Samhain Hauntings and Harvest Blessings!

Samhain Hauntings and Harvest Blessings!

Greetings We'Moon Lovers!

We have a New We'News Announcement!

As the seasons progress and the days grow shorter, we are digging deep and beginning to craft We'Moon 2018: La Luna. Chilly winds start to blow, but we are warm and surrounded by glorious moonbeams, gifted and glowing. Listen to the wind chimes ring and dance with the leaves that fly through the moonshine, brightly woven and hidden in the night. Look upward and inward in the darkest parts of yourself, there is a light shining in!

Autumn is upon us, and on Monday the 31st, we Celebrate Samhain!    

Pssst . . . wanna know a secret? There is no “veil” between the worlds. We are always in multiple dimensions, and the veils, when there are any, are all in our heads! What is sacred today on Samhain is our communal decision to come together and venture beyond our imagined fail-safe points. Take your mother’s, sister’s, daughter’s, lover’s hand and walk bravely up to Death. Introduce yourself. Say hello...

from We'Moon 2016 by Miriam Dyak © Mother Tongue Ink 2015

Witchy Deals!

In celebration of the season, we are offering two package deals featuring the paperback version of The Last Wild Witch children's book, and our Organic Cotton Tote 

Don’t dilly-dally, these specials only last until November 2nd. If you want to use that tote for your Halloween trick-or-treat goodies, be sure to place your order by noon, October 25th! 

The Witchy Kid Deal 

  • The Last Wild Witch children’s book by Starhawk, an eco-fable for kids and other free spirits, beautifully illustrated by Lindy Kehoe. And...
  • The 2017 Organic Cotton Totebagfeaturing Emily Kell's beautiful We'Moon 2017 cover art: "Cosmic Whispers"   portraying creation's breath sowing star seeds far and near. 14" x 14"
    Click here and this package can be yours for $20.  Plus FREE Shipping in the US to you or your favorite gremlin friend! 
    That’s a savings of over 15%

Witchy Mom Deal!

Add our datebook, the We'Moon 2017: StarDust to the Witchy Kid deal!

  • One Last Wild Witch Children's book...
  • And the 2017 Organic Cotton Totebag..
  • And...the We'Moon 2017 datebook in your choice of binding.  

All for only $37 plus you get FREE Shipping in the US to you or your favorite gremlin's mom! Click here to order.

In the Spirit of We'Moon

We sold out of the first printing of the Anthology.......but it's available again in print!

In The Spirit of We'Moon 30 Year Anthology of Women's Art and WritingThis luscious Anthology of women’s art and writing chosen from 30 years of the We’Moon Datebook is a unique collection of earth-loving women’s culture, an outpouring of creativity from around the world.a

“The art is nothing short of oracular, and the book reads like an unfolding of prayer.”   Julie Weber, poet extraordinaire.

Click here to purchase or here to learn more about this beautifully entertaining & historical 256 page record of We'Moon over the years.

The anthology is available electronically through Amazon and iTunes! so you can take it with you everywhere you go, on your mobile device or computer! 

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Samhain Blessings!
Samhain Blessings!


Pssst . . . wanna know a secret? There is no “veil” between the worlds. We are always in multiple dimensions, and the veils, when there are any, are all in our heads!...

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