We'Moon 2002 Products

When we chose the theme for We’Moon ’02, we wanted to honor work that women are doing all over the world to heal and tend Mother Earth, to empower women and to make the world safer for all beings. We shaped the priestess word as a verb, in order to focus on women’s activity, small scale or grand-gestured. The priestess is not only the one who conducts ritual, she is also the one who sweeps behind the altar (to use an image from a poem that was lost in the fire). She is not only the woman who takes visible leadership in the public eye, challenging exploitation and making waves that impact national and global policies, she is also the woman who makes quiet revolution mending the broken in everyday life, in her backyard, her neighborhood, her community.

“We invite you to share ways in which you priestess the planet. Life on earth is endangered on so many levels that the creativity of women is especially called forth for the transformations needed at this time. Who and what moves you to action?  Who are the womyn you know whose work changes the world?”

from WM’02 Call for Contributions