Saturn: Starstruck at the Heart of the Milky Way

Saturn: Starstruck at the Heart of the Milky Way


The Planet Saturn is host to an array of rotating ice ring systems consisting of stardust captured eons ago.


The precision and subtle integrity of their bedazzling choreography sets this planet apart. Since Saturn is the most distant of the five planets easily visible to the naked eye from Earth, early astrological lore proposed that the rings of Saturn formed a “ring-pass-not” or a boundary in which consciousness is contained, beyond which lies the incomprehensible. This binding force serves to protect us from information we are unprepared to receive, or to pass beyond the limits we have set.


The five planets before Saturn that are closer to the Sun were considered within the sphere of its “ring-pass-not” and the domain of the known world. This contributed to Saturn’s representation as the master of time, setting limits in life and materialistic accomplishments. Saturn symbolizes a commitment to precedence that defines our collective past and focuses our attachments to rationality.
Although the three planets beyond Saturn are invisible to the unaided eye, our visions may symbolically pass through the sparkling lens of Saturn’s rings and transcend the limits of the known. These are referred to as transpersonal planets, as they offer an unobstructed worldview that may release us from the limitation and delusion of our separateness, and draw us closer to the realm of essential oneness.
During 2017, Saturn aligns with the galactic center, located at 27° Sagittarius. This meaningful proximity occurs three times, near March 8th, May 6th and November 25th. We may use these periods to explore when a “ring-pass-not” is operating in our own lives, in areas where we hold to circumscribed limits that keep recycling the past. We may allow for the pull of new expectations to liberate our outworn borders, and wisely proceed unbounded.
As Saturn poises at the portal of the massive black hole, which is the rotational center that spins our galaxy, it serves to expand the boundaries of our collective “ring-pass-not.” This emancipation allows us to reconnect energetically with our celestial origins, and consciously evolve our humanity.
Let’s practice beaming our soul-dusted starlight into the heart of the Milky Way, and reflect the gleam of enlightenment everywhere.


Stardust on a Mission
Out of the vastness of the galactic outback,
exploding stars birth the elements of creation.
In a continually swirling cosmic dance,
vibrating stardust disperses the source, and
fine points of matter make their way everywhere.
Cast forth in bursts of becoming,
an eruption of consciousness
coalesces with bits of promise, and
we bloom with stellar life as virgin souls.
Dust into Us.
Through us the Universe is conscious.
As star-dusted souls we each become
ongoing works of art in the celestial gallery.
We are stardust on a mission—
to enchant the world alive,
and mate with its mystery.
Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2016

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