The Yoga of Kinship: Cyclical and Evolutionary Shifts around 2012

The Yoga of Kinship: Cyclical and Evolutionary Shifts around 2012

Astrology provides us a profound symbolic language for understanding our participation in the flow of the cosmos. Over eons human beings have engaged in a co-creative relationship with the heavenly bodies circling in our skies. Wisdom is awakened when we use our own inner observatories, and through our own angle of perception, bring the phenomena of the world into focus.
During the cluster of years around 2011, Uranus energizes Aries, Pluto plunders Capricorn, and Saturn focuses Libra and Scorpio. These transforming planets form a “T-square” aspect (three planets 90° apart). This is a significant configuration that represents the crucible of tensions, dilemmas and double-bind situations that we are facing in our personal and collective evolution. It calls on us to confront the selfish adherence to superficial rewards that rob the quality of life from future generations. It is like a square table with three legs that keeps tipping towards its missing point. Engaging the fourth cardinal sign of Cancer can allow us to restore balance, and reset our priorities. What resources we bring to this table, and how we serve and share among us, will be critical in defining the ascent or the decline of our humanity. We can choose to practice a “yoga of kinship” that values the integrity of the Earth and her people. The glyph for the Sign of Cancer, when seen as “mirrored seeds” (  ), is a rich image of the design of creation. Visualizations using this holographic symbol could help us to unify the fragmentary nature of our world. As we come to recognize in each other our innate oneness, we will open in a heart-centered resonance with the life-giving divine Feminine.
There is a confluence of prophecy and mythic meaning from the Hopi, Maya, and Hindu traditions that considers this period as pivotal to our human destiny. The Mayan Long Count calendar ends a 5,125-year era on December 21st, 2012 (dates do vary). The calendar points to a harvesting of our history, or the “end of time” as we know it. According to some interpretations this is when the evolution of our human consciousness reaches an omega point, and we wake up to celebrate the Day of Creation in another cycle. While apocalyptic visions may abound, how we use this full dimensional identity crisis that is underway could be what saves us. With realities in flux, relinquishing our perceptions of separateness will allow us to engage fully in our conscious evolution. Let us infuse our survival instincts and strategies with enlightened wisdom to expand our capacities as a human family. We must ennoble each other to act from our highest potential. We are the prophecies moving forward in time.
Here are some planetary transit “take-home messages” to guide our unfolding. Hone your imaginations. Will the footsteps we leave behind head off the cliff, or up the mountain . . . or?

Saturn in Libra moving into Scorpio (2010–2014): All Our Relations
I am another you. Use the pole shift of values now underway for wise reconciliations of oppositional stances. Honor our word with First World peoples. Offer up our wounds to heal. Bear witness. In love we trust. Justice rules.

Uranus in Aries (2011–2018): Survival of the Wittist
Individual authenticity rescues the whole. Keep and use your wits. Face adversity with spontaneous innovative adaptations free from the restraints of fear. Reframe problems - rename solutions. Be resilient. Wildness rules.

Neptune in Pisces (2011–2025): Can Beauty Save the World?
We save what we love. Illusions and reflections, oh my. Image our shift from polarity consciousness to the field of unity consciousness. Become a source of light. Awaken the inner eye. Be seen. Bless the way. Resonance rules. 

Pluto in Capricorn (2008–2023): The Rudder of Reality
Shared accountability holds us up. Character building for all. Periodically reverse course and throw off dubious accumulations. Reveal the hidden order of our deepest connections. Be kinship makers. Recognition rules.

by Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2010

Sandra Pastorius, aka Laughing Giraffe, astrologer since 1979, writing for We'Moon since 1990.
We present to you the collection of essays written annually for We’Moon by vintage astrologer, Sandra Pastorius.  Using her unique blend of the playful and the profound, Sandra highlights current planetary events with the We’Moon theme each year. She pays special attention to the roles the outer planets play in the unfolding Mythic Theater of Life.  Each essay offers illuminations and inspirations from these heavenly “characters.”
Sandra Pastorius, aka Laughing Giraffe, (Ashland, OR) has been a practicing astrologer since 1979, and writing for We’Moon since 1990. As a Gemini she delights in blending the playful and the profound. 
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