We'Moon Sweetheart Special!

We'Moon Sweetheart Special!

Prayer to Sekmet
Lion hearted Lady of the Solar Ray,  
We ask to blend
with your powers of courage,

so we may reclaim the beauty 

back to our Earthly Life
excerpt ¤ Lorye Keats Hopper 2012 
WM 2019 p. 38
      Imbolc has since graced our days, and the tiny teases of spring have arrived. Resilient green sprouts are forcing their way through the frost. This time of year seems to bring hope and a rekindling of love to our lives. In honor of the coming of light and the heart warming fuzzy feelings of February, we are offering NEW specials for our We'Moon devotees.   

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Spanish Edition of We'Moon 2019: 
Fanning the Flame

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Enjoy the We’Moon datebook you know and love . . . fully translated into Spanish! Maybe Spanish is your native tongue, or you have a Spanish-speaking friend with whom you'd like to share We’Moon. Perhaps you want to improve your Spanish language skills while basking in the beautiful art that is We'Moon. Now is the time to pick one up: Our fully translated version of the best-selling datebook is now half price.
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Wall Calendar Double Trouble Special

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