We're celebrating the release of We'Moon 2019: Fanning the Flame!

We're celebrating the release of We'Moon 2019: Fanning the Flame!


What a lovely time of year it truly is. We have toiled and crafted all year for this very moment. It is time to pull up her roots and send the newest edition of We'Moon into the wind. We'Moon 2019 is here to accompany us all year ‘round. 
We'Moon 2019: Fanning the Flame honors Mother Sun as the source of all life, and sparks our passion for revolutionary change in the world. Urgency blazes here about protecting Earth, liberating creativity, ensuring peace and justice. Sunfire inspires us toward clarity, truth-speaking, abundance, joy—and challenges us to gather Her power for healing a damaged planet. We are excited to share this next edition of We'Moon with you! Celebrate the Light!
© Sudie Rakusin art
"The gardens, fields, meadows and woods are ripe with abundance. Preparing for
lean time, we harvest the fruits of our labor in gardens and fields. We
dance, cook up family and community feasts. We find ways to share food for 
body and soul with those who are hungry and without hope…
     ...We are now gatherers, harvesting 
the fruit of our year's work  as what we have given returns to us. We weave garlands of story, song, poetry, dance, memories of spiced days of love, banking flame at the heart's core to see us through winter nights. Bountiful harvest is the same in any language, and celebrated with joy and thanksgiving the world over."
—excerpt Sherri Rose-Walker © Mother Tongue Ink from We'Moon 2018: La Luna p. 123

We'Moon 2019 Datebook 
This iconic astrological datebook is a best selling moon calendar, earth-spirited handbook in natural rhythms­­, and visionary collection of women’s creative work, now in its 38th year of publication. Week-at-a-glance format with daily astro data, moon phases, yearly predictions for each of the Sun signs, and an abundance of art and writing by women from around the world.
Choice of: Metal Spiral binding, Sturdy Paperback binding, Unbound for custom use or Spanish Edition Spiral binding. 240 pages, 5¼" x 8", $21.95
Click HERE to purchase
We'Moon on the Wall 2019
We'Moon on the Wall 2019

A beautiful full-sized wall calendar in living color, featuring inspired art and writing from We'Moon 2019. Complete with key astrological information, interpretive articles, lunar phases and signs. 
34 pages, 12" x 12", $16.95 
Click HERE to purchase
2019 Card Six Pack
Greeting Card 6-Pack 
Six gorgeous art pieces selected from the pages of We’Moon 2019. Blank inside, with artist's statements on the back, perfect for holidays or any occasion year round! 6-card pack with envelopes, 5" x 7", $11.95
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Organic Cotton Tote 2019
2019 Tote Bag: Sturdy Canvas
100% Organic Cotton tote, proudly displaying the cover of We'Moon 2019. Perfect for stowing all of your goodies in style. 13" x 14", $13.00
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Cover Poster 2019
We'Moon 2019 Cover Poster
Featuring the beautiful We’Moon 2019 cover art by Emily Balivet: “Brigid—The Goddess of Inspiration,” sparking creativity and fiery will to act. 11" x 17", $10.00
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PreacherWoman for the Goddess—Poems, Invocations, Plays and Other Holy Writ
PreacherWoman for the Goddess
Poems, Invocations, Plays and Other Holy Writ 
A spirit-filled word feast, puzzling on life and death mysteries—rich with metaphor, surprise, earth passion: a harvest of decades among women who build their own houses, bury their own dead, invent their own ceremonies. By Bethroot Gwynn—poet, theaterwoman, temple keeper on women's land, and a longtime editor for the We'Moon Datebook. 120 pages with 7 full color art features, Softbound, 6" x 9", $16.00 
Click HERE to purchase
In the Spirit of We'Moon —30 Year Anthology
In The Spirit of We'Moon
This Anthology, celebrating 30 years of We’Moon art, writing and herstory from 1981–2011, is now in its third printing. It is available in paperback, as well as in electronic format from iTunes and Amazon256 full color pages, 8" x 10", $26.95
Click HERE to purchase
The Last Wild Witch childrens book
The Last Wild Witch
Don’t miss this Silver Nautilus Award Winning eco-fable by Starhawk, illustrated by Lindy Kehoe. It's the story of how the children of a perfect town found their joy and courage, and saved the last wild Witch and the last magic forest from dissapearing. Perfect for children and other free spirits! 34 full color pages, 8" x 10", $9.95  
Click HERE to purchase
© Melissa Harris from We'Moon Call for Contributions.
     Now is the time to send in your art and writing for possible publication! We are accepting submissions for We'Moon 2020: Wake Up Call! 
     Let's intuit clever, empowering, heartful remedies from the Muse of Change. The clouds lift, the veils part: we see with new eyes what we bring to the table of Transformation. Goddess-sight is here. 20/20—Clear Vision. What do you see? Show us, Tell us!

Click HERE for instructions and for more thematic inspiration! 
New: We are now accepting submissions through email, as well as via snail-mail. Click HERE for details! 
Submissions must be post-marked by August 15th, 2018 

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excerpt Sherri Rose-Walker  © Mother Tongue Ink 2017 
We'Moon 2018: La Luna p. 141

Dive deep in We'Moon 2019: Fanning the Flame— she is here and ready to accompany you through the cycles of  the seasons ahead. Wouldn't it be nice to get all your Solstice shopping done early? Now is the time!

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