Belane Blessings!

Belane Blessings!

Beltane is upon us and we are greeted with the reminder of the Earth’s enduring powers of renewal.

In this season of love and connection—even in these trying times—we remember that we are still in community, that we can still reach out, create art, send letters, write love songs, and notice what is thriving in the world. Let us plant the gardens of our future, because we know that what grows in the dark will burst through thick earth with color and life.

Seeds of Promise

The Earth knows
all the seeds
that ever were planted
so peace is already planted
justice, too, is there
beside empathy and reverence
the seeds of awareness
lie next to willingness
and in a neighbor field
are wisdom, trust and care
the sprouts of every variety
summoning our attention
the season urges us
to sow the seeds long planted
to nurture and watch them grow
© Cindy Ruda 2018

Beltane 2020

Joyful time of flowers, softening the world; the chains of winter are broken. Break your symbolic bindings by planting seeds. As these seeds unclench in the darkness, ask what choices can you make in response to the needs of this sacred moment? What is it that you value and how can you align your life with that? In simpler times, communities gathered to jump over fires in the fields and participate in the great round of fertility. Listen to the voices of the universe saying YES—the sun shines, the birds sing, the flowers bloom. The purpose of the universe is to celebrate the delight of its existence. May that inspiration hot-wire us into the living voltage of the Mother. Renew your life with others.

What we all long for is relationship with other beings; it’s the only thing that cures this massive alienation. Lying on your back in the woods, see how the trees lift themselves in a circle. Reach out and extend your circle. Community, the geography of Somewhere, is the We that balances the Me. Women know this, in the compass of our bones.

Oak Chezar © Mother Tongue Ink 2019

Beltane 2020 Image
We’Moon is accepting submissions of art and writing 

for We’Moon 2022: The Magical Dark

Nature is painting our landscape with flowers and blossoms. Let her inspiration guide you as you travel into the rich soil of imagination! We would love to see what you are creating in this time. We invite you to dive into the deep oceans of this creative void, where destiny stirs for each of us, for the planet. Bring us treasures from the precious dark.

Due date for materials is August 1st, 2020

Click HERE to download the Call for Contributions 

Available in Spanish and English. More instructions and details on how to contribute your creative work to 
We'Moon can be found on our website, here!


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