We'Moon 2017 is Now Available!

We'Moon 2017 is Now Available!

Happy Lammas
We are harvesting the
fruits of our labor!
We’Moon 2017: StarDust
is now available!
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We’Moon 2017: StarDust sparkles with reverence for our cosmic home—for the vast reaches of the universe and our intimate creaturely molecules. Everything is made of Stardust! Despite divisive and acutely troubled times, StarDust calls us toward communion with all peoples and all life. Star Muses guide us toward creative magic, deep healing, visionary action—Revolutionary Hope.
Our newest edition shines bright with art by contemporary artists such as Meghan Oona Clifford, Emily Kell, Pomegranate Doyle, Serena Supplee, Sherri Howe and Adriana Maria Garcia. This beauty rides alongside writings that light up the pages by Janine Canan, Sherri Rose-Walker, Dawn Sperber, Christine Fortuin, Raye Stoeve, Sandy Eastoak and many other gifted writers!

We'Moon 2017: StarDust is the 36th edition of the Datebook, founded in 1981. 143 women (27 of them from outside the US) have contributed art or writing to this year's beautiful daily life companion.

Emily Kell and her artistry have given us the front cover's star-full swirls. "Cosmic Whispers" is her title for this magical design. On the back cover, we are both grounded on the earth, and lifted to the heavens, with Serena Supplee's nightscape, "River in the Sky."

This year we introduce another astrologer new to the pages of We'Moon. Chani Nicholas graces us with her intuitive sky wisdom in her Year At a Glance writings, peering ahead for folks born under each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Gretchen Lawlor is never far from We'Moon's astrological teachings. She shares a wonderful essay about each one's Inner Child, as influenced by and integral to our Moonchild self.

Heather Roan Robbins, mother of the Weekly Starcodes Forecast, is our astro muse for the year 2017, offering an overview of astrological events that link up with personal and global circumstances. Follow-Through, Innovation and Compassion are the shining concepts for the year ahead. Heather also weaves together astro lore about Sun signs and Moon signs to help us better tap into our birth chart heritages.
Sandra Pastorious, astro-poet, waxes interesting about the planet Saturn, expanding our connection with the far distant sky and our sense of celestial oneness with all realms.

Susan Levitt is our Chinese astrology maven, framing 2017 as Year of the Fire Phoenix, sparkling with opportunities for rebirth and transformation.
And in the Datebook Appendix, more astrological teachings: Mooncat! offers a guide to how each planet intersects with our human qualities and aspirations. Beate Metz introduces us to the four small planets or asteroids — Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta — faces of the reawakening Great Goddess.

Our featured contributors for the StarDust theme honor a metaphysics of beauty that connects us both to cosmic expanses and to inner illumination. Their work shines brightly.