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Weekly Starcodes—Planetary Aspect Interpretations & Predictions

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice-oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001 Email Heather.
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Starcodes for this week!

The world’s agenda, and our own concerns, begin to change themes and start a new chapter over the last week and this one as the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, and Pluto change signs and spring advances. In the first few weeks after a planet changes signs we often see a course correction and an example of the work we’ll need to do during its journey in that sign.

Like a riverbank softening under spring rains, our concept of security, foundations, limitations, and boundaries softened and became muddied as Saturn entered Pisces on March 6. A string of bank wobbles began 3 days later. Water damage from thawing snows and weird storms wear away foundations around the country. But Saturn will also offer us an opportunity to rebuild foundations in a good and solid way.

Last week Pluto—symbol of political, electrical, and personal power—entered collective, collaborative, crowd-oriented Aquarius for the first time. It will retrograde back and forth for the next two years between Capricorn and Aquarius. The UN released a report on the climate and stated we are hitting a crisis point in the ecosystem which will take all our united efforts to turn around. Pluto says if we can work together collaboratively, in a crowd, towards a common goal—we can transform it. But let’s keep our eyes out for destructive mob behavior.

Mars symbolizes what motivates us, excites us, and what makes us angry. While it was in versatile, diverse Gemini for the last seven months (as it retrograded back and forth), the culture wasted time being angry about versatile gender identity rather than tackling those ecological challenges which loom so precipitously. As Mars enters Cancer this weekend, that emphasis could begin to shift; the mood will be self-protective, but the outrage may focus more on home, homelands, and protection of national boundaries. Or that outrage from Mars can stay active as a diversion from the scarier Pluto work that needs to be done.

On a more personal level, Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Cancer asks us to take care of our own personal home front. Look for news around home renovations, home purchases, concerns about home prices, and issues around population movement. These two planets in sensitive water signs can also bring out a defensive streak and leave us full of great advice but uninterested in hearing anyone else’s great suggestions.

The Sun and Mercury now in direct, invigorating Aries ask us to be brave rather than irritable and be willing to start over, just like the crocus and trees after this last long winter. To soften all this new work, Venus in Taurus reminds us to hug each other once in a while and reassure companions that the more things change, the more our affection, and collaboration can stay the same.

The weekend could begin with good friendship and good food under an earthy Taurus Moon. A conflict or crisis may wake us up but could have a silver lining or not be as bad as it first looks as Mars quincunx Pluto.

Sunrise & Crescent Moon ¤ Gloria Campuzano 2011
Sunrise & Crescent Moon ¤ Gloria Campuzano 2011

Late Saturday and Sunday a Gemini Moon keeps the conversation flowing. If people are touchy or nervy, don’t argue, just listen; many people will begin to work out what’s bugging them when there is a place to put it all on the table. Let’s stuff the advice unless specifically requested, as it will probably be about our nerves, not their problems.

Some new options arise on Tuesday as thoughtful Mercury conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Midweek the Moon in Cancer instills a need for comfort and reassurance as we reach out, but we need to be extra careful of one another’s boundaries. Towards the end of the week, Mars trines Saturn and encourages us to put in the effort to the new forms, work, and plans.

Friday, March 24: Plant the seeds, ideas, and changes we want to grow roots as the waxing Moon in fertile Taurus conjuncts Venus this morning and Uranus around dinnertime. Let this be a tactile day—the smell of earth and the feeling of our muscles moving help us shift out of frustration and into forward motion. Watch a territorial streak. Tonight, our thoughts can perseverate on our worries as Mercury quintiles Pluto, but we can find in that ingenuity the thread of potential forward. Instead of worrying, we can choose deep and meaningful conversations.

Moon conjunct Venus 4:30 AM MDT, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:51 PM, Mercury quintile Pluto 10:08 pm.

Saturday, March 25: The energy wanders—we may be chewing over some recent worry or slight, or just contemplating some risky next steps. It can be hard to get going unless we’re really excited or irritated, and then the momentum builds up. Our minds focus and conversation sparks as the Moon enters verbal Gemini around dinnertime. Let people talk about themselves, be curious but respect boundaries.

Mars enters Cancer 5:45 AM, Mars quincunx Pluto 7:33 AM, Venus semi-square Neptune 10:10 AM, Moon enters Gemini 6:41 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:46 PM, Moon square Saturn 10:37 PM.

Sunday, March 26: On this nervy, multitasking day, our introverted and extroverted sides can tug us in opposite directions and leave us stranded in the middle. Mars in Cancer nudges us to take care of the home front while the Gemini Moon wants us to get out there and interact. Rather than be oppositional, find common ground to start a conversation. Stay steady and listen for truth in the worries, but sift out probability from nerves and appreciate what stabilizes our life.

Moon sextile Sun 5:03 AM.

New Life Rose © Alexa Sunshine Rose 2009
New Life Rose © Alexa Sunshine Rose 2009

Monday, March 27: Humor and anxiety can tingle through our nervous systems. If we get reassurance, we grow curious about new possibilities. Watch for communication glitches and make sure to hear what was intended, as anxiety can skew our interpretation to either the best or worst-case scenarios as Mercury semi-sextile Uranus and semi-squares Saturn. Keep talking and offer solutions, but consider waiting until tomorrow to make a decision.

Moon sextile Mercury 1:39 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Uranus 4:44 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 4:57 AM, Mercury semi-square Saturn, Moon square Neptune 7:39 PM.

Tuesday, March 28: Calm a cranky, defensive moment early on as the Moon enters contemplative but protective Cancer and conjuncts irritable Mars, as Mars semi-squares Uranus. Notice territorial acts in the headlines. Speak from the heart but avoid anything that smacks of a guilt trip. Think about decisions around the home, family, and homeland, and remember that what is good for the neighbor can also be good for us. When we help others improve their world or take care of their health, we also take care of our own. Take advantage of an opening door midday as Mercury conjuncts expansive Jupiter.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter 12:05 AM, Moon enters Cancer 4:21 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 7:19 AM, Moon trine Saturn 9:03 AM, Mars semi-squares Uranus 2:40 PM, Venus quintile Saturn 5:11 PM, Mercury quintile Mars 7:26 PM, Moon square Sun 8:32 PM.

Wednesday, March 29: Start conversations by finding something honestly supportive to say; we can get a lot done today as Mars in Cancer trines Saturn where we trust one another. It’s a tricky day to solve conflicts but great to make progress where there is already agreement.

Moon sextile Venus 10:49 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 1:39 PM, Moon square Jupiter 5:34 PM.

Thursday, March 30: Look for a door opening, solutions to be found, and productive new systems to implement as Mars trines Saturn. Look for opportunities for generations to work together or for productive new systems to fall into place. Reach out for self-promotion, a new friendship, or flirtation. We may want to change things up so explore a new look or sense of aesthetics as Venus conjuncts restless Uranus, but take good care of old friends and connections in the process.

Moon square Mercury 12:29 AM, Moon trine Neptune 7:45 AM, Mars trine Saturn 1:03 PM, Venus conjunct Uranus 4:25 PM, Moon enters Leo 4:31 PM, Moon opposes Pluto 4:45 PM.

 Starcodes from the previous week

This week rolls in like a wobbly, generally friendly lamb and roars out like a restless lion. This last weekend of winter begins in a friendly haze as the Sun and Mercury conjunct in intuitive, low-energy Pisces and linger close to Neptune. The pace picks up and our brains sharpen as Mercury enters impatient Aries on Saturday night, and that impatient roar echoes on Wednesday’s new Moon in Aries. Larger astrological cycles nudge us to wrap up some last chapters and clear the decks for a new story.

Saturn—our symbol of stability, boundaries, and structure, left Saturn-ruled Aquarius last week and entered more ephemeral Pisces, and the banks began to falter. Boundaries get squishy, and suddenly Idaho pushes to take over parts of Oregon. Now Saturn in Pisces does not usually synchronize with bank failure but does call for adjustments. For the next two and a half years we need to calm down fears of dissolution (Pisces), connect sustainable compassion (Pisces) with security, dream up, and implement some new ways forward.

But for this weekend, contact old friends, visit, catch up on stories, and be sociable under an affable and convivial Aquarius moon. Get comfortable, enjoy good food, and rest up for the busy season ahead as cuddly, comfort-loving Venus in Taurus forms a friendly sextile to Saturn, a planet that likes traditions, familiar things, and people.

Look for a potentially wild Saturday night; we may want a break from that familiar or take a familiar conversation to a deeper and different level as mental Mercury enters the fresh fire sign Aries. It will further to find a good way to howl. That late winter haze thickens again on Sunday as the Moon enters less-energized Pisces.

Early in the week world events begin to stir, we get an infusion of energy and the stars ask us to shake out our priorities, blow away the dust, and get ready. Complete endings that create room for new beginnings—last year’s leaves falling as new leaves begin to push. Monday sends mixed signals as the waning Moon in Pisces keeps that mental haze going, but we can feel the tide turning as the Sun sextiles empowering Pluto and then enters Aries at 3:24 PM MDT. We can feel that leap forward on Tuesday under the brash new Moon in Aries, impulse control lowers and action simmers.

Earth Prayer: Benediction © Kay Kemp 2020
Earth Prayer: Benediction © Kay Kemp 2020

On Monday the stars push us to sort our priorities, blow away the dust, get ready for the new season, and potentially a new chapter in our life. As last year’s leaves fall off gray branches to create room for fresh buds, we need to wrap up unfinished business. Feel the tide turn next week, infusing energy, activity, and a contrary streak as the Sun enters Aries on Monday at 3:24 PM MDT, magnified further under the brash New Moon in Aries on Tuesday. Impulse control lowers and new action simmers.

On Thursday Pluto enters the fixed air sign Aquarius, which could be symbolized by people sitting in a circle, equals holding hands and working together. Pluto takes 247 years around the zodiac and last walked through Aquarius 1778-1797 as America constructed its constitution, an era for revolution to abolish monarchies and create democracies. Once again, we step into a few decades which could revolutionize how we collect, connect, educate and govern our world. Now we get a taste of the decades ahead, as Pluto is only here for a few months, then bunny hops back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius for another year.

Pluto in Aquarius calls us to make sure every voice is heard, every vote counted. But the wisdom of the people’s minds depends on what they know, what questions they ask, and how the heart and mind connect. Crowds can be dumb. We are responsible for asking those tough questions, to educate ourselves and others in order to help the Dems look deeper and keep minds and hearts connected.

Friday, March 17: The morning buzzes with activity, and then we really want to let go of the practicalities and socialize for St. Patrick’s Day as the Moon enters sociable Aquarius for the weekend. Reconnect with old friends, favorite books, traditions, and familiar joys as Venus sextile Saturn. Pick up some interactions where we left off last time. We want to know what we can count on as we go exploring.

Moon sextile Neptune 12:26 AM MDT, Moon sextile Mercury 2:27 AM, Moon sextile Sun 2:37 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 4:44 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 8:13 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:24 AM, Moon square Venus 9:50 AM, Venus sextile Saturn 4:25 PM.

Saturday, March 18: Dream and float, but keep a tight eye on the time if the schedule is important, as we can get lost between the worlds with Mercury’s last day in Pisces. It can be hard to concentrate this morning, our minds may want to take a back seat to our hearts, creativity, and intuition; let’s drift, but not get lost between the worlds. This energy shifts radically this evening as Mercury sextiles Pluto and enters Aries, our conversation deepens, action picks up, and our minds sharpen. Step away from contentiousness and choose curiosity.

Moon sextile Jupiter 10:27 AM, Moon square Uranus 10:49 AM, Mercury sextile Pluto 9:23 PM, Mercury enters Aries 10:23 PM.

Sunday, March 19: Notice confusion, irritation, kindliness, and a chance to reassess responsibilities this morning. Low energy and high nerves rev as the Moon enters Pisces and conjuncts Saturn while Mercury semi-squares Uranus. Figure out what needs to be specifically understood, transmitted or managed, and let the rest float away on this last full day of winter.

Moon trine Mars 4:32 AM, Moon enters Pisces 9:11 AM, Moon conjuncts Saturn 11:27 AM, Mercury semi-square Uranus 1:15 PM, Moon sextile Venus 2:54 PM, Mercury semi-sextile Saturn 3:30 PM, Jupiter semi-sextile Uranus 4:05 PM.

Passage Between Worlds © LorrieArt2019
Passage Between Worlds © LorrieArt 2019

Monday, March 20: Happy astrological New Year as the Sun enters Aries at 3:24 PM MDT and initiates spring. Expect signals to be mixed, and feelings to be ambiguous as if we are stepping on the gas and the brakes at the same time; the waning Pisces Moon keeps the energy soft while the Sun and Mercury in contrary Aries heats us up. Prepare for a new chapter.

Moon sextiles Uranus 11:33 AM, Sun sextile Pluto 2:12 PM, Sun enters Aries 3:24 PM.

Tuesday, March 21: The new Moon in Aries today at 11:23 AM MDT is a true turning point; launch a project, proposal, or revolution and clarify the next steps. The mood is combustible, note what gets started as it might catch fire in the worst or best of ways. Make this energy safe by staying alert and situationally aware.

Moon conjunct Neptune 2:19 AM, Jupiter semi-sextile Saturn 3:26 AM, Moon square Mars 6:54 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:57 AM, Moon enters Aries 10:01 AM, Moon conjunct the Sun 11:22 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 7:33 PM, Sun semi-square Uranus 11:43 PM.

Wednesday, March 22: Spring fever erupts in full force; explore, connect, flirt, meet, and engage. People can be abrupt and inconsiderate if they’re not listening to us and are directed by their own inner call. Listen deeply to a new agenda of the soul. Let’s take the reins and steer our life into a healthier, more sustainable direction.

Mercury semi-sextile Venus 7:13 AM, Sun semi-sextile Saturn 8:59 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 2:16 PM.

Thursday, March 23: Take note of world events today as Pluto enters Aquarius and hints at the decades ahead. The Moon enters Taurus midday and reminds us that our new ideas and relationships will take work. Begin and continue.

Pluto enters Aquarius 6:14 AM, Moon enters Taurus 12:41 PM, Moon squares Pluto 12:42 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 3:56 PM.

Astrological Aspects and their meaning: 

  • Conjunction: Planets are 0-5 degrees apart. Linked together, energy is mutually enhancing
  • Opposition Planes are 180 degrees apart. Polarizing or complementing, energies are diametrically opposite. 
  • Trine: Planets are 120 degrees apart. Harmonizing, energies of this aspect are in the same element. 
  • Square: Planets are 90 degrees apart. The challenging, energies of this aspect are different from each other. 
  • Sextile: Planets are 60 degrees apart. Cooperative, energies of this aspect blend well.
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