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Email Submissions

How to Submit your Poetry, Art and Writing to We’Moon Online via Email:

What Was Given © Robin Lea Quinlivan 2009

Greeting's Creative Goddesses! We are so excited you want to submit work for possible publication in We'Moon!

We are always thrilled to receive more inspired work to consider. Please read the following directions carefully, and reach out to us HERE if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.


Due date for submissions: August 1st, 2022!
We are currently not accepting submissions for We'Moon 2023. We will reopen for submissions in the Spring of 2022! 

How to Submit your Poetry, Art and Creative Writing

Have a read through our Call for Contributions, which includes the license form as well as thematic information and inspiration for the upcoming edition of We'Moon. Then, submitting your work is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  

  1. Completed a License 

  2. Prepare files of your Art and/or Writing submissions

  3. Send them as attachments to MotherTongue

Here are the detailed instructions. Please read them through and follow them carefully: 

1) Attach a completed license saved with the file named in this format: YOUR CREDIT NAME LICENSE.PDF (example: Cerulean Tango License.PDF)

This can be done electronically. Download the PDF, open it in Preview or Acrobat, fill it out completely, and make sure to re-save the document and re-name it with the new file name. Alternatively, this document can be printed and filled out by hand. Take a photo of the license with your phone and attach the image, or scan it back onto the computer. Name the file with the correct name, and attach it to the email.

***Note: If you are unable to sign the license electronically, don't panic!

We will gladly accept written forms of signatures in the email. Example: I (your name) give permission to We'Moon to publish my work, this is my electronic signature. 

2) Attach up to 8 different pieces of writing, or 16 pieces of art.

  • Each page of art or writing should contain the copyright information: Title, copyright symbol, your credit name, year. (Example: Sunshine Makes Me Smile © Cerulean Tango 2018) directly on the page if possible. 
  • Save and title each file as: TITLE CREDIT-NAME YEAR.PDF (example: Sunshine Makes Me Smiles Cerulean Tango 2018.PDF)
  • Each piece should be in its OWN file with its OWN file name.
  • Formats we accept are: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, DOC, DOCX.
  • For artwork: Please keep your file size down to 1 MB or less. If your work is chosen for publication, we will contact you to request a higher resolution digital file.
  • For Writing: Limit Prose to 350 words maximum. Poetry should not exceed 35 lines (12± words per line). Limit your written word submissions to one side of one page. If you are not able to comfortably format it onto one single page, it is too long to submit. Please edit or excerpt it for our consideration.
  • No need to send a SASE if you are submitting via email. We'll contact you on your email regarding our publication decisions. 

3) Label the subject of the email: Submissions for We'Moon

 . . . And send that baby in to MotherTongue!

We will contact you in the Spring to let you know whether or not your work has been selected for publication.

For more instructions, information about compensation, etc, visit our landing page for We'Moon Submission.

 Many Blessings,

 The We'Moon Creatrix Team

 Contact info: MotherTongue or 1-877-693-6666 or 541-956-6052