We'Moon 2020 Organic Cotton Tote: a beautiful bag featuring the art of Saba Taj!


100% Organic Cotton tote bag, proudly displaying the cover of We’Moon 2020

Saba Taj's "Lioness" part of a series of portraits of Muslim American women, titled An-Noor, or The Light. These works challenge the dehumanizing, hegemonic representations of Muslim women as oppressed and Other, and in need of liberation. Truly, Muslims are a combination of many parts, ever changing, complicated by diaspora. Lioness references the famous Norman Rockwell painting Rosie the Riveter. The holy book in the subject’s lap is adorned with a pattern inspired by the reproductive system, but the most impactful component of this piece is the subject herself. Her confidence radiates through her posture and her gaze.

Product Description:

Perfect for stowing all of your goodies in style.

100% organic cotton tote • 13”x14” with heavy-duty 26” straps


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