We'Moon 2018 is back in stock!

We'Moon 2018 is back in stock!

Wow, this year has already been a wild ride. While we were tending to our new creations, We'Moon 2018: La Luna flew off the shelves; we sold out of English editions before February could even blink her eyes at us. Thank you, committed We'Moon devotees, for helping us sell out for the first time in a long while!

We have good news though! We’Moon 2018 IS BACK IN STOCK! Don't let your year slip by without We'Moon to guide you. English datebooks in both Spiral binding and Layflat are available for purchase, along with our spiral bound Spanish edition, and other great books, including our 30 year anthology In the Spirit of We’Moon, and PreacherWoman for the Goddess by our very own Special Editor, Bethroot Gwynn. Hurry, they won't stick around long.

We’Moon 2019 is off to the printers, and we even have the Call for Contributions for We’Moon 2020: Wake Up Call prepared for you!.

Gather your muses and let your creative impulses loose. Download the thematic inspiration and license HERE. We look forward to receiving your beautiful, creative submissions. Thank you so much for your continued commitment and support. Together we are working to better our world.

 May Spring bloom with promises of growth and inspiration.