We'Moon 2019 Review by Tara Burke of The Witches Muse!

We'Moon 2019 Review by Tara Burke of The Witches Muse!

My time with We’Moon dates back almost a decade. For myself, I remember a distinct moment of delight when I met Gretchen Lawlor, the then resident astrologist for We’Moon on a beach in La Manzanilla Mexico. It was my first natal chart reading, I was 24, far from 30 but we traced the path around my Saturn’s Return, and what was in store. I still remember the number 42, as the number in which I have come into my own. Needless to say this years edition of We’Moon doesn’t disappoint. The art always infused with the calendar years as well as the astrological notes, this year seems even more detailed with the description of the houses, as well as tarot influences.

 I am always a fan of any planner that starts before January 1st. To be honest, that never feels like my New Year anyway. I love that I am able to start writing before Solstice, because for me it marks at least the end of something, and the settling into that. The pages are different then the last time I have used them, and I recognize this because now, I can easily write and take notes of what’s swirling for me and that’s always a treat.

 We’Moon provides a space for me to write rituals down and it waves of emotions that come through with the muse. I honor the time I take to write everyday, and once again explore the phases of year through the phases of the moon, a cyclical journey and magical time for womxn.

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Art: It Just Fell in My Lap © Janet Newton 2015