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Final due date: August 15, 2016
The Call for Contributions for We'Moon 2018: La Luna is now closed.
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La Luna! 
Shapeshifter!   Magician of the Night.
Now we see you—Now we don't
Now we see you again
How astonished we were, deep in the original eon
when humanity was a babe
and we first saw the darkness gobble you up.
then saw you grow back—over and over.
How can this be?
We bow down with awe, reach to you in wonder.
Jezanna, Ixchel, Hina, Menos
We call you by innumerable names
Selene, Anahita, Neith, Mama Quilla
We worship you with terror and praise
Mother of Life and Death     Mother of Time
We scratch days on our calendar bones . . .
Lo! We bleed—just so—as you dance   you mirror
Steady is your rhythm         Magnet Mother
You pull our blood, you pull the Great Waters
capillaries and pools, eddies and plasma.
Dreams and hunches. Madness, Illusion.
Changing Woman   you hold, you yield   flood and recede
befriend darkness, unveil soft light.
Born to walk your Moonwise path, we trust
Your Revolution.
Blessed Be.
© Bethroot Gwynn 2016

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For 2018, the pages of We'Moon get to wax truly full with Moon! Our thematic cycle brings us to Tarot card XVIII: The Moon—a satisfying convergence for a lunar calendar. And so we invoke La Luna with all our might. Take heart: Transformation is Her specialty, and we pray Her powers of re-direction for a suffering planet, for desperate peoples and all who seek new guidance.

Lunar power does not come heavy-handed nor obvious. Subtle reflections stir hidden layers of feeling and intuition, open us to psychic surprise. We associate La Luna's lessons with the integrated body-mind wisdom of conscious womanhood, accepting the molecular, cyclic experience of embodied impermanence.

We invite your Moon-mused gifts of art and writing for the 2018 journey. Circle us into your cycles of understanding. Let the Queen of Change bathe you with Her inspiration! 

What Moon lore from the many cultures of the world do you especially love? Tell us your favorite story about La Luna's birth. What does She whisper to you? How does She guide your rituals?

How do your blood cycles connect with the Moon's waxing and waning? What happens to our sense of ebb and flow when we no longer have our bloods? How do women around the world and in different cultures share Moon connections?

Does sensuality come alive, fantasy stir the spirit, when the Moon glows bright? What MoonSpells have possessed you? What does the Moon teach us about love, infatuation and sex?

Does the Moon time-travel you into past lives? Future ones? Tell us about the influences of each phase; how does the moon track time? How does the Moon’s journey through the zodiac affect our MoonWaters of emotion? La Luna, Timekeeper of crops, how do you do it?! How does your fullness, your emptiness, affect plant life?

What Moon Wisdoms are available to us for creating a more peaceful world? What does the Moon teach us about subtle powers? If Moon were in charge, how would she govern? How does the Moon connect us with our deep collective past? Where do you see herstory being repeated/recycled?

How can we trust the flow of change when survival of life on the planet is at risk? Mother of Tides, what are we to make of the rising seas? How can we ride the push/pull of these sea changes? What does the Moon show us about cycles of life and death?

What teaching does the Moon offer for entering our own dark times? How does MoonShadow affect your connection to the world? What difficult habits and behaviors pull on you? What do you know of Lunacy? What IS on the dark side of the Moon? Show us your underworld!

How has La Luna illuminated your path? What Moon wisdoms do you perceive in yourself and other women? Where do you see Intuition performing her magic, channeling her Muses?

Please read the Submission Guidelines carefully.

Submission Due Date is August 15, 2016
We do not accept digital submissions. All submissions must be sent in by physical copy.
Click here to Download The We'Moon 2018 Call for Contributions.
For printed copies of the Call, send a SASE to: We’Moon PO Box 187, Wolf Creek OR 97497. Let us know how many copies you would like, for yourself and your friends. International contributors may send an email requesting printed Call(s).
Each piece of art and writing is circulated at Weaving Circles where dozens of women give preliminary feedback. This process is quite complicated which makes following these guidelines important! We may not consider work that does not meet these guidelines. We accept submissions that are being reviewed simultaneously by other publishers. Do not send originals, no submissions will be returned.
Send submissions to: We’Moon PO Box 187, Wolf Creek OR 97497
To reduce our ecological footprint, please do not send glossy prints, plastic sheet protectors, CDs, or other non-recyclable items.
With each submission please enclose:
1) a completed and signed Contributor's License, and photographer and model release forms for photos as required.
2) a self-addressed stamped envelope for notification and for receiving a new Call for Contributions. (If you are outside the US, you do not need to include a stamp.) We notify contributors in June of the current year to let you know whether or not your work was chosen for the next publication.
PLEASE Label Your Work carefully:

a) Label on the back of each piece like this:
( title of piece © your name 1972 ) Title of piece, copyright symbol, date created.
b) Send reproductions of your work on plain paper, 8.5 x 11 maximum, one image per page. No more than 16 pieces.
If your work isn chosen for the current publication, you will be contacted for a 300ppi digital image. This image could be from 5-12 inches.
a) Label each piece like this: 
( title of piece © your name 1972 ) Title of piece, copyright symbol, date created.
b) One entry per 8.5 X 11 inch letter-sized paper; do not send originals. Eight pieces of writing maximum
c) Prose is limited to 350 words.
d) Poetry should not exceed 35 lines (12 words/line).
Do not send manuscripts, chapbooks or work in any bound form.

a) Label on the back of each piece like this: 
( title of piece © your name 1972 ) Title of piece, copyright symbol, date created.
b) One photo per page. 8.5 x 11 inches maximum.
a)If you are submitting photography, you will need to send in a release form. Download the photographer's release form. A photo with a human subject or model in it, requires a signed subject/model release form from each individual in the photo. Include this form along with your license and submission. Download the subject/model release form.
• Compensation for each published piece of art or writing is two complimentary We’Moon datebooks.
• Small honorariums will be given for some (not all) works, depending on size and placement.
• All published contributors will get a 40% discount off the purchase price of We’Moon datebook products which include your work.
• The front cover artist will receive $350, the back cover artist, $250, plus extras. Artwork and writing published in the We'Moon datebook may also be chosen to be included inWe’Moon on the Wall and/or We’Moon Greeting Cards, for which additional compensation will be given.