Planet Archetypes in a Changing World

Planet Archetypes in a Changing World

Archetypes of Planets and their influences in your daily life! 

How the Galactic "Synaptic" Links Us Anew


Celestial events in these times place us on a learning curve of evolutionary proportions that is testing our resiliency, and sharpening our wits, personally and collectively. Between 2012 and 2015, planets Uranus and Pluto, which are symbolic of collective actions, form a stressful exact 90°square aspect with each other seven times. Uranus sparks game changing innovations that challenge the Plutonian wealth structures of commerce, and give rise to a culture of communitarians that could reconfigure the power base.

While our responses to this square aspect propel us into uncharted territories, the Earth herself may be aligning with the womb center of our Milky Way Galaxy. In this position Earth is open to receive cosmic energies coming from deep space. Some suggest that the ball game in Mayan cosmology symbolizes this alignment, and correlates the completion of the Mayan Long Count calendar with the Galactic alignment zone from 1980 to 2016. During this period we may each energetically link up in consciousness with the heart of space. Could this grand connectivity be charging our “collective brain” with synaptic significance? Will the light of this cosmic circuitry catalyze an emerging new congruence?

As this pivotal period unfolds, archetypal forces represented by the planets may help us explore our deeper psychic connections with each other and the Universe. Use the messages offered here to stimulate the play of our consciousness with the planets, and to further our global brainstorming for the evolutionary adventures ahead. Enliven the synaptic!


Welcome the life force. You are each a miracle of elemental alchemy. As light you flicker, then flow steady, flicker, then steady. As Signal, you create your world. Delight in your authentic Self with renewed relevance.


Exceptional times grow us. When you rise to the occasion for yourselves or others in need, strength flows like sap rising through layers of resistance. You branch out beyond yourselves, reaching, becoming more.


 All our thoughts come into play in the game of consciousness. Notice, attend and speak up for the whole. Give up words to express the heart.


 “Feng shui” the future by consciously designing and directing harmonious life energy from your hearts into the world. As grace responds, keep attending the flow with love.


 Trust the trajectory of the heart with a will force full. Channel reactionary fear into focused intention. It gets easier to “Just do it” when we realize we are It.


 Come together in novel constellations; communal resonance creates frequencies that can clarify a re-truthing of reality.


 Energetic entrenchments limit the release of potentials. Give up trying to capture time. Just honor each moment for itself, as a teaching and another link in eternity.


 All beings are caught in the same net for global survival. It is a puzzle with many paths and solutions. Together you can improvise, reconfigure and liberate with an inclusive interconnectedness that promotes sustainability for all.


Any sense of separateness from the whole is a perceptual delusion in this holographic dimension. As your circle of compassion widens to embrace all creation, love lifts the veil of misperception. Cultivate the aspiration to awaken.


 We have the power of paradigms to wield our wisdom. Through us a new sanity is taking hold. Know who you are. Now rename the world.
Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2012

Sandra Pastorius AstrologerWe present to you the collection of essays written annually for We’Moon by vintage astrologer, Sandra Pastorius.  Using her unique blend of the playful and the profound, Sandra highlights current planetary events with the We’Moon theme each year. She pays special attention to the roles the outer planets play in the unfolding Mythic Theater of Life.  Each essay offers illuminations and inspirations from these heavenly “characters.”

Sandra Pastorius, aka Laughing Giraffe, (Ashland, OR) has been a practicing astrologer since 1979, and writing for We’Moon since 1990. As a Gemini she delights in blending the playful and the profound. 

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