#1 Announcing We'Moon Tarot

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#1 Announcing We'Moon Tarot

Now on the drawing boards! 
We are just beginning to create a We’Moon Tarot Deck from art and writing published in We’Moon over the years!

Check New Postings on the We'Moon Tarot Forum every New Moon.

Share your visions in the next
five editions of We’Moon.

Upcoming We'Moon themes are based on the last 5 cards in the Tarot Major Arcana
and the corresponding 5 elements in the Tarot Minor Arcana:

* We’Moon 2017: XVII Stars—Air *
* WM 2018: XVIII Moon–Water *
* WM 2019: XIX Sun–Fire *
* WM 2020: XX Judgement–Earth *
* WM 2021: XXI The World/ Ether Element-All One *

We are calling your Tarot Muse to contribute!
Art and writing published in upcoming We’Moons 2017–2021
(as well as  work already published in past editions of We’Moon),
will be considered for inclusion in the We’Moon Tarot.
The Due Date for We’Moon 2017: StarDust is just around the corner:
Aug 15, 2015

Join us here in an online WeMoon Tarot Forum
While we stir the cauldron.
A We’Moon Tarot deck has been a subliminal work-in-progress since I first started conceiving of We’Moon themes in terms of Tarot in the late 1980’s—little did I know then that we might actually get through all of the 21 archetypes of the Major Arcana (with We’Moon 2021: XXI The World card ) 40 years later! The We’Moon Tarot Forum will be featuring art and writing from We’Moon contributors who have created Tarot decks—stirring the cauldron for creating a We’Moon Tarot deck, with ongoing input from our readers and contributors.

musawa, Founder and Crone Editor of We’Moon and the We’Moon Tarot, Email

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Linda Murray
Linda Murray

September 04, 2017

What an awesome idea! I love what you have accomplished so far. Sending lots of love and light and creative energy to keep this going.

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