Mindful Moon Watching

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Mindful Moon Watching

Mindful Moon Watching

La Luna is our constant companion. Over eons sentient life has adapted to her rhythmic waxing and waning cycle of reflected Sunlight. She is a magnet for our attention. Like a collective pineal gland, which regulates our sleep, the Moon, glistening deep in the night, modulates the pattern of our waking (conscious) and sleeping (unconscious). As she casts her enchanting spell, we awaken to witness the increasing heights and depths of our own inner tides. The interplay of the Sun and Moon in the firmament above offers us a matrix into the realms of relatedness and presence. It is a reminder that, like the Sun and Moon, we are a relationship participating in the events of our life.

Our Lunation Birthday: The Eight Gifts

The cycle of Lunar phases offers us an inner guidance system for insight into our life experiences. Each lunation cycle consists of eight phases which reflect gradual and distinct perceptual shifts as the Sun/Moon angle changes. Like changing lenses, our subjective Moon views shift every 3.5 days into the next phase.
When the Moon returns each month to the same Sun/Moon angle or phase as at our birth, our receptivity is enhanced, and we may celebrate our native orientation as a Lunation Birthday*—when our natural relational expression is in synchronic dialogue with the cycle. It’s time to follow our own counsel, feel into our own presence. Use the following Moon views to celebrate the gifts of your natal Moon phase. Reflect the light that comes to you.

Waxing Moon Views

The waxing phases begin on the Dark/New Moon when our visions are seeded, and waves of possibility grow with the light. Navigate the flow with love.
Dark/New Moon Gifts (Moon is less than 45° ahead of the Sun). If you were born during this phase, offer your gift of reflective intuition with “beginner’s mind.” As Keeper of Vision, trust your unconscious sparks of insight. Be the Witness.
Crescent Moon Gifts (Moon is 45° to 90° ahead of the Sun). On your Lunation Birthday give your gift of enthusiasm, for honestly telling it like it is. Your momentum spreads the light. Be the Pioneer.
First Quarter Moon Gifts (Moon is 90° to 135° ahead of the Sun). On your Lunar Birthday advance with audacity, for in crucial turnings you can set the direction by offering your gifts of confidence in a crisis. Be the Decider.
Waxing Gibbous Moon Gifts (Moon is 135° to 180° ahead of the Sun). On your Lunation return, gift your devotion to revelation, for you are loved for your contributions and sense of purpose. Your gift of zeal gives rise to evolution’s call. Be the Teacher.

Waning Moon Views

We absorb Full Moon dreams in the Waning Phases, and awaken in consciousness to relinquish form. We ready ourselves to spawn the myth of the Self anew.
Full Moon Gifts (Moon is 180° to 135° behind the Sun). Celebrate your Lunation Birthday with delight in expressing yourself, and making an impression. Grab the bar and rise up. When you bestow your light, all is revealed! Be the Benefactor.
Waning Gibbous Gifts (Disseminating) (Moon is 135° to 90° behind the Sun). You carry the Embers of Truth from Full phase. On your Lunation Birthday offer your vital creativity, and rally for meaningful causes by sharing your influence. Be the Crusader.
Last Quarter Moon Gifts (Moon is from 90° to 45° behind the Sun). While casting off the pathos of past, give your gifts for gleaning meaning at the critical redirections of life. You distill the wisdom. Be the Alchemist.
Balsamic Moon Gifts (Waning Crescent) (Moon is less than 45° behind the Sun). As witness to the mysteries, share your gifts of listening on your Lunar return. As Keeper of Memory and your word, offer gestation for the reseeding of light. Be the Seer.
Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2017

* To find out which phase the Moon was in on the day of your birth, consult an astrologer, or a moon phase calculator like www.astrocal.co.uk.

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