Spring Equinox!

Spring Equinox!

She comes, the Girrl Goddess, smart with heart, and girrl enough for the work of world healing. She communicates heart-to-heart, teaching us ishin-deshin, a Japanese expression for communicating through unspoken understanding, now a technology using the body for sound transmission. 

The Sun sits vertically above the equator, magnanimously giving all of us equal day and night, whether vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere or autumnal equinox in the Southern. She dances us to equilibrium, balancing light and dark, reuniting Mother Goddess and Girrl Goddess.

This reunion within each women and within the world births hope, which no flimsy wish but is a ferocious stance—a conviction that our vision is fully possible: a planet without national boundaries where all the children of the world have food and clean water and shelter and love, where all are aware that we are co-creators with Gaia of the stunning earth. When we are done with dancing, we watch the flames and then the embers of our ritual sunfire, for further visions sent by the Mother. 

Susa Silvermarie © Mother Tongue Ink 2018 

Jennifer Smith (Vancouver, WA) of Visual Life Savers Art, creates beautiful whimsical oil paintings to bring happiness and connection to the world. 

Susa Silvermarie (Ajijic, Mexico) I turned 70 in 2017 and began a new life as an immigrant to Mexico. I blog, write for several local publications and I run a weekly Write-to-a-prompt circle as well as a Writers Salon. I enjoy volunteering with an art program for Mexican children, and I truly love my life on the shore of Lake Chapala. Seeking local kindred spirits—come on down!