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Holiday Season is
in full swing!

The tradition of gift giving at Winter Solstice arose to help keep our hearts' fires burning through the long, cold winter. This year, gift your mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, classmate, lover, co-worker, wife, friend, babysitter and dog walker with a We'Moon, so they can curl up by the heart-fire with a book that lasts through the seasons!

Silver Wheel at the
Winter Solstice

At this cold low of the sun-star
so deep in her circle of time
we fold the dark over ourselves,
keep warm in its skyblack counterpane.

Zodiac sequins are sparks
of fire that delights us,
telling us stories of chimera and ice,
fire-drakes and wonders—
this is do-nothing time, being-time
staying cocooned in Her mystery...

¤ Rose Flint 2009

Timekeepers' Special $32

Includes one each of
the following:

  • We’Moon 2016 datebook
  • 2016 We’Moon on the Wall calendar

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timekeepers special

Essentials a Go-Go $39

Includes one each of the following:

  • We’Moon 2016 datebook
  • 2016 Greeting Card 6-pack
  • 2016 Organic Cotton ToteBag featuring We'Moon 2016 cover art

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essentials a go-go

Goddess Pack $62

Includes one each of the following:

  • We’Moon 2016 datebook
  • We'Moon 2016 Wall Calendar
  • 2016 Greeting Card 6-pack
  • 2016 Organic Cotton
    ToteBag featuring We'Moon 2016 cover art

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Goddess Pack

The Wild Witchy
Celebration Pack $39

Includes one each of the following:

  • We’Moon 2016 datebook
  • The Last Wild Witch children's book
  • 2016 Organic Cotton
    ToteBag featuring We'Moon 2016 cover art

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We'Moon 2016 Datebook Cover











We'Moon 2016 Cover Art:
The Phoenix © Josephine Wall 2011

We'Moon 2016:
Quantum Leap Year
Now in its 35th year, the We'Moon datebook is a famed astrological moon calendar, earth-spirited handbook and visionary collection of women's creative work.

This year's theme—Quantum Leap Year—spins Extraordinary as the norm, while known reality shivers and shakes around us.

Invoking the mythic Phoenix as it rises from cataclysm into rebirth, We'Moon 2016 reflects on upheaval and renewal, challenge and gifteliciting our most daring personal and collective magic

Datebooks · Wall Calendars · Cards · Posters

Order Online or to order by phone, you can call us directly: 
 (toll free: 877-693-6666)
We always enjoy the personal connection of talking with you.
We appreciate your loyalty and love of We'Moon year after year!
We'Moon on the Wall 2016 / Click to Purchase   We'Moon 2016 Greeting Cards / Click to purchase
We'Moon on the Wall 2016 Greeting Card 6-Pack

A gorgeous 12x12 inch wall calendar featuring inspired art and writing from We'Moon 2016. Key astrological information, interpretive articles, daily moon phases.


Six images from We’Moon 2016, chosen for their beautiful depiction of compelling ideas worth sharing. Blank inside—great for any occasion—artist's statement on the back.

We'Moon 2016 Organic Cotton Totebag / Click to order  
2016 Organic Cotton Totebag We'Moon 2016 Cover Poster

Sturdy canvas organic cotton tote bag featuring full color cover art. 13.5" x 13.75" with heavy duty 26" straps. Limited quantities.


Stunning glossy 11x17 datebook cover poster. "The Phoenix," a dynamic image of rebirth from cataclysm, by Josephine Wall.

is now available as an eBook!

30 Years of We'Moon Anthology: In The Spirit of We'Moon
The groundbreaking print version has sold out! So...
We are offering this treasured Anthology in electronic format! Dive into the depths of the first 30 years of We'Moon anywhere you are. Learn about how We'Moon began, and relax into hundreds of pages filled with luscious art and writing.
Visit our Anthology page to learn more
about this wonderful compilation art, writing and stories from 30 Years of We'Moon.
Click to download from iTunes!

Click here to download from Amazon!
Click here for reduced prices on We'Moon 2015 products.


The Last Wild Witch
by StarHawk
Illustrated by Lindy Kehoe
Winner of the Silver Nautilus Award

An Eco-Fable for Kids and Other Free Spirits, written by Starhawk and illustrated by Lindy Kehoe. The work they have created is an exciting new contribution to earth-loving literature for children of all ages.

Mother Tongue Ink's gorgeous book is a tale of how the perfect children of the perfect town let a little wildness in them, found their joy and courage, and saved the last wild Witch and the last magic forest from disappearing. The Last Wild Witch is a fable for our time.

Order online or call:
or 1.877.693.6666

Please check out our video about The Last Wild Witch. For a fun romp through some of the beautifully illlustrated pages of The Last Wild Witch narrated by Starhawk herself, with musical accompaniment by Myshkin.
View the Broomstix teaching guide for The Last Wild Witch online or download the teaching guide here for free. Great for the classroom, or at home. For kids and adults. What a fun idea for a festive October Book Club gathering!

We'Moon Errors and Corrections 2015 / 2016
We'Moon 2015:
Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27th is incorrectly noted for the 28th in the We'Moon on the Wall 2015. The Total Eclipse of Super Moon in Aries will apex at 7:48 pm, and will be visible from the East Pacific, the Americas, Europe, Africa and West Asia.

We'Moon 2016:
Apologies to Rita Loyd for the misprint in her bio. It should read:
Rita Loyd (Huntsville, AL) is a watercolor artist and a writer. The message of her work is about the healing power of unconditional self-love. Her book is entitled, Unconditional Self-Love and she also offers a self-love message card deck. You can visit Rita's website or send an email. Rita's work appears on p. 126.

Mother Tongue Ink publishes creative work by women,
celebrating earth-based spirituality and visions for a changing world.
Since 1981, MTInk has published We'Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn,
the earth-spirited datebook and inspired collection of women's art and writing.
Blessings on your year from the We'Moon Collective.
Thanks to you all for your continued support.
Blessed Be!

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