We'Moon 2018 Cover Poster


A big glossy 11 x 17 poster featuring...

Featuring the beautiful We’Moon 2018 cover art by Ashely Josephine Foreman “Water is Life,” meditation on the celestial matrix of creation.

From the oceans which spawned the first living organisms, to the waters within the womb that give birth to new generations, water is the mother and matrix of life. Water nourishing us with lessons of sensitivity, receptivity, and gentle strength to honor our intuition, and trust in the flow. I dedicated this painting to Allison, who embodies the wisdom of water.

Ashely Josephine Foreman Primarily a painter, I’ve been working a lot in themes related to shamanism and the divine feminine. Combining intuition and technique, my focus is to create feeling-based representations of the cartography of healing, inspired from personal experience and inner vision.

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink • Full color • 11” x 17” • $10.00 US • Available August 2017

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