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We offer day by day reports on most all inner or personal planet aspects, along with major astrological movements, transits and ingresses. 

Every month, we post the yearly horoscope for the Sun Sign that we are currently in.

These are the Year at a Glance writings that are published in the We'Moon astrological planner, and they cover January through December for each sign, so don't wait until your birthday month to read your prediction. Find them in the We'Moon Planner or visit our blog, Signs of the Zodiac for more information! 

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Astrology 101 Intro for weekly forecasts: 

Aspects are listed in fine print under the Moon sign each day within the pages of the We'Moon datebook and bulleted by day in within the Starcodes. They show the angle of relationship between different planets as they move. Daily aspects provide something like an astrological weather forecast, indicating which energies are working together easily and which combinations are more challenging. 

Transits are the motion of the planets and the moon as they move among the zodiacal constellations and in relationship to one another. 

Ingresses in astrology are when the Sun, Moon and planets move into new signs. 

Astrological Aspects and their meaning: 

  • Conjunction: Planets are 0-5 degrees apart. Linked together, energy is mutually enhancing
  • Opposition Planes are 180 degrees apart. Polarizing or complementing, energies are diametrically opposite. 
  • Trine: Planets are 120 degrees apart. Harmonizing, energies of this aspect are in the same element. 
  • Square: Planets are 90 degrees apart. Challenging, energies of this aspect are different from each other. 
  • Sextile: Planets are 60 degrees apart. Cooperative, energies of this aspect blend well. 

Year at a Glance for Sun in Libra
Astrological sign for Libra
September 22 - October 22, 2021 

Fox traveling in the night under full moon
Fox © Robin Quinliven 2016

This year, the focus is on closing the door on negative self-talk and opening the door to seeing the beauty bubbling within you. You may face obstacles that keep you stuck in the realm of ideas rather than action. Expressing yourself creatively gets you out of your head and out of your own way. Take a risk through art-making, writing, music or community engagement.

On the romance front, you may be tempted by people you aren’t normally attracted to. These unusual encounters can help you release sexual limitations and recover greater authenticity. If you have children in your life, they can be remarkable teachers of how to use your creativity as a force for social change —and of how to be creative just for fun.

In late Spring, you may feel inspired to broaden your knowledge of the world. Studying subjects like ethics, spirituality, or journalism might be especially suited for you during this time. Whatever the topic, it’s time to break out of your usual ways of seeing the world and get educated on areas of life that are entirely new to you.

In the Fall, you will receive a boost of energy to put your dreams into action. This year is a lot about letting go of cynical tendencies and allowing the contradictions within you to breathe. While it’s easy for you to get caught in either/or thinking, you are learning how opposites create more beauty and balance when they are blended together.

Rhea Wolf © Mother Tongue Ink 2021

Rhea Wolf Astrologer photograph

Rhea works to tear down the racist patriarchy through words, witchcraft, & workshops. The author of The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories, and Time and Which is Witch zines, Rhea is also a prison activist, mother, and teaches at the Portland School of Astrology. 

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photo of Heather Roan Robbins Popular Astrologer

Weekly Starcodes—Planetary Aspect Interpretations & Predictions

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.
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Starcodes for the week of September 24, 2021 

Receiving © Francene Hart 2003
Receiving © Francene Hart 2003
Slow down, get centered, and connect with the heart. Anything we do to clear the air, calm ourselves and our surroundings, and dwell in the moment furthers. It’s a wonderful week for meditation and visioning, for listening deeply to the soul. Everything else may take some extra effort.

The planet that symbolizes our thinking, our communication and our transportation, Mercury, is now friendly Libra, dealing with one supportive aspect and one truly trying aspect. A supportive trine to expansive Jupiter encourages us to be optimistic and think big. But Mercury also forms a tough square to intense Pluto and brings up all our oldest issues around whether or not we feel heard, and a tendency to imagine the worst-case scenarios. While this attitude hits the stock market, we don’t have to be so volatile. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday, as it does three times a year for about three weeks each time, will run back and forward over those aspects twice more by November.

Mercury retrograde is one of the best-known astrological phenomena because it’s so clear and tangible in its results. Technical snafus can pile up, misunderstandings proliferate as our thinking can slow down or get circuitous, though it’s a wonderful time to reconnect, revisit, and restore and catch up on our work. Mercury challenges us most when it appears to hold still as it turns retrograde and then again when it turns direct. We know this appearance is just an apparent phenomenon caused by the differences between our orbit and that of Mercury, but the symbolism holds true.

So, for the next month practice good Mercury retrograde skills. Stay present and in the moment, don’t get lost in the past even when old wounds get triggered. Check for misunderstandings in all directions. Pay extra attention when driving or traveling and keep a good book or cell phone on board for delays. Confirm all reservations and assumptions.

DEsert Door © Diane Lee Moomey 2009-stepping stones lead up to a door to the beyond

Desert Dance © Diane Lee Moomey 2009

While Mercury and Mars now in Libra bring generally good will, can help us cheer the peacemakers, or bring out our passive-aggressive side. Venus in Scorpio can make it harder to let go of those old personal triggers once they’re set off and can bring out possessiveness or territoriality around relationships. We may need to deal with resentment of our toes get stepped on. We can sense honest mixed messages in relationships as Mars in Libra encourages friendly connection, and Venus in Scorpio may increase our need for intensity and privacy.

Start the weekend by just simple follow through on what has already started, and work on completing unfinished projects under a pragmatic Taurus moon. The Moon enters Gemini as Mars trine Saturn on Saturday evening, easing our communication and travel even as Mercury appears to hold still.  Sunday night and early into next week, stay situationally aware and prioritize safety. We begin to see the delays, and the side agendas that will call us to change our plans for the short term. Creativity abounds midweek as Venus trines Neptune and squares Jupiter, we lead with our hearts and our creative process, just confirm all practical details.

Friday, September 24: Slow and steady does it.   Watch for a sudden wildcard which needs tending as the Taurus Moon conjuncts Uranus, and which can lead to misunderstandings; keep the heart open, slow the situation down, and check each step. Amplify good will. Let everyone unwind and be comforted tonight.

Moon conjunct Uranus 10:55 AM, Moon oppose Venus 2:15 PM.

Saturday, September 25: Engage steady competence, deal with work in progress as Mars constructively trines Saturn. Reorganize, adjust; consider using this wave of competence to prepare for the change in seasons. Make connections and sketch plans for future work now under that industrious trine but follow them up in a few weeks after Mercury turns direct. Tonight, relax and be amused as the Moon enters talkative Gemini; reminisce with fresh understanding.

Moon sextile Neptune 1:23 AM, Moon square Jupiter 4:48 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:09 AM, Mars trine Saturn 3:49 PM, Moon enters Gemini 6:36 PM.

Sunday, September 26: Converse over brunch as the Gemini Moon forms a grand trine with Sun, Mars, and Saturn. Process the past and engage the present moment, but remember the future is just penciled in. Make no promises. Mercury turns retrograde tonight, and everything slows down. Travel with care.

Moon trine Sun 1:35 AM, Moon trine Saturn 8:56 AM, Moon trine Mars 9:58 AM, Mercury retrogrades 11:10 PM.

Monday, September 27: The talkative, mobile, nervous Gemini Moon forms another grand trine with Mercury and Jupiter which increases information flow; this both ease the transition into Mercury retrograde and can cause a few problems. Information flows but some of it will be specious, too many words and ideas, too many projections of hopes and fears with not enough grounding. Engage in conversation, but sort carefully.

Moon square Neptune 2:10 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:24 PM, Moon trine Mercury 10:18 PM.

Diaspora © Toni Truesdale
Diaspora © Toni Truesdale 2009
Tuesday, September 28: It’s a wonderful morning to sleep in late and stay cozy as the Moon enters domesticating Cancer. Comfort foods, hot chocolate, and kind words further; keep expectations reasonable and offer reassurance. Watch a tendency to blame others to avoid blame on oneself midday. We’re all wading through this together.

Moon enters Cancer 7:34 AM, Moon square Sun 7:56 PM.

Wednesday, September 29: Our compassion and vision, creativity, and the potential for romantic sparks heats up as Venus trines Neptune, just be clear about interpersonal signals. Make aesthetic decisions and be fed by beauty. Our bravery may collide with the need to feel safe and secure; find a balance between the comfort zone and advocating for a better situation for all as the Cancer Moon squares the sun and Mars in Libra. Be willing to take the logical and sane next step forward as the Sun trines Saturn tonight.

Moon square Mars 2:16 AM, Venus trine Neptune 10:13 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 11:53 AM, Sun trine Saturn 4:19 PM.

Thursday, September 30: The Cancer moon, and Venus square Jupiter, create an overflowing river of feelings as it forms a grand trine with Venus and Neptune, we may be responding to an ending or a ghost from the past as the Moon opposes Pluto this morning. Stay in the present moment, stay present with one another, and don’t jump to conclusions. It is a reasonable thing to ask for reassurance, but it is still our own responsibility to stay centered and to take care of ourselves. The Moon enters Leo tonight which can make us more self-centered, or open or our hearts in generosity, it’s up to us how we respond.

Moon trine Neptune 2:16 AM, Moon trine Venus 3:43 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 7:54 AM, Moon square Mercury 8:48 AM, Venus square Jupiter 5:13 PM, Moon enters Leo 6:53 PM.

Starcodes for the week of September 17, 2021

Make hay while the Sun shines in industrious Virgo this week; get organized and sketch in plans for the fall even though they need to stay flexible and will continue to evolve throughout the season. Get some good solid chunks of work out of the way and clear the decks now before Mercury retrogrades from September 26 through October 18 and asks us to slow down, check our assumptions, and review.

women dancing and playing drums
Mercury is in its shadow—that part of the zodiac it (appears to) back over as it retrogrades--and so Mercurial things are already getting complicated. Allow extra time to straighten out technical snafus and drive with extra awareness. 

Underneath this Virgoan industriousness feelings will run deep and strong this week as emotional Venus in Scorpio squares serious Saturn and then opposes Uranus, a pattern which can bring up our trust issues as well as our abiding love and respect for those who’ve earned our trust and instigate changes in how we express ourselves.

That emotional tension is softened by Mercury and Mars now in equitable Libra, which adds a touch of hopeful romance, but also increases romantic expectations. For those in the market, keep eyes open for new ways to form connections. To support ongoing relationships, add an extra touch of appreciation and gratitude. Look at how the household chores and emotional weightlifting is shared and make sure it feels good. Right now, we’d really rather not fight, can be conflict avoidant, but may be willing to fight for what is fair and equitable. Exemplify diplomatic honesty and take that willingness to fight for a good cause out into the world.

This weekend begins under a sociable Aquarius Moon which brings our attention to our family, community, and country, great for socializing in a safe and healthy way. By Saturday evening the mood is more introverted as the waxing Moon enters Pisces. We may overflow with all kinds of emotions through Monday’s full Moon in Pisces, so respond to vulnerability with kindness.

An impatient Aries Moon on Tuesday can make our tails twitch, leaving us easily fed up with what seems like hogwash unless we can turn this impatience into productivity. Autumn commences on Wednesday with a bittersweet note as the Sun enters Libra at 1:20 PM MDT and Mercury squares Pluto.

fox travels under the full moon.

Fox © Robin Quinliven 2016

Communication usually flows through open minds on the week of the equinox, but as thoughtful Mercury also squares Pluto, we may need to deal with issues of power, loss, and personal empowerment.  Some event in our life or headlines can remind us that all is not well with the world--we have work to do. It can feel like nobody understands us, or the people in our lives just aren’t listening, which can be depressing and cause us to push people away towards the end of the week as Venus opposes reactive Uranus. Let’s think carefully about what really needs to change and preserve the beauty in our life even as we create difference.

Over the next few weeks Mercury forms a tough square to deep Pluto, turns retrograde, squares it again, turns direct- and backs up over it a third time. Research will be productive, interesting secrets will be exposed, hidden processes revealed, projects completed- all of which can be both liberating and frustrating as thoughtful It can bring up poignant memories and tweak our thinking process. It can stir up habits of depression, worry, or obsession so let’s pay attention how we use our mental muscles, and make good changes.

Friday, September 17: Our thinking grows crisp and sharp midday after a slow morning as Mercury quincunx Neptune. Take advantage of that clear moment. If some old trust stirs as Venus square Saturn, don’t bother getting suspicious but do stay aware and observant. Groups may flow easier than individual connection, we’re not feeling particularly intimate under the Aquarius Moon, but do enjoy company.

Venus square Saturn 12:14 AM, Moon square Uranus 10:44 AM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 10:17 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:35 PM.

Saturday, September 18: It’s a great day to gather, connect, and schmooze with the community as the Aquarius Moon conjunct Jupiter. Our mood sensitizes midafternoon as the Moon enters Pisces, it’s easy to get awkward if we’re suddenly slightly self-conscious as some emotional process catches up with us. Tonight, people won’t have much tolerance for other’s expectations and need to be exactly where they are.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 3:14 AM, Moon enters Pisces 2:22 PM.

Sunday, September 19: Our sense of time can be way off. We can feel soft and tender on the inside which can make us defend easily on the outside. It’s easy to get our feelings hurt and to be touchy about it, and bliss to feel heard and accepted. Make it safe to be sensitive and beauty flows as the Pisces Moon trines Venus.

Moon trine Venus 8:25 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 4:25 PM.

women holding hands in a line in front of the full moon-shadowa on the clouds-moon sistersMoon Sisters © Jakki Moore 2016

Monday, September 20: Early uncertainty expands quickly into possibilities as Mercury trines Jupiter midday. Tempers flare where our feels are hurt-- but gratitude flows where we feel safe. Emotions swelled to high tide as the Moon waxes full in Pisces at 5:54 PM then enters impatient Aries at 9:12 PM. Use that early sensitivity to introspect, then make proactive decisions in response tonight under that Aries assertiveness.

Moon conjunct Neptune 5:39 AM, Venus quincunx Chiron 10:12 AM, Moon sex tile Pluto 10:44 AM, Mercury trine Jupiter 4:52 PM, Moon opposed the Sun 5:54 PM, Moon enters Aries 9:12 PM.

Tuesday, September 21: Urgency nudges us to get moving this last full day of summer as the Aries Moon opposes abrupt Mars. Deadlines loom, though most of them are self-imposed, people will not wait patiently. Investigate what needs to be completed, summarized, or instigated. Strange moods cloud the horizon, communication and travel issues can be problematic; go safely and gently tonight.

Moon opposed Mars 5:02 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:43 AM.

Wednesday, September 22: Accidents and angst can increase as Mercury perfects its square to Pluto this morning, so prioritize safety. Be aware of surgical decisions that need to be made, engage endings and new beginnings. Watch the headlines for powerful pivot points. We may feel unusually poignant and melancholic about the change of seasons as the Sun enters Libra at 1:20 PM MDT. The equinox can open the portals for communication, let’s use that productively. Evening brings a healthier and easier perspective after the Moon finishes an opposition to Mercury around 8 PM.

Mercury is square Pluto 7:11 AM, Sun enters Libra 1:22 PM, Moon sex tile Jupiter 5:42 PM, Moon square Pluto 7:37 PM, Moon opposed Mercury 8:04 PM.

Thursday, September 23: Two horses can pull us in opposite directions: the Taurus Moon wants us to just slow down and get comfortable while Venus opposes Uranus and urges us to charge off, walk away from any difficult situations, talk to strangers, and experiment.  Our challenge is to find a peaceful place in between. Relationship sparks of all kinds can light up the air, just be intentional about what fires are started.

Venus opposed Uranus 3:40 AM, Moon enters Taurus 6:37 AM, Moon square Saturn 8:39 PM

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