We'Moon 2019 Cover Poster


A big glossy 11 x 17 poster featuring...

Emily Balivet’s “Brigid—The Goddess of Inspiration,” sparking creativity and fiery will to act.

One of the most revered Goddesses of all time, Brigid is a mother, poetess, gardener, a resourceful healer, a fierce warrior, and protector of children. She is a fire Goddess and giver of Light. She draws from her cauldron and offers us the spark of creativity and the fiery will to take action. May she bless us all with divine intentionality! 

Emily Balivet (Pittsford, VT) Her artistic renderings of the divine feminine, mythological figures, ancient earth-based religions has won her a worldwide and multicultured fan base. She's inspired by the pre-Raphaelite/Art/Nouveau/1960's Psychedelic Art movements and the luscious landscapes of her native Vermont and Alaska. Her painting probes the nature of spirituality. EmilyBalivet.com

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink • Full color • 11” x 17” • $10.00 US

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