Thank you for signing up to help us choose the art and writing for We’Moon 2022: The Magical Dark!

Thank you for signing up to help us choose the art and writing for We’Moon 2022: The Magical Dark!

The Complete Schedule for We'Moon Selection Circles (Maybe)  

We think we have a handle on how many more circles we'll need, to get your opinions on the remaning art and writing submissions. We have circles scheduled thru September 12th. If we need to schedule a couple more, we will let you know. 



Wednesday September 9th from 3-5pm PDT

Thursday September 10th from 10am–12pm PDT

Thursday September 10th from 2-4pm PDT

Saturday September 12th from 4—7pm PDT

Sunday September 13th  from 11am–1pm PDT

Monday September 14th from 10am–12pm PDT

Monday September 14th from 2–???pm PDT This will be our last circle (maybe) so it may be shorter or longer than usual, depending on how much material we have left to jury.

This is a recurring webinar, so the same link is used for every session:


Calling All Opinionated Women!

We welcome any women who know and love We’Moon to participate in the Selection Circles. Help us make We’Moon even better, by sharing with us your opinions about the art and writing we received as submissions. You don’t even need a Zoom account to participate.


Every Circle is Unique

We only show each piece of art or writing once, so come to as many circles as you can. You'll see new art and hear new poetry and prose every time.


We Need Your Help to Choose What to Include in We'Moon

Every year we receive thousands of pieces of poetry, prose and visual art from hundreds of creative women. It would be a momentous challenge for us, as a very small group, to choose our very favorites from many options, so we need your help! I also strongly believe that bringing in the opinions from the larger community is part of what makes We’Moon a beloved publication among such a broad spectrum of people.


We Will be Emailing You Periodically, Until the Circles Are Complete

Because you signed up to receive the invitations to join, you will receive an email every time we have a handful of Selection Circles Scheduled. You can opt out of receiving them at any time. Since this is our first experience conducting these circles via Zoom, we’re not sure how many we will need to have. Our objective is to have each piece juried within the next two or three weeks. 

What to expect:
  • The Selection Circles will be in Zoom Webinar format. That means that, as a participant:

– Your video will not be displayed. Only the hosts will have video and audio capabilities.

   You will be able to ask questions in the Q&A window, but your chat and microphone will be disabled.

  • We will be screen sharing art and writing submissions, so you need to be able to have visual capability to participate.
  • We’ll begin each session by creating a sacred container in which to do this work. We’ll start with a song and altar setting, then read the invocation for the theme for We’Moon 2022: The Magical DarkYou can read more about the theme ahead of time in this document.
  • How to share your opinion:

   We’ll show you a piece of art or writing (the writings will be read aloud, as well. If you prefer to not hear the reader, you can turn the volume down on your device.)

–  Then, we will activate a simple multiple-choice poll, with 4 options: On a scale of one to four, how much do you like this piece? Four hearts is the highest rating.

–   We’ll give you a moment or two to make your choice.

   Then we will present the next piece.

  • Each session will be about an hour and a half to two hours long, with a 5-10 minute break about halfway through.

Preparation for the Circles:

Traditionally, our in-person circles are a very relaxed and enjoyable activity. We hope the Zoom experience proves to be the same. Before the meeting, gather up everything you might need:

  • Glasses
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Set an altar, if you feel moved to

Receiving your Feedback

We will have a brief Q&A opportunity at the beginning of each circle, but we will not be able to receive your feedback or messages during the webinar. You can email us afterward, with your kudos and suggestions for improvement.

Again, thank you so much for helping create our 41st edition of We’Moon!


The We’Moon Creatrix Team

 PS The featured art is by Carrie Martinez "Sister Circle"

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