The Big Sky View: Becoming the Wild Cards

The Big Sky View: Becoming the Wild Cards

The outer Planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, serve as symbolic transformers for downshifting to Earth the cosmic energies and higher frequencies entering into our Solar system. We each play our part as receivers and transmitters of cosmic forces, as we respond, interpret and express them into our human experience. These planets represent the transformative processes of collective change in our world. As archetypes they reflect and express aspects of the deep evolutionary motivations that drive human life, and our expansion into greater consciousness.

Currently, the cycle of Planets Uranus and Pluto, which began in the mid-1960’s with their conjunction in Virgo, figures prominently in the mythic theatre of life. In 2012 they entered into a strong, stressful aspect, the waxing 90° square. Because of retrograde motion, this aspect repeats seven times in the succeeding two+ years. On March 17, 2015, the final square aspect takes place between Uranus, now in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn. These squares stimulate energy surges, revolutionary showdowns and “wild card events” that demand attention on the world stage, and within our own psyches. During the period of these seven squares, we are being challenged by problems of immense complexity and urgency, revealing ever-deepening survival issues and affronts to our collective conscience.

Jupiter in Leo fuels our aspirations for the future as it comes into a 120° trine aspect with this planetary pair in February, and again later in June. With an infusion of enthusiasm for truth and justice, Jupiter encourages our ethical reconciliation with nature and one another. Mars arrives in Aries to conjunct Uranus just days before the final square, sparking radical communal actions. With quick wit, we could turn unexpected events into opportunities for living up to our potentials, and becoming the “wild cards” of change that we wish to see in the world. When we each risk offering our greater gifts, we help to revision and reshape the planet in which we all have a stake.

In the Mythic Theatre of Life the Planets have Starring Roles.
Pluto plays out our deepest agendas and desires, and transforms us mysteriously from the underground. In our soul searching, Pluto reveals that within the nagging existential crisis of these times, true wisdom abides-—offering us the medicine for releasing what cannot be resolved. With conscious diligence to re-center and re-ground to the Earth, we can use personal and group ritual processes to let go of content from the past, drop attachments, shed old wounds, and purge excesses. What if, with the sheer embrace of Spirit, we could inspire a prison break of the heart? We could free ourselves from patterns of withholding love, and open ourselves to respect and compassion in an expanding circle of interdependent empowerment.

Uranus plays the archetypal instigator, the provocateur that pierces through the façade of our collective trance. When revolutionary Uranus pushes us beyond our boundaries, our struggling dynamic equilibrium gets jolted with sudden releases of potency. This energy stimulates a generalized restlessness that we can use to free up novel approaches and creative exchanges. Through Uranian vision we get glimpses of the big mind system—thinking that can hone ever more complex communications and interconnections within creation. When we focus Uranus’ medicine into revitalizing collaborations for the common good, we become inspired catalysts for wholeness, and form a kinship base of divine proportions.

As Emissaries of Transcendence, Uranus and Pluto orbit together in synergy—both illuminating our struggles with the pull of darkness that capitalizes on pervasive fearfulness, and attuning our energetic relationships with the cosmic Heart/Mind/Spirit.

In this defining age of awareness,
we are the awakeners,
the mutual enchanters
of our consensus reality.
As reflections
of the jewel in space we call
we carry a new world
in our hearts.
If consciousness is above all else
then at our best,
are we collective joy?
Keep reaching.
Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2014

Sandra Pastorius AstrologerWe present to you the collection of essays written annually for We’Moon by vintage astrologer, Sandra Pastorius.  Using her unique blend of the playful and the profound, Sandra highlights current planetary events with the We’Moon theme each year. She pays special attention to the roles the outer planets play in the unfolding Mythic Theater of Life.  Each essay offers illuminations and inspirations from these heavenly “characters.”
Sandra Pastorius, aka Laughing Giraffe, (Ashland, OR) has been a practicing astrologer since 1979, and writing for We’Moon since 1990. As a Gemini she delights in blending the playful and the profound. 
Email Sandra about readings, lectures and workshops.

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