Year at a Glance for Capricorn

Year at a Glance for Capricorn

Capricorn Horoscopes for Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan 19): Consolidate. Cardinal Earth Capricorn sends us back to karmic work with family, with our traditions and rituals, and asks us to reassess our purpose and the methods we choose to achieve our goals. 

The mood is serious, thoughtful, assessing, ambitious, and rooted deep in our histories; we must add the heart.

-Adapted from Heather Roan Robbins' Sun Signs and Transits
© Mother Tongue Ink 2016

Bringing it Home © Louie Laskowski 2017

What does 2020 hold for you, spirited Capricorn?

your shedding continues in 2020. commit to honesty with yourself and others, for integrity of spirit and soul is how you will make it through this high pressure, high stakes year. 

on january 12, pluto and saturn will join together in your sign, an opportunity for soul-level (pluto) restructuring (saturn) of how you relate to your selves. what rises up for your gentle edits will likely change for good. 

praise! for even through heartbreak, you are heading toward your truth.

jupiter will join with pluto three times in 2020 (april 4, june 30, and november 12), open up to (re)membering who you are and what it is you are here to do. expect your relationships to change as you do, particularly during the full moon lunar eclipse in your house of intimate relationships on july 4. 

work with the wild energies of pluto, jupiter, and saturn—they are the key to your greatness and legacy. 

saturn and jupiter move into aquarius, ruler of your second house of resources in december—vision what you yearn to manifest and go after it. 

-naimonu james © mother tongue ink 2019

Nancy Watterson, nature art, art by women
She Waits © Nancy Watterson 2014

Capricorn's 2020 Astrological Assignment

2020 eclipses in Sagittarius trigger new honesty, and this honesty encourages us to restructure the systems of power while Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. By the end of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius and empower us to integrate an authentically collaborative philosophy.

We can hear a clue to our assignment in this great work through the signs of our Sun and Ascendant.

Be honest about how much you have actually healed and about what still needs work in your psyche; you've been in deep evolution and may need to reassess how far you've come. 

Be who you are now.

Adjust to a more congruent sense of personal responsibility. This frees you up to offer healthy leadership while empowering others. 

Put your special gifts to service cultural responsibility, and find fresh reliable camaraderie. 

Sun Sign in Capricorn Attributes 

Family, history, dreams, traditions. 

We need mountains to climb and problems to solve. 

If you're born under a Capricorn Sun

You have strength, strategy, organizational capacity, and a thoughtful melancholic streak. Like your symbolic mountain goat, you need a hill to climb, a goal to reach. 

Manage, don't manipulate; keep compassion connected to competence. 

Rachel Houseman artFeeding the Ancestors © Rachel Houseman 2011 

What if my Moon Sign is in Capricorn?

Those born under a Capricorn Moon come from a long line of hard-working and competent women, who may have judged themselves more by what they do than what they are. 

They are capable of leadership and do not suffer fools lightly. 

If they learn to love themselves just sitting still, they're more accepting of others. 

Capricorn Moon Mood: 

Get organized, make a list and check it off; a sense of accomplishment is the best cure for potential depression. 

The mood is determined, serious, competent, but uncomfortable without purpose or goal. 

Manage, don't manipulate. Reach into history or tradition for answers. 

— excerpts from We'Moon planners
by Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2019
Read more from Heather Roan Robbins weekly Starcode updates, here

Sandy Eastoak Art, Climate Change
Thunder Woman in the Far North © Sandy Eastoak 2010

Welcome to the first sign of winter! 

Capricorn welcomes us into the belly of winter. Often symbolized by a goat or goat with the tail of a fish, these signs can climb to great heights and gather with them the wisdom of their journey. 

Capricorns are best known as the worker bee sign, they like do get their jobs done and do it well! They are aware of the traditions of the past and hold the torch to light our way forward. 

Capricorn in Nature

Winter solstice marks the beginning of Capricorn. A time of year marked by long dark nights and the sweet stillness of winter. 

The world sleeps at this time, cultivating the dreams that we plant in spring.  Animals are hibernating as are many plants. The leaves have long since decomposed and the ground is hard with frost or covered in fluffy snow. 

This time of year is also festive and alive with warmth! We gather together to celebrate this dark time. Festivals of light and family occur during this dark month. 

Eve by Toni Truesdale, women's spirituality artEve © Toni Truesdale 2017 

Time of Day

The Capricornian time of day is Midnight! Much like the time of year, midnight is the darkest and midpoint of darkness. 

During this time, many of us sleep and hibernate. We let our consciousness slip away into the high mountaintops of dreamland. 

Capricorn rules the knees, joints, skeletal system, teeth, and hair

Capricorn is a sign that dwells within time and structure. The knees, joints and skeleton are the hidden points that keep us standing, they literally shape the body around themselves. 

Teeth and hair are often the last remains left by a body, the last to decompose and used to identify bodies. These body parts are the timekeepers of our physical self after we have left this plane. 

What if you have a Planet in Capricorn? 

Planets in Capricorn have an innate need to succeed and accomplish tasks set out for them. A planet in Capricorn will often have a "to-do" list at hand. 

These planets are realistic and practical. They are quick to take responsibility and relate to career or work life. 

These planets need to cultivate discipline and responsibility to reach their goals and must learn to remain balanced emotionally as they can easily turn bitter and cold, and if unchecked can become controlling or depressed.

- Leah Markman © Mother Tongue Ink 2020  

These planets need to cultivate discipline and responsibility to reach their goals and must learn to remain balanced emotionally as they can easily turn bitter and cold, and if unchecked can become controlling or depressed.

Tamara Philips nature watercolor art
Cedar Skies © Tamara Phillips 2015

Capricorn rules the Tenth House of Astrology

“The Houses (twelve pie shaped sections) of our personal birth chart attend to all areas of our life. Each house represents a basic facet of human experience from birth to death.”

The placement of each house in your natal chart is dependent on your rising sign. A person with an Aries rising has what is called a “natural chart”. A rising sign is the sign ascending on the eastern horizon on the time of your birth, it can be calculated using a rising sign calculator here!

The Tenth House summons us to the peak of our intentions and our chosen life work. 

Our task here is to take responsibility for building our reputation, and sharing our gifts and skills with meaningful livelihood. 

Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2018

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn

Saturn is the ruler of time, limits and wisdom. It's the last planet we can see from Earth with the human eye and is literally the gatekeeper of physical reality. The limits of our earthly bounds lie in this planet. 

Past Saturn, the unconscious and dream world take hold! 

The world of reality has specific limitations, such as gravity, time, and Newton’s third law of motion that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. 

Saturn has a 27-29 year cycle, and the all to famous Saturn Return is a right of passage for many! These years mark trials, tribulations, test and once through we step into our place as adults bearing the weight of responsibility and wisdom. 

The second Saturn Return is affectionately referred to as a "mid-life Crisis." A time when many adults reevaluate their career, their work and purpose in life. A hard left turn is not uncommon during this life phase. 

Qutress, WOC art, bruja art, chicago artistExpanding the Sisterhood Grid © Qutress 2917

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