cloak of dark fire. Skulls tumble from her hands, for even Death falls before her. . . Yet Kali is beloved by her people, for she allows them to move beyond fear. Facing the annihilation of all that is beloved and familiar, and yet persevering in their devotion and humble understanding, sets her people free.

When Kali appears:

Pray that Kali will be kind. Offer her red flowers and red foods on dark, new moon nights. Offer her theater and fireworks and charred flesh. A blood sacrifice means giving up something important, something not easy to give, something with life and meaning.

Illusions, whether cherished or not, shatter. Your personal reality crumbles along with it. Ride it out as best you can. Do not cling to any individual, scattering piece but focus on understanding the intangibles of the situation, the shift of energy that has occurred. Then you will know best how to proceed.

Do not evade dealing with something difficult, lest the crushing continue. Destruction can be slow and grinding as well as violent and sudden. Get on with it and get out from under or be dust . . .

excerpt from Dark Goddess Tarot Companion,
Copyright @ 2014 by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

XVII The Tower from the Tarot de St. Croix
© Lisa de St. Croix 2013

Lisa de St. CroixMetaphysical Artist
Lisa de St. Croix is a visionary artist, using metaphor and symbols to depict the journey of the soul through her luminous oil and watercolor paintings.

Sometimes destruction is necessary, old paradigms need to crumble. How often do we get trapped in structures that we think are safe but that really imprison us? Illumination will descend like a flash of lightning from the turbulent storms in our lives, waking us up as the Tower begins to fall. Let the Tower crash; things will evolve. As we are released from habitual patterns that no longer serve us, we fly free of our old constraints. Look and see where the blocks lie; we can use the wisdom we glean from the rubble to rebuild.

When I painted the Tower I was experiencing great changes in my life, the end of a marriage, the loss of my home and community. In fact everything around me toppled over. Like the woman flying on the back of the raven I see that I was released from a life that no longer worked for me and that I have reconstructed a way of living that suits me much better.

Lisa de St. Croix

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