Astrological Outlook for the Year Ahead

Astrological Outlook for the Year Ahead


The astrology for 2021 looks like a bumpy road. Here is an Astrological Overview for 2021

The year 2020 has been a rocky road for the whole year. What can we expect for 2021? Heather Roan Robbins has written the astrological prediction for our upcoming edition of We'Moon, where we have the entire article. Here is an excerpted sneak peek:

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius

How do we define community, our people, our circle? What philosophy and vision guide us? At the end of 2020 and through early 2021, Jupiter and Saturn, the two arbiters of social consciousness, conjunct in the communal fixed air-sign Aquarius. Like the Sun and Moon on the New Moon, when two planets conjunct they begin a new chapter; this one instigates a 30-year revolution in our Aquarian concept of community and social responsibility.

...Aquarius can bring stubbornness. Under this influence, fanatical people can run full steam ahead and start conflicts around political mind sets, their own world-views, or religious theory....

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Aquarius

Catherine McGagh fairy child art Playing With LightJupiter and Saturn, and soon Pluto in Aquarius, call us to truly think globally and act locally. But this is just a taste—preparation for the big social and political work we’ll need to do when Pluto enters Aquarius in a few years, from 2023–2044. The last such relationship occured was from 1777–1798, when the USA labored to form a country that embodied its Constitutional vision statement...
(art credit: Playing With Light © Catherine McGagh 2012 from We'Moon 2020)

Mars Conjunct Uranus, Square Jupiter. Mercury Retrograde. Venus conjuncts Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter.

The New Year kick-starts metamorphosis as motivating Mars forms an exciting, uncooperative conjunction with change-maker Uranus— squaring Jupiter, January 20–23, just as America inaugurates a president. We’ll either be working with a new government or building up resistance to old ways. Mercury retrogrades 1/30– 2/20 and lets us catch up, reorganize and repair. Our community and our beloveds will need pragmatic loving compassionate action as Venus conjuncts Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter through mid-February.

Mercury enters Aquarius 

February ends as Mercury enters Aquarius and gives voice to the Jupiter-Saturn debate. We can sketch out the grand landscape but may become too far-sighted. We have to carefully look for the needs of our beloveds.

Venus Conjunct Neptune

Because we’ve been so busy with politics and community, it’s important that we put relationships and creativity back on the front burner in March as Venus conjuncts Neptune and calls us back to our heart and our muse.

Venus conjuncts Uranus. Venus Squares Saturn and Pluto Retrogrades

Penn King For My Mother crystal ball artIn April we can feel the enthusiasm build towards new possibilities. Spring fever can call us into new relationships and revolutionary adventures as Venus conjuncts Uranus. Discontent can be productive as fire simmers under the kettle. Towards the end of April, watch for a political crackdown or relationship issues around control wherever people feel insecure, as Venus squares Saturn and Pluto retrogrades. Build real security instead.
(art Credit: For My Mother © Penn King 2018 from We'Moon 2020)

Jupiter hops in and out of Pisces and Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn Square Uranus

Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, retrogrades June 20 and reenters Aquarius July 28–December 28. Jupiter and Saturn both intermittently square change-maker Uranus throughout the year, keeping politics and tectonic plates restless; we may be unable to settle, but that helps us continue an evolution. Transformation is inevitable, but which way that change goes will be up to us.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 

A lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, and a solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10, emphasize the need to celebrate true diversity— the real gift of myriad different voices and perspectives. Let’s celebrate by finding someone way outside of our comfort zone and respectfully share stories.

Retrograde Season: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury

Every summer brings retrogrades; this one brings quite a lineup: Pluto turns retrograde April 27, Saturn on May 23, Jupiter June 20, Neptune June 25, and Uranus on August 19. Mercury retrogrades January 30–February 20, May 29–June 22, and September 26–October 18. These retrogrades ask us not to push forward but to hold our ground, renew, garden, and review the events of the year. Take time to investigate, fix mistakes, clarify problems, and fine-tune future plans.

Venus and Mars in Leo

Denise Kester Goddess Art: The three graces and their cats
The Three Graces and Their Cats © Denise Kester 2004 from We'Moon 2020

From June 26–July 22 Venus and Mars are both in extroverted Leo; they stay active throughout the summer and inspire personal and political drama/melodrama. Life is performance art. Summer romances have a certain unrealistic flare; arts festivals can flourish, and the arts change our cultural understanding. Politics will be either heart-centered or ego-grandstanding.

Mars Trine Pluto and Saturn

We get a fresh sense from September 6 on that we have work to do, and it’s time to get back to it as Mars trines Pluto and Saturn. Don’t get discouraged if old problems need our attention—ones we thought we’d already conquered—as October dawns with six planets and a few asteroids retrograde.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto station direct. Mars in Libra Trines Jupiter, Squares Pluto

Between October 6–18 Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto create tumult as they all station to turn direct. Then the channels clear and give us a green light forward. Mars in social-justice-loving Libra then trines Jupiter, squares Pluto, and nudges us to clear up misunderstandings and heal a rift.

Mars in Scorpio Opposes Uranus. Mars Enters Sagittarius. Venus Conjunct Pluto

If conflicts are not resolved now, they may come to a boil after Mars enters Scorpio and opposes energizing Uranus through November. If we’re not in a fight, this aspect powers our efforts. Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13 as Venus conjuncts Pluto; together they encourage us to finish the year with a flare of competence, forgiveness, and travel in mind, body, or spirit. Come back to that deep Aquarian understanding that we are unique selves intricately connected to all our relations.

Destiney Powell Colorful Queen art
Colorful Queen © Destiney Powell 2017 from We'Moon 2020

Heather Roan Robbins © Mother Tongue Ink 2020 from the We'Moon 2021 astrological date book

If you want to read Heather's article for 2020 astrology, the 2020 We'Moon datebook is available at half price.

Heather Roan Robbins is a writer, ceremonialist and astrologer committed to bringing high-quality intuitive arts to the public in an accessible and useful format.

Artists Featured in this Post:

The featured art on this post is Born of the Elements © Colleen Koziara 2017
Colleen Koziara
(Itasca, IL) I lived my most formative years immersed in nature and filled with wonder. I strive to make each of my works a doorway. I hope the viewer sees through that doorway, the deeper magic within the image being mirrored back within themselves. 

Destiney Powell (Murfreesboro, TN) "I paint and draw people and stories which inspire me. I blog about my artistic endeavors and how I find my clients, book shows, and paint live!  Go check it out if you have a minute. I discovered my artistic ability at the age of two and I have labeled myself as an artist ever since."

Denise Kester (Ashland, OR) is a mixed media printmaking artist, renowned teacher and founder/artistic director of Drawing on the Dream, an art distribution company. Announcing the new book Drawing on the Dream—Finding My Way by Art.

Penn King (Enid, OK) Feisty old Romani womun, dream painter, Earth activist. Blessed by the Mother of All to know both tears and laughter, she loves soul-deep with boundless hope. FB: Lady Quixote's Studio.

Catherine McGagh (Leitrim, Ireland) An artist & yoga teacher living in the northwest of Ireland; she is inspired by nature, people & all things mystical. Most of her work can be viewed on her website 

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